Nowadays, more and more artists are investing in having a business of their own since most of them say that the limelight has a lot of ups and downs and because of this, they need a back up plan just in case they want to focus on other things aside from acting to earn more after being stable with their career.

Kris Bernal is very hands on on her burger joint business "MEAT KRIS". When you get the chance to visit it, you will surely have a Kris Bernal overload experience since it actually personifies Kris Bernal. Kris said that the overall design and conceptualization is from her and she actually decorated it herself. 

It took her two months to finish all the concepts and designs. Most of the decorations came from her and the fans and her co-workers are her fans as well who loyally volunteered to support and work for her.
The menu is quite amusing and cute as well. This came from the shows and co-artist she have worked in the past and one fan even suggested a name for her menu which is "Cheese Bernal". Kris said she wanted the menu to be catchy and notable as well. The prices were worth it since most of the burgers are quite big in serving too.

Let's check out the MENU:
Happy Lang Almusal Php 149.00

Cheese Bernal Php 159.00 

Dream. Believe. Survive. Php 159.00

Bacon Pa More Php 139.00

Dapat Ka Bang Philly-in Php 189.00

Cheese Burger Php 99.00

5x Patty Burger Php 259.00

Sausage ni Aljur Php 189.00

According to Kris Bernal, the best seller is Cheese Bernal and also her favorite too. 
She is thankful that even though it's been only two weeks since she had her soft opening, a lot of people have been going there. Most of her friends in the industry have dropped by and although she named one of the burger from Aljur Abrenica, her long time love team, she said Aljur haven't visited the joint yet, she wanted to invite her when he is not busy and he can spend his time checking out the menu.

Just recently, Kris and Aljur guested in Dear Uge. She doesn't have any upcoming teleserye right now but hopefully she will get a project again soon. Although you can catch Kris on several tv guesting via GMA Network. Kris said that she is happy that most people still recognize her as "Tinay" in her recent teleserye "Little Nanay". She added that hopefully the show will have an award since it all pave a way for her to do a very challenging role and the show also gave a lot of insights and inspiration to everyone. Kris said that Little Nanay is one of her most memorable show since she also got the chance to work with Superstar Nora Aunor which is a very rare chance.

Catch Kris Bernal once you dine in at MEAT Kris! She will surely be there to serve you her delicious and mouth watering burgers with open arms!

Thank you Kris for inviting us! Congrats on your new business venture! 

#120 Don Roces Ave. located inside CommunEATy
Quezon City

Check out our interview with Kris Bernal:

For more details:
@kleapineda / @artistcenter
It was not long ago when we watched Joseph Marco and Alex Gonzaga paired in their first teleserye in Pure Love via ABS CBN. Now, they are paired once again with Rgeal Film's latest RomCom Movie "My Rebound Girl". It was Mother Lily who said that they look good onscreen and that they have that chemistry which is why they instantly pushed a project for "#SephLex which is how their fans call them.

During the Blogcon of My Rebound Girl with the cast and Direk Emmanuel de la Cruz of Slumber Party, Kailangan Kita and Sarung Banggi both Joseph Marco and Alex Gonzaga mentioned how excited they were that they're finally working with each other again. Alex said that she is very comfortable working with Joseph since they've already worked before and they're very close friends. Alex added that Joseph appreciates her funny and sunny personality and she on the other hand also appreciates his serious side which is why they work as a team.

Joseph and Alex talks about their character in the movie. Joseph said that, "Rich, my character, is a bit serious about his life and when it comes to love, he has no reservations. I think those are the two qualities that I can identify with."

Alex said,"Rocky, my character, is easily convinced that men will not hurt her. I am somewhat like that."

In the film, Alex (Gonzaga) is Raquel or Rocky, dubbed as the “Pambansang Rebound Girl.” She may not be a stunner but she is kind, trusting and jolly.

Rocky’s dad wanted to bring her with him abroad but she declined and instead put up her own business, the Perfect Blend Café, with several business partner-friends, including her boyfriend Timmy.

Just when she thinks her plans are falling into place, Timmy, whi happens to be their group’s main financier, backs out of Perfect Blend to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend.

Rocky, dumped and heartbroken, wanted to quit the café venture until her savior, Rich Magsanoc (Joseph Marco) comes along.

