Last December 4, FAMAS Awards (Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences, Inc. ) awarded only the best during their annual awards held at Century Park Hotel.

Here's the list of winners:

Best Film
A Love Affair​​ – Star Cinema
A Second Chance ​– Star Cinema
Angela Markado​ – Oro De Siete Films / Viva films
Ari: My Life with a King - Holy Angel University/ Center for Kapangpangan Studies/CMB Studios
Crazy Beautiful You​ – Star Cinema
WINNER: Felix Manalo​​ – Viva Films
Para sa Hopeless Romantic​ – Star Cinema / Viva Films
Silong – Film Laboratories Inc. / Black Maria Pictures
Tragic Theater – Viva Films
You’re My Boss ​- Star Cinema

Best Director
Andoy Ranay​​ – Para sa Hopeless Romantic
Antoinette Jadaone​ –​ You're My Boss
Carlo Encisco Catu​ – ​Ari: My Life with A King
Carlo J. Caparas​ – ​Angela Markado
Cathy Garcia-Molina​ – ​A Second Chance
WINNER: Joel Lamangan​ – Felix Manalo
Mae Czarina Cruz​ – Crazy Beautiful You
Nuel C. Naval​​ – ​A Love Affair
Roy Sevilla Ho and Jeffrey Hidalgo​ – ​Silong
Tikoy Aguiluz​​ –Tragic Theatre

Best Actor
Coco Martin​​-​You're My Boss
Daniel Padilla​​-​Crazy Beautiful You
WINNER: Dennis Trillo​​-​Felix Manalo
Francisco Guinto​-​Ari: My Life with A King
James Reid​​ – ​Para sa Hopeless Romantic
John Estrada​​ –Tragic Theatre
John Lloyd Cruz ​– ​A Second Chance
Paolo Contis ​​– Angela Markado
Piolo Pascual ​​– Silong
Richard Gomez ​– A Love Affair

Best Actress
WINNER: Andi Eigenmann ​– ​Angela Markado
Andi Eigenmann ​– Tragic Theatre
Bea Alonzo ​​– A Love Affair
Bea Alonzo​​ – A Second Chance
Bela Padilla​​ – ​Felix Manalo
Dawn Zulueta​​ – A Love Affair
Kathryn Bernardo​ – ​Crazy Beautiful You
Nadine Lustre​​ – ​Para Sa Hopeless Romantic
Rhian Ramos ​​​– Silong
Toni Gonzaga ​–You're My Boss

Best Supporting Actor
Christopher de Leon​ – Tragic Theatre
Epi Quizon​​ – Angela Markado
Freddie Webb​​ – ​You're My Boss
WINNER: Gabby Concepcion​ – ​Crazy Beautiful You
Guji Lorenzana​ – Silong
Iñigo Pascual​​-​Para Sa Hopeless Romantic
Ketchup Eusebio​-​A Second Chance
Ronwaldo Martin​-​Ari: My Life with A King

Best Supporting Actress
Angel Jacob​​ – ​Silong
Bea Saw​​ – A Second Chance
Cecile Yumul​​ – ​Ari: My Life with A King
Julia Barretto​​ – Para sa Hopeless Romantic
WINNER: Lorna Tolentino​ – Crazy Beautiful You
Roxanne Barcelo​– Tragic Theatre
Ysabelle Peach​ – Angela Markado

Best Child Performer
Carl Acosta​​ - Felix Manalo
WINNER: JM Ibañez​​- ​Crazy Beautiful You
Sam Shaof​ ​-​Silong

Best Story
Antoinette Jadaone and Yoshke Dimen​-​You're My Boss
Bienvenido Santiago​​​​-​Felix Manalo
Carlo J. Caparas​​​​-​Angela Markado
Carmi G. Raymundo, Vanessa R. Valdez and Cathy Garcia-Molina​- A Second Chance
G.M. Coronel​​​​​-​Tragic Theatre
Marcelo Santos III​​​​-​Para sa Hopeless Romantic
WINNER: Robby Tantingco​​​​-​Ari: My Life with A King
Rory B. Quintos​​​​-​Crazy Beautiful You
Roy Sevilla Ho​​​​-​Silong
Vanessa R. Valdez​​​​-​A Love Affair

