One of my favorite one stop store for quick happy tummy experience is Goodah!!! Thankfully, they're continuously opening new branches across Metro Manila so that everyone will have the chance to savor their affordable yet quality meals.

Goodah!!! has been around for as long as I could remember, and I don't think they have a dish I have never tried before. One of their selling points is being open for "25 hours", and I don't think they ever failed that promise.

Goodah!!! is the perfect place if you're in for a very Filipino breakfast: silog meals, pares, mami, goto, they also have Pinoy desserts and drinks such as sago't gulaman. Goodah!!! sure has come a long way from its humbler beginnings and I'm glad I got the chance to check out their latest branch located in Baclaran.

 Present during the grand launch is Sir Timothy James Yang CEO of Goodah!!! 
and the King of Talk Mr. Boy Abunda.

Goodaah!!!'s newest branch will be ready to serve people in Baclaran and quell cravings for their favorite Filipino dishes ail day, every day. The Baclaran launch will coincide with another new and exciting dish that many Filipinos love. One you enter their newest branch, you will still be greeted with the colorful ambiance of Goodah!!! 

The popular all-Filipino food chain will be offering their own Krispy take on a favorite Filipino classic dish, Kare-Kare!

GoodAh!!!'s Krispy Kare-Kare or "KKK" uses ground peanuts to give that traditionally rich and earthy flavor to its kare-kare sauce. A large bowl is filled with cooked string beans, talong, pechay, and of course, puso ng saging because it wouldn't be much of a kare-kare without it. A good amount of soft and juicy beef flank joins the dish. Sauteed shrimp paste gives kare-kare a different dimension to its play on flavors, which is very much like how this Filipino dish became a classic that everyone loves.

But what GoodAh!!! adds to the table is what gives it the "K" in the KKK. The usually gamey ox tripe or what Filipinos usually "tuwalya" is tough to eat if not cooked properly— usually by slowly cooking it in a pot or by cooking it in a pressure cooker. What GoodAh!!! did was to fry the ox tripe to give it a crispy texture, which is a complementing contrast, especially to the soft flanks and rich sauce of kare-kare. 

It's a real crispy twist on the classic dish! GoodAh!!!'s Krispy Kare-Kare is available for just Php 299 a la carte or everyone can have it in a 
set meal for just Php 339.

This exciting new dish is the centerpiece offering for GoodAh's newest branch in Baclaran, Pasay City opening this January. This is a delectable addition to their wide array of dishes that is budget-friendly for you and the whole family or with your friends.

Some of their all-time favorite dishes are:
 BBQ Chicken
Crispy Pata

Ube con Yelo & Pandan con Yelo

Leche Flan for dessert

You can now taste these delectable and affordable meals at Baclaran. Visit their branches as well.

Thank you for inviting us at the grand opening of GoodAh!!! Baclaran branch, with Blogger friends Bedalyn Aguas, Ran De Ocampo and Marco Polo Demo. 

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Honestly speaking, even though I love art and paintings that much, I'm not really gifted in this department. I can sketch but I can never draw a perfect face or paint a simple landscape even if I tried several times. I've come to that conclusion that there are some gifted people who excel in this area and I salute them. For most artists, we might think it's easy for them but it's also a challenge to create a masterpiece. With art works, you can also cross the barrier of language and culture. This is why I am looking forward to check out Samantha Kaspar's Art Exhibit.

On January 28, the Center for Possibilities Foundation (CFP) will be staging a back-to-back event at the RCBC Plaza in Makati. At 5:30 in the afternoon, the self-titled exhibit of19-year-old Samantha Kaspar will open to the public. At 7:00 pm, the Manila Symphony Orchestra will take center stage. 

Samantha Kaspar is a 19 year old artist and she will be auctioning off around 30 to 40 artworks. Some of these are shawls, while some are paintings. 

Samantha uses a wide variety of media for her work, and we wanted to show the gamut of her abilities. Samantha works primarily on piña silk using silk paints. She also uses acrylic paint on canvas sometimes.

The artworks have varied themes, with no central theme tying them together. Samantha usually gets inspiration from the things around her. Now, for example, she’s working on an artwork featuring the view outside her window. 

She also tries to tap into her Filipino roots, coming up with Filipino-themed artworks. It’s a good opportunity for her to showcase Filipino culture while simultaneously showing off her artistic skills.

 Samantha with parents Martin and Mitzi
 Samantha with parents Martin and Mitzi
Samantha with parents Martin and Mitzi together with her art coach Kenn and members of Center for Possibilities

While half-Swiss, Samantha always tries to tap into her Filipino roots, coming up with Filipino-themed artworks. She will be promoting some of that local culture when she heads to the Philippine Center in New York for the Fashion Arts Autism Benefit (FAAB) on April 7. 