Both came on too strong for the other on their first meeting, as Rich, being the financier served as the café’s manager. But as they go along, though, both agree to co-manage the shop on the condition that the cafewill make use of Rich’s coffee beans from an almost idle coffee farm.

During one of Rocky’s visits to the coffee farm in Benguet, she discovers how much Rich wants to revive the farm to convince his mom against selling the property. She also learns that Rich has just been dumped by his long-time girlfriend.

From then on, Rocky and Rich’s relationship become sweeter as they develop their own signature blends, disagreements ended up in a date until Rich finds himself slowly falling for Rocky.

Rocky eventually agrees to be Rich’s girlfriend even when at the back of her mind, she wasn’t sure whether or not she was getting into another “rebound” relationship.

Their love story gets a major twist when Rich’s former girlfriend shows up at the café’s inauguration.

Most of the people think that when they were taping in Pure Love, they're developing feeling for one another. What happened back then? Alex said that both of them were focused on their career since this is the first time that they'll be having a telserye which is why they must focus on work first. That is their priority. When asked what is their status now, Joseph said that they're taping one step at a time, they enjoyed each other's company and whatever happens in the future, he wants to treasure their friendship more than anything else.

When asked what qualities do they like about each other, Joseph said that Alex is, "She loves her family, fears and loves God, has a very kind heart and is humble, too. We get along very well.

As for Alex to Joseph, "He is very mysterious, caring and sweet to me, much more so I think if I am his girlfriend."

Watch My Rebound Girl Blogcon here:

I've watched My Rebound Girl on its Premiere Night that happened last September 27 
at SM Megamall.

Overall the movie has a lot of kilig scenes, it's clear that #SephLex really has that magical chemistry onscreen. One of the location of the movie is at Benguet which added an element of appreciation to the scenery plus you'll admire how both Alex and Joseph have evolved on being mature when it comes to their roles. Alex can be an effective actress, she can do comedy then drama, as for Joseph you can see the sincerity of his lines with his eyes. 

The story is a bit fast though, I wish they gave more scenes on how Alex and Joseph developed feelings for one another and showed more scenes that Joseph is already on the phase of moving on from his past love or maybe that's the point of being on the rebound. 
There were scenes that Alex showed fondness of Joseph that you'd think it's actually the reality not just in movie. You will also get dating tips in the movie and if you're curious if you'll get to see Joseph Marco's abs in the making, YES you will. 

Congrats Joseph Marco and Alex Gonzaga! hope you'll have a teleserye again soon!

Get a taste of and experience Alex and Joseph’s magic as “My Rebound Girl” hits Philippine cinemas nationwide starting September 28 from Regal Entertainment, Inc.

Yes, you read that right. You can win a cool USD 10,000 or one of four iPad Pros. Plus, you get bragging rights to having conquered the GemJump Global Gaming Tournament crown. In CaliBurger branches all over the world, gamers of all ages will keep their eyes on the FunWall screens to make sure they stay on top of the leaderboards. 

From now until October 9, 2016, you can play GemJump at CaliBurger in Timog Avenue, Quezon City. How?

1. Download the GemJump App from the Apple iOS Store or Google Play Store.
2. Tap the “Win $10,000 Play Now” button.
3. Complete the “Sign Up” process.
4. Hang out at CaliBurger and enter the tournament code located on the FunWall screen.
5. Play!

GemJump is a game of skill that involves arcade jumper where you try to climb higher than your opponents by bouncing on floating gems. Each tournament is 3 minutes long. Each player can compete up to 10 times each day. The final score will be calculated from the mean average of your Top 3 scores.

The FunWall is a CaliBurger innovation and fixture—an interactive video wall that offers a selection of multiplayer video games, where dining guests can participate in exciting, socially-interactive mobile gaming tournaments. 

CaliBurger is a 21st century revival of the classic California burger joint. CaliBurger provides a premium quality burger experience at an accessible QSR price point. CaliBurger now operates in 12 countries. CaliBurger's products feature the highest quality beef, buns baked fresh, top-grade chicken, hand-selected vegetables, zero trans-fat oils, sauces made in house, and hand-mixed shakes. CaliBurger customers can enjoy a taste of California in an environment that looks, smells, and feels like California. 