Best Screenplay
Antoinette Jadaone and Yoshke Dimen​ -​You're My Boss
WINNER: Bienvenido Santiago​​​​-​Felix Manalo
Carlo J. Caparas​​​​ -​Tragic Theatre
Carmi G. Raymundo, Vanessa R. Valdez and Cathy Garcia-Molina​ - A Second Chance
G.M. Coronel​​ - ​Tragic Theatre
Maan Dimaculangan, John Christian Nicolas, Bianca B. Bernardino and Carmi Raymundo​ -​ Crazy Beautiful You
Mel Mendoza-Del Rosario and Mary Rose Colindres - Para Sa Hopeless Romantic
Robby Tantingco Ari: My Life with A King
Roy Sevilla Ho - Silong
Vanessa R. Valdez -​ A Love Affair

Best Cinematography
Anne Monzon​​-​A Love Affair
Boy Yniguez​​-​Tragic Theatre
Carlo Mendoza​-​Ari: My Life with A King
Dan Villegas and Moises Lee​​-​Crazy Beautiful You
Erwin Cruz​​-​ Angela Markado
Hermann Claravall​-​You're My Boss
Noel Teehankee​-​A Second Chance
Pao Orendain​​-​Para Sa Hopeless Romantic
WINNER: Rain Yamson​​-​Silong
Rody Lacap​​-​Felix Manalo

Best Editing
Bebs Gohetia​​​-​Angela Markado
Beng Bandong​​-​A Love Affair
Carlo Francisco Manatad​-​Ari: My Life with A King
WINNER: Carlo Francisco Manatad​-​Para Sa Hopeless Romantic
John Anthony L. Wong​-​Felix Manalo
Marya Ignacio ​​-​A Second Chance
Marya Ignacio​​​-​Crazy Beautiful You
Marya Ignacio​​​-​You're My Boss
Rolando Eucasion and Mirana Medina-Bhunjun​-​Tragic Theatre
Sarah Roxas​​​-​ Silong

Best Sound
WINNER: Addiss Tabong​​-​You're My Boss
Albert Michael Idioma​​-​Felix Manalo
Albert Michael Idioma​​-​Tragic Theatre
Arnel Labayo​​​-​Crazy Beautiful You
Aurel Claro Bilbao and Co.​-​A Second Chance
Aurel Claro Bilbao​​-​A Love Affair
Gilbert Obispo​​​-​Ari: My Life with A King
Jess Carlos​​​-​Silong
Junel Valencia​​​-​Angela Markado
Lamberto Casas Jr.​​-​Para sa Hopeless Romantic

Best Musical Score
WINNER: Cesar Francis Concio ​-​A Love Affair
Cesar Francis Concio ​-​A Second Chance
Emerson Texon​​-​Angela Markado
Emerzon Texon ​​-​You're My Boss
Emerzon Texon​​-​Tragic Theatre
Jake Abello - Ari​​-​My Life with A King
Jesse Lucas​​​-​Crazy Beautiful You
Myke Solomon​​-​Para Sa Hopeless Romantic
Teresa Barrozo​​-​Silong
Von de Guzman​​-​Felix Manalo

Best Theme Song
WINNER: "Ang Sugo ng Diyos sa mga Huling Araw" Performer: Sarah Geronimo from the movie Felix Manalo
"I'll Never Go" Performer: Erik Santos from the movie A Second Chance
"Your Love" Performer: Arnel Pineda from the movie A Love Affair
"Baby I Need Your Loving" Performer: Harana from the movie You're My Boss
"Ikaw" Performer: Yeng Constantino from the movie Para Sa Hopeless Romantic
"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now". Performer: Daniel Padilla and Morisette Amon from the movie Crazy Beautiful You
"With Whom". Performer: Kitchie Nadal from the movie Silong