FAAB is meant to showcase the artistic talents of children with special needs. Samantha, diagnosed with Autism when she was one and a half years old, is one of eight artists chosen to presenttheir paintings on piña silkto be translated into clothing by featured designers for the fashion show, Patis Tesoro and Anthony Legarda. Master weaver India Legaspiis credited for teaching the artists the technique of piña silk painting. 

Samantha hopes to fund her trip with the proceeds of her auction. 

Samantha will be part of eight artists under the Fashion Arts Autism Benefit banner. They will be gracing the World Autism Awareness Day of the UN on April 3. On April 7, they will be attending a fashion show organized by the Autism Hearts Foundation, wherein they will collaborate with Filipino designers (Patis Tesoro and Anthony Legarda); these eight artists will come up with designs for the fashion show, designs which the partner designers will subsequently translate into clothes. 

The Manila Symphony Orchestra’s “Soundtracks and Symphonies” will be conducted by Prof. Arturo Molina and annotated by Jeffrey Solares. Included in their repertoire is a John Williams tribute as well as pieces from greats such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach.

The concert is for the benefit of Special Education (SPED) Centers that have been the focus of the Center for Possibilities’ recent efforts. To act as a venue for learning of indigent persons with special needs, each SPED Center is operated by a teacher trained in the SPED division of Reach International School.

The Sagada SPED Center has been up and running and will be enhanced with a series of livelihood and vocational programs that will be teaching skills for income-generating activities. “Caring for special kids is very taxing because it’s usually just a one-income household so we also need to help the parents improve their finances,” explains CFP founder, Dolores Cheng.

In Norzagaray, what they have right now is just the building itself. A fence, a water tank, and a playground are still needed. “We are also in the process of doing our due diligence by determining the number of special children in all the barangays relevant to Norzagaray. Next will be an orientation for all the parents within the community. We are subsequently planning for the provision of testing, diagnosis, and analysis for the children with special needs,” Cheng adds. 

More about Center for Possibilities Foundation:
It was established on 2008, it's a non-profit organization that aims to be a sanctuary for 
children with special needs and their family and friends. They are focused on supporting an inclusive society, generating awareness and as well as involvement in discovering and developing the potentials of individuals with special needs.

It was part of Ms. Dolores Cheng's  personal journey. Her son Andreas (now 22 years old) was diagnosed at age three with Global Development Delay. At the time, she wanted to understand what it meant to raise a child with special needs. There were no support groups for his particular type of disability, she didn’t know where to go, who to see, where to find what she needed to know. So she thought that maybe if she formed a group of her own, she would be able to ring a call to other people who might be in the same boat and need some help. She wanted to provide a support system to parents.

Enrollment in the SPED Centers is free so it helps alleviate the family’s cost of taking care of special children. If you would like to extend assistance, you may reach CFP at or (02) 723-1242 / (0918) 888-1759.

So is you love music and art then you will surely enjoy both events happening on January 28. Art is one of the most efficient media to share ideas and information. Through art, you can show your dreams to the world , which you cannot express in words and this is what Samantha is doing. Art is a universal language, like smile and you will surely smile upon witnessing this event.

“Samantha” and “Soundtracks and Symphonies” will be on January 28, 2016, 5:30pm at the Carlos P. Auditorium of the RCBC Plaza, Makati. 

Special thanks to L' entrecote Corner Bar & Resto for hosting the venue located at Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

For more details:
This 2017, something new has been added to their long list of delectable menu. Figaro Coffee has always been active in presenting new ideas and menu into their offerings. From a regular coffee shop, they have also evolved into a small restaurant that offers one-of-a-kind meals that go well with their beverages as well as desserts that would satisfy people with a craving for their sweet tooth.

Now on their menu is a new offering called EXECUTIVE LUNCH SETS. These rice meals are perfect for busy people like me who are always on the go and would like to enjoy their lunch or brunch while waiting for the heavy traffic to pass. 

They introduced four meals for the EXECUTIVE LUNCH SETS
complete with lemonade and Salted Caramel Custard for only Php 249.00

Pan-fried dory fish fillet seasoned with lemon, salt and pper and topped with Lemon Butter sauce; sided with carrots and green peas and served with jasmine rice.

100% ground beef meatballs topped with mushroom gravy, sided with carrots and green peas and served with jasmine rice.

BBQ marinated pork belly grilled to perfection topped with special BBQ sauce and served with java rice and coleslaw.

4 slices of pure chicken Embotido, a mixture of 12 rich main secret ingredients and served with jasmine rice, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and sliced hard boiled egg and 
chili sweet sauce.

It'll be available in the following branches starting January 19: Greenbelt, Glorietta, Liberty, DBP, Tomas Morato, Shangri-La, Ace Plaza, High Street, Brickroad, Promenade, Shell Residences, Sct. Magbanua and Taipan Place.