Download the GemJump App from the Apple iOS Store or Google Play Store and head to CaliBurger to start playing now!
For more information, please visit and the CaliBurger Facebook page.
When you think of an alarm clock, you simply compare it to sleep and awake. Even though most people have turned to their cell phones to act as their main alarm clocks, in my opinion, there is still room on your bedside table for an alarm clock. The trouble is that you need something that has quite a few features and that will perform well compared to a cell phone, alongside the issue of price. You don't want to spend too much on a one-function device.

Homtime introduces a digital alarm clock that will surely fit the lifestyle of everyone especially the millennials. Homtime is a Shanghai-based company that has been producing electronic for years, and is now making innovative clock technology that complements people’s bedside lifestyles.

During the Hotel Supplier's show, I got the chance to have a sneak peak of Homtime's products and it's amazing features. Mr. Robert Co, Product Manager of Homtime also educated us to the many functions of Homtime's products.

With Homtime’s sleek and compact design, one could do more with its packed features. More than just simply displaying time, one could check temperature, charge multiple devices at once, and play music through its Bluetooth speakers with Homtime’s topnotch and one-touch features of which exude quality and bespoke comfort.

Homtime can handle more than one device as it features USB dual-port with smart charging function – 5V3A for smartphones and tablets. Simply plug, play, and sleep as users will no longer worry about rushing out of house with an empty battery.

Moreover, one of its simple ingenious specifications is its rotary dial that users can simply tap and touch to enable and disable the alarm. Simply turn and set, the dial could be used to adjust the brightness of the clock’s display during the night, for a seamless, uninterrupted sleep.

Allowing user’s personal touch and customization, Homtime bedside clocks also lets its user set an alarm using their favorite tunes through its MicroSD card slot. No more jarring and harsh tones, users can wake up to their favorite music and start the day with a smile with Homtime’s revolutionized bedside alarm clocks.

Homtime showcases a variety of lifestyle devices ranging from products that are quality and affordable, up to high-end/premium devices that are also available at a budget-
friendly price as compared to its counterparts.

Users can choose to wake up into a brand new definition and experience with C1 Pro that is a Bluetooth alarm clock speaker with dual USB charger for only Php2,199. They can also experience the simple and smart design of C1, a digital alarm clock with dual USB charger with the price of Php1,699. Enlighten one’s bedroom’s mood with wood-made M9 Bluetooth alarm clock and speaker box for only Php 3, 499. 

Available also at Php3, 499, users can score their very own C12 genuine bedside speaker which is a perfect alarm clock, radio speaker for Apple devices. Upgrading into a more suitable and powerful device, users can have their first dibs on C12Pro for the price of Php4, 399. And for those who are seeking a more exquisite and premium experience on bedside clock technology, B11 Pro is the perfect bedside companion at Php4, 999. Homtime products have a one-year warranty upon purchase.

Veering away from the usual bedside clocks, Homtime products can also be used as speakers. It can be paired with any Bluetooth electronics to project audio through its built-
in bass speakers, ranging from mono to dual ones. It also has a dock station which is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad seeing that its products are MFI (Apple licensed), EC and FCC certified. 

Simply dock the Apple device and it will automatically sync in the time and personal music play lists. It can also cater to any Android devices through USB cables that can be plugged into its ports and from there, users can play their favorite tunes or listen to an audio book while tucking themselves in bed.

To fully draw the line between Homtime and its counterparts, the team behind the brand incorporated Vertical-alignment LCD to the products, which allows wider viewing angle for better comfort with high contrast ratio. This means users can clearly view the time at 25-degree angle from different points of distance. This certain feature mimics the digital tachometer technology that are being used in car devices.

Homtime products were perfected through time and are considered to be bedside devices that are well thought of. All of it were developed into several prototypes and subjected into rigorous assessments to fully ensure its quality and unique performance.

Waking up has never been so easy with Homtime digital alarm clocks, which are used and trusted by premiere hotels around the world. Enjoy the same luxury and convenience in the comfort of your own home.

Homtime products will be available in the Philippines beginning early October through or directly from Homtime Philippines with office address located at: 901 Apacible cor. Leon Guinto Sts. Ermita, Malate, Manila.

Learn more about Homtime products through:
Homtime website:
IG: @hometimeph
Carlo or Karlo. Mark or Marc. Mary, Merry, or Marie.