Best Production Design
E​​​​​​fren Vibar – A Love Affair
Gerry Borreros​​​​​ – A Second Chance
Gwyn Guanzon and Riza Romero​​​ – Para Sa Hopeless Romantic
Joel Bilbao, Edgar Martin Littaua and Daniel Red​ – Felix Manalo
Joy Abadeza​​​​​​ – Angela Markado
Roland Rebunecia​​​ – Silong
Roma Regala and Richard Somes​ –Tragic Theatre
WINNER: Shari Marie Montiague​​ –​You're My Boss
Winston Acuyong​​​ – Crazy Beautiful You

Best Visual Effects
Adrian Arcega​​​​-​Felix Manalo
Aileen Girlie Mercado​​​-​A Second Chace
Oj Desuasido​​​​-​Para Sa Hopeless Romantic
Dodge Ledesma​​​-​Tragic Theatre
WINNER: Vincent Ilagan and Mike Velasquez​-​Angela Markado

Special Awards
FAMAS Lifetime Achievement Awardee – Gloria Sevilla
Presidential Award – Vilma Santos-Recto
Fernando Poe Jr. Memorial Award – Robin Padilla
Dr. Jose Perez Memorial Award – Jojo Gabinete
Art M. Padua Memorial Award – Danny Dolor

German Moreno Youth Achievement Awards
Jak Roberto
Sanya Lopez
Gabbi Garcia

Recognition Award for Outstanding Peformance – Arnold Reyes

2016 Advocacy Film – EDSA

Father of Visual Poetry – Doc Penpen B. Takipsilim

Special Citation – Chief Public Attorney Dr. Persida V. Rueda Acosta for championing the cause of eliminating violence against women

Posthumous Award – German Moreno

Front Row Star of the Night – Piolo Pascual and Lorna Tolentino

Finesse Look of the Night – Robi Domingo and Jean Garcia

Best New Female Artist – Ysabelle Peach​

Actor Par Excellance – Piolo Pascual

Director Par Excellance – Carlo J. Caparas

Screenplay Par Excellance – Carlo J Caparas
The most awaited grand opening happened at Ortigas this December 2016. SM City East Ortigas is strategically located along Ortigas Avenue, a prime spot right at the boundary of Pasig City and Cainta where it enjoys proximity and accesibility to Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Marikina and nearby towns of Rizal.

Mr. Hans Sy, SM Prime Holdings, Inc. Chairman of the Executive Committee, welcomes shoppers at the Grand Opening of SM CITY East Ortigas.

The 60th SM Supermall in the country is eager and ready to welcome its shoppers with its trusted brands, new concepts stores and wide dining options which will make mall goers look forward to each visit.

During the grand opening, a lot of fun activities were in store for the mall goers, one of them is the Meet and Greet with Peppa Pig.

SM City East Ortigas will not be complete without the Supermarket and the SM Store where shoppers can choose from wide array of goods and different merchandise perfect for the holiday season.

The mall structure features modern design accented by classic wood finish. With a total gross floor of 82, 955.69 sqm. It has 125 leasable spaces and 650 parking lots.

Check out some of shops inside SM City East Ortigas:
From restaurants to skin clinics and clothing line and gadget shops, you will find everything you need right at SM City East Ortigas, it is definitely going to expand the grounds of Ortigas Shopping District.

The mall has state of the art cinemas, comprised of four digital cinemas and four
 Director's Club theaters.

It's the peak of the Christmas shopping season so what are you waiting for? Drop by now at SM City East Ortigas with your family or friends!

SM City East Ortigas, Ortigas Ave. Extension
Pasig City
(Formerly Ever Gotesco Pasig)

For more details:
Japanese airplanes were dropping bombs across Pili, Camarines Sur. People in the city fled the plains and went to different areas to save themselves, to save their families. Some ran to the fields, while the others decided to settle and create homes near or at the mountains. However, the safety of one’s life had a price to pay: there was no water.