Among all the selections for the Figaro Executive Lunch Set, I have to say that the Gourmet Embotido is my choice. It reminds me of grand celebrations like Christmas, New Year or even Fiesta plus my Grand Mother also cooks Embotido and she's now in Heaven, it's hard to find that perfect taste of embotido that I really love, now that Figaro is offering it, I might be visiting their nearest branch more often. 

 I also like the three other meals, BBQ lovers will surely enjoy the Grilled Pork Belly because just the sauce of it will make you want to have another round of rice plus the Salisbury Meatballs is indeed 100% ground beef! For those who are not very fond of meat, there's the Lemon Butter Fish Fillet that is fresh and very tasty, the combination of dory fish and lemon is just perfect.

From the looks of it, it seems that these new offering will be be part of the regular offering for Figaro Coffee and I sure hope so.

One thing about Figaro is that through the years they have this distinct flavors when it comes to their drinks and meals. I always come back to Figaro because of their Hot Chocolate. I just can't get enough of it. Which is why when I feel like I want to unwind, relax and just read a book on the corner, I'll drop by at Figaro and order their Hot Chocolate and then my day is complete.

Thank you Figaro for always making my stay at your Cafe worth while. You might want to try their delicious muffins and other pastries and cakes. These sweets transport us to a higher level of happiness, they’re the perfect way to cap off a meal, and they’re pretty good at keeping us sane so order it now at Figaro!
For more details, visit and like their official Facebook Page Follow (@figarocoffeehq on Twitter and @figarocoffee on Instagram)
To celebrate the Chinese New Year this 2017, the Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students have prepared more than 300 artworks done in porcelain plates, scroll & oil paintings. The exhibit is participated by 43 talented artists and will be held from January 15 to February 12 at The Block Atrium of SM City North EDSA.

The Block Atrium is decorated with different beautifully designed hand-painted art works from Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students. The Chinese court and folk dance presentation and the fiery lion and dragon dance welcomed the guests and mall shoppers.

Likewise, The Chan Lim family also held a workshop for the media on how to do Chinese painting. For starters, we were all taught how to paint bamboo. It might look easy but without passion and patience, I don't think it's would be easy for anyone to do it.

Mr. Alex Lim also did a sample of his notable Chinese Painting and how it should be done.

Mr. Robin Padilla was also present during the momentous event.

The Chan Lim Family of Artists has been engaged in the arts for close to half a century. In the present, there are three generations of Chan Lim artists who use a wide variety of media, styles and techniques to incorporate Western into Eastern art. The family continues to get involved in the arts by actively developing and promoting Chinese brush painting in the Philippines and abroad. The Chan Lims also support several charitable organizations with a special focus on environmental sustainability.

The Art Exhibit at SM North Edsa The Block 

The passion of Chan Lim, the family patriarch, lies in Oil and Watercolor. While most of his art are on canvas, he has forayed into other media such as porcelain plates, Asian lanterns and fans to infuse Western techniques into the traditional Eastern art. 

Interestingly, none of the Chan Lim Family members have degrees related to the arts. The Chan Lim siblings Alex, Felix, Rolex and Jolex are licensed engineers and connected with multinational companies representing various industries. Innovation is an important focus area for the family. Coming from different fields and industries, the family was able to create artworks with fans, lanterns and porcelain plates as their canvas.

Bound by their passion for the arts, the Chan Lim family of Artists has conducted numerous art classes, workshops, seminars, and on-the-spot painting demonstrations. They have joined several art exhibits locally and internationally. The elder Chan Lims have successfully nurtured the artistic talents of the third generation. The younger brood enjoys experimenting with different types of media, along with modern digital techniques, and incorporates these into Chinese art.

The Chan Lim Family’s first exhibit in 1995 was held in SM Megamall, and their first interaction painting in oil was done in 1998. It was a Chinese-style painting given as a gift to the family patriarch Chan Lim.

Together with their students, they have traveled nationwide to hold exhibits and conduct free Chinese painting sessions. Chan Lim is the name used by the family patriarch in signing all his artworks. The name is formed by combining the last names of the siblings’ parents. His real name is Jose.

The year 2017 celebrates Chan Lim's 80th birth year, a very auspicious milestone in the Chinese culture. All the art exhibits during the year will be highlighting this event Eight of the exhibits will be specially-themed to celebrate the felicitous family event.

The Chan Lim family is one of the few remaining notable Chinese brush painting artists in the country today, and is sought after in this field. Art classes are conducted in the family studio located in Pasig City. Their paintings can be found in private collections here and abroad.

You may email them at or view their artworks at

Witness the majestic exhibit and take part in celebrating a prosperous year ahead!