Do you know someone who has the same name as you? You and your friend are in for a treat if you share the same name, even if they are not spelled with the same set of letters!

Enjoy FREE 1PC Chicken McDo a la carte for you and your namesake on September 27,Tuesday, 2:00 PM to 3:00PM in select participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. Simply bring a valid ID with photo to prove that you and your companion have the same name or similar sounding name.

Mark your calendar and invite your friend for this special treat. You can’t resist saying, “McMcMc-Masarap!” with every bite of McDonald’s best-tasting chicken that is marinated, breaded, and fried to a golden perfection! This offer is valid for dine-in only. Check for complete details.

Now you can have fun not only by calling each other in the same name but also by tasting the juicier and tastier Chicken McDo.

See you Carlo, Karlo, Mary, Marie, Jayson, Jason, Liza, Lisa, Lieza, Paulo, Paolo, and friends!

Don’t forget to post your photos enjoying Chicken McDo on Facebook:  or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram with #PaChickenMcDo.
The country’s number one fast-food chain, Jollibee,recently unveiled its first-evermobile application called JolliDance Showdown app that is sure to be a hit among Jollibee fans of all ages. 

The big reveal hosted recently at Ascott Hotel in Bonifacio Global City made public the all-new mobile app that will make use of augmented reality (AR) with the help of the Jollibee Kids Meal box. It allows kids to try some interactive fun with the fast-food chain’s famous mascot, Jollibee.

The event was hosted by Radio jock Chico Garcia and mom entrepreneur Bettina Carlos.

The app was developed by renowned Los Angeles-based mobile innovation agency, Trigger. The agency has produced applications for other clients like Sony Pictures, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Lucas Film. 

During the program, the Trigger team shared their experience in creating the app that captures the lovable persona of the dancing Jollibee. Trigger Senior Director of Client Services Natasha Weinstein shared their impression, “Everyone just really loves going to Jollibee. It struck us an important part of the Philippines’ pop culture."

This quick immersion of the app’s designers determined the features and the overall appeal of the app. Trigger President and Executive Creative Director Jason Yim explains the app plays on the sense of community. “Getting friends involved and getting your own avatar involved, that’s definitely the most fun part. You can’t help but smile 
when you do it."

Radio jock Chico Garcia and mom entrepreneur Bettina Carlos, along with her daughter Gummy, were the first to try these features. The experience began by watching the JolliDance Showdown app transform Jollibee’s friendly face on the Jolly Joy Box into a platform. These guests then captured photos for their screen avatars and, after choosing their image on screen, they watched Jollibee and friends enjoy Electro, Pop, and Rock beats.

Child actor Marco Masa was also present during the event and he also got the chance to experience the augmented reality app of Jollibee.

Other features of the JolliDance Showdown App were also discussed, including unlocking new characters with every visit to Jollibee branches and scanning the Jolly Kiddie Meal promo board located at the store counters.

Yim said, “The app is pushing how we can engage kids with augmented reality. It’s more than just having characters appear. It’s interactive and gives a much deeper experience.”

The event shared the most recent effort of the leading fast-food brand to augment the langhap-sarap experience. Francis Flores, Jollibee Global brand chief marketing officer, says of its new partnership, “We are glad to work with Trigger to help enrich the Jollibee experience for children and for the young at heart with the launch of our JolliDance Showdown App. Being the first local fast-food to come up with an augmented reality game, we are very excited for our loyal customers who love Jollibee and Friends, as this gives them an opportunity to interact in a fun way using their mobile phones and tablets. Combining great-tasting food and augmentedreality to level up their Jollibee experience -- now thatis really an exciting way to engage our customers.”

Jollibee also introduced the limited edition Jolly Pinoy Collectibles are now available nationwide! Jollibee Jeepney features the country's most beloved mascot standing beside the Pinoy's iconic public transport with a jolly invitation to hop on. 

Get Jollibee, Hetty, Popo, Yum, and Twirlie with any of your favorite value meals for only P150.  These collectibles are available from September 15 to November 14, 2016 only or until supplies last.

The JolliDance Showdown App is free for download in iTunes and Google Play Store. Get the app and watch the Jolly Joy Box go live. The Jolly Joy Box comes free with every purchase of the Jolly Kiddie Meal.