Barangay Del Pilar is one of the communities that cradled the families who escaped the horrors of those bombings. Located at the upper section of the mountain in Baao, Camarines Sur, it is divided into three zones. As of 2014, it has become home to a total of 75 households, with a population of 384.

Among the residents is Cenederio Lopez. He is 74 years old, lives alone, and has never left Del Pilar since he was born. More than knowing the barangay like the back of an old friend’s hand, he never imagined in his lifetime that water would someday become easily available to them.

“It was really a sacrifice just to fetch water,” Lolo Cenederio shares. He recalls that it was a daily dilemma for most of his life, rooting back to when he was still a child. Whenever his family would run out of water, his father and older brothers would be up before the crack of dawn to fetch water with their containers and a carabao. Years later, it was still a problem, and it became part of the routine that Lolo Cenderio became accustomed to.  

Because of his old age, he could no longer hike the way he did when he was younger. What he would do is to buy a water container worth PhP20 from his neighbors, however, this exchange came with a price, he still needed to do an hour’s worth of walking. The situation was simple: he either walked and carried the containers on his shoulders, or there would be no water at all. 

The trip down from del Pilar was difficult since it would require roughly nine kilometers to the city proper of Baao and back, or a 5-kilometer hike on stiffer, more slippery and underdeveloped roads. Many times, safety was compromised in order to get water for taking a bath or for drinking. If none of the options were available, the community would wait and pray for the clouds to get dark and for rain to fall down on grateful residents. The longest time that the barangay went without any rain was about five months.

But finally, after centuries of depending on distant water sources, the dangerous and taxing travel was reduced from hours to just a few minutes away. Through the efforts of the community and Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines in partnership with the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement, they paved the way for getting water without compromising the safety of the people.

Coca-Cola Philippines, through the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, and its partners have established the Agos Program to provide sustainable water access to water-deprived communities. Through Agos,residents of Barangay del Pilar in Baao, Camarines Sur became recipients of anAgos Gravity-Fed System, which brings water from natural springs on higher grounds down to a reservoir near the beneficiary community.

“I am extremely thankful to God, our barangay captain, and Coca-Cola Foundation for producing a project like this. Without them, we would not have water to drink,” 
Lolo Cenederio said. He added that instead of paying PhP20 per container, it has been reduced to just PhP2. It is a blessing that he no longer needs to hike or pay a large amount just to get water. 

For some, the project of Coca-Cola may just be a simple relocation of a resource, but Barangay del Pilar residents, it only proves that there is hope, there is love, and there is happiness.

The Company is also engaged in sustainability projects that aim to help economically empower women, and nourish the youth of today to build better and stronger communities of tomorrow.
Times are indeed changing. Unlike in the last decade where mothers lavishly prepare the family dinner, today’s trend has changed cooking habits to simple and easy. The fast changing times have curved our dietary habits to the convenient and instant. The pre-prep food industry has gained traction over the years and is playing a crucial rule in the day to day dietary habits of Filipino families. 

Canned food, fast foods, frozen and packed meat, have evolved to replace the freshly cooked meals that families enjoy at dinner time for the simple reason that it is easy and convenient. However, we must also remember that food quality must never be sacrified for convenience.
RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc. (RDFFLFI) assures consumers of fresh and safe meat products that includes fresh, marinated, ready to cook and processed meat products with their Fresh Options Meat Shop. 

Aptly called Value Added Meats, Fresh Options carry products that are easy to prepare and ready to cook. The Merry-Nades line features marinated pork and chicken in a variety of flavors that includes garlic, sweet style and classic barbecue. Fancy a ‘crispy pata’ or Ilocos bagnet? Just head on over to Fresh Options for your Crispinoy ready-to-fry fix. For tocino, longganisa, tapa and embotido, try Fresh Options Rapsarap products.For your kid’s baon like hotdog and chicken nuggets, try Fresh Options Kiddie Goodie products. Try out the Ulam Mismo Line (Ulam Ora Mismo) for ready-to-heat Filipino meals like Dinuguan, Beef Kaldereta, Bopis, Pork and Chicken Sisig, Beef Mechado, Chicken Curry and many more!

Craving for Chinese cuisine? Try Fresh Options Dimsum Basket for your Pork and Chicken siomai, Chicken Feet, Quekiam fix! Want to impress your guests with some chef’s signature recipes? Don’t miss Fresh Options Chef Series line of ready to heat meals like Chicken Galantina, Beef Rendang, Crispy Pata Paksiw and many more!

Fresh Options’ processed meat products and ready-to-cook items are guaranteed fresh. RDFFLFI allocates a portion of slaughtered meats as main ingredients of Value Added Meat products that go directly to the processing plants and cooking areas. The ready-to-heat meals have a shorter shelf life to ensure that the products are “Siguradong Fresh! Siguradong Special!"

RDFFLFI takes pride in providing consumers with safe meat products.Founded by veterinarian-entrepreneur Dr. Robert Lo in 1985, the company is a medium-scale agri-food system enterprise that has an end-to-end integrated food supply chain that includes livestock breeding, feed manufacturing, meat processing, and distribution to food service delivery. A pool of veterinarians on-site monitor and secure proper husbandry practices at the poultry and hog farms to ensure that they are healthy and free of diseases. High-quality feeds developed in-house through years of research are also fed to the company’s poultry and hogs to ensure they will contain less fat and leaner meat.

This season, try Fresh Options’ nochebuena bundles and enjoy amazing discounts!

“Our company is committed to providing better access to high-quality food from farm to table to our Filipino consumers. This is made possible by investing in innovation and ensuring that safety is paramount in all our process of handling the meat products, starting from the source up to the table,” shares Dr. Lo.
Yoshinoya is home to delicious modern Japanese comfort food  from fresh salads, delectable seafood, noodles and great selections of entrees on Japanese Rice Bowls. Since 2001, the company with the vision to be the most preferred Japanese restaurant in the country has offered quality food at affordable prices with exceptional friendly service to its patrons. From their vast array of entree selections to salad ingredients and sumptuous desserts - only the highest quality of products are served to the customers.

With this vision in mind, Yoshinoya has been eyeing to produce more branches across the country to serve the Filipino and their love for Japanese food. Just recently, Yoshinoya opened their 9th store in Manila located at one of the biggest malls in Metro Manila 
which is SM Fairview.

 The ribbon cutting was graced by Ms. Barbie Almalbis, and other artists such as Ms. Jackie Aquino, Ms. Louella de Cordova. The Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, was also there to witness the event along with SM Fairview mall managers, Ms. Jet Reyes, Ms. Lala Habana Operations Manager of Yoshinoya and company.

During the grand opening, they also had a parade at SM Fairview to promote their 
newly opened branch.

Just like their past branches, Yoshinoya offers a perfect ambiance to enjoy their great food. 
The place is well lit plus the vibrant colors of orange will greet you inside.

Some of Yoshinoya's famous dishes:
 Beef Stew, Ebi Shumai & California Maki
Sukinabe Ramen
Kani Salad

Yoshinoya also offers Vita Coco. Get that #SummerFeels when you drink VitaCoco. The best selling coconut water brand in the US is nutrient packed and cholesterol-sugar and fat free! Distributed by Century Foods Inc.  Available in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

Yoshinoya celebrates 15 years of bringing delectable and amazing Japanese food experience in the Philippine food industry. Yoshinoya originated in Japan with its founder Eikichi Matsuda in 1899.  Now, you don't have to go to Japan just to have a taste of authentic Japanese dishes, head over to any Yoshinoya branches and get a taste of affordable yet quality Japanese dishes fit for the whole family and friends.

 That's me enjoying a big bowl of Yoshinoya's best seller - Beef Gyudon

Yoshinoya Century Pacific, Inc. President and General Manager, Mr. Timothy James G. Yang were all smiles giving his welcome speech to the Yoshinoya guests and loyal customers
together with the Yoshinoya team.

Upper Ground Floor, near activity Center
SM City Fairview Annex

Visit the Yoshinoya branch near you:

For more details: