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September 16 marks the start of the SM Supermalls 100 days to Christmas countdown as the retail giant brings new and fun experiences in 64 malls nationwide, drumming up glee and anticipation for the world's longest Christmas celebration - Christmas in the Philippines.

To learn more about SM Supermalls 100 Magical Surprises and other exciting events that will happen at each SM malls across the country, a media launch happened
 last September 16.

What better way to celebrate 100 days before Christmas than to spend it with talented kids together with the one and only Mr. Jose Mari Chan who has been a classic icon comes Christmas Day because of his timely hits that we will always cherish come 
the holiday season.

From carols in the malls to being a one-stop wonderland for holiday needs, SM has been part of every Filipino family's Christmas tradition in the past three decades. At a media launch on September 16, SM announced exciting deals and fun-filled activities for customer to experience a more meaningful celebration this year.

As sparking lights and whimsical archways begin to greet customers on September 16, it is the perfect time of the year to create your Christmas list, especially with SM's upcoming pre-Christmas offerings in 64 SM malls nationwide. The well-loved Watson's Gift Sets starting October will be great for stocking up on staples for holiday gift options. Set in the whole of October is The SM Store Kids' Sale, where shoppers can enjoy big discounts on selected kids' clothes, shoes, and toys for the kids in their lives. The Pre-Holiday Sale then kicks in from October 20 to 31, offering up to 70% off on Christmas deals and great finds.

Beefing up gift the selection in December is the Buy-3-Get-1 promo on featured home appliances at SM Markets, plus the much awaited Holiday Gift Baskets of SM Supermarkets. Also not to be missed is the P100,000 Shopping Spree promo, where shoppers only need to spend P3.000 at The Store for a chance to win P100,000 shopping money!

As part of the 100 days to Christmas countdown, SM will also surprise 100 shoppers from September 16 to December 25 with special Christmas treats - something SM mallgoers from Baguio to Davao must watch out for.

It’s all about the gift of giving this holiday season; from your family to your friends, colleagues and acquaintances, everybody’s got a small token of love for somebody else. SM Cares, the corporate social responsibility arm of SM Prime, gives a chance those less fortunate to receive their own special gifts with their “Bears of Joy” project.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have the resources to purchase extra luxuries like little gifts. But with just a simple purchase of a stuffed bear worth Php 200 at any SM branch, SM Cares will give one also to the children of their chosen beneficiary, giving them a chance to feel that warmth of the season with just a small gesture.

To join SM's 100 days #SMagicalChristmas countdown, check out

Head to your favorite SM mall and experience the merry and exciting fun that awaits you!
Just this week, I learned so much about breast feeding even though I'm not yet a Mom, it's beneficial to learn more about this because I also have friends and family members who will turn into a Mom in the near future, or maybe me too. There's so much we need to know about breast feeding and here are some reasons why breast feeding is still the best option.

Why is Breastfeeding Important for your Baby?

Breast milk helps keep your baby healthy.
It supplies all the necessary nutrients in the proper proportions.
It protects against allergies, sickness, and obesity.
It protects against diseases, like diabetes and cancer.
It protects against infections, like ear infections.
It is easily digested – no constipation, diarrhea or upset stomach.
Babies have healthier weights as they grow.
Breastfed babies score higher on IQ tests.

Breast milk is always ready and good for the environment.

It is available wherever and whenever your baby needs it.
It is always at the right temperature, clean and free.
No bottles to clean.
Breastfeeding has no waste, so it is good for the environment.

For the record, breast milk has a lot of advantages and how convenient it is for mothers to feed their babies this wonder food, we often tend to forget that even breastfeeding has its limitations. Think about working moms, or moms who need to strike a balance between home and other outdoor chores while taking care of a newborn. During such situations, breastfeeding can often become tiring and unmanageable.

But today’s modern urban mothers have a choice and a good one at that – breast pumps. For mothers who need to be away from their babies, the breast pump is a must-have. 

A breast pump helps a nursing mother to pump and store breast milk in order to allow the baby to enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding even when the mother is not around. This helps working mothers ensure that their babies get their due share of breastfeeding despite the distance. But its advantages are not only limited to working moms, even stay at home mothers can use a pump to store milk and ask a relative or if they have a yaya to give a feed when needed while catching up on some me-time or some errands.

This is where UNNA CARES comes in. Unna’s commitment is to take care of every family by providing every parents with accessible, affordable and high-quality solutions to aid them in their parenting journey. 

UNNA is local brand, and our products are manufactured and assembled in Shanghai.

UNNA's current product portfolio includes three variants – the UNNA Stellar Double Electric Breast Pump; UNNA Luna Single Electric Breast Pump; and the UNNA Helena Manual Breast Pump. All our pumps are ultra-portable and easy to use. Our electric pumps are powerful, micro-USB chargeable, and has long battery life. 

UNNA Helena Manual Breast Pump (Php 1,500)

Easy to use
Massage cushion
PPSU bottle

Our Helena Manual Breast Pump is perfect for exclusively breastfeeding mothers, who just need to relieve engorged breasts occasionally. It is very easy to use, and may be used as primary breast pump to express and store breast milk for baby. It can also be used as a complementary pump to our electric breast pumps, or as an extra pump in case of emergencies. 
 UNNA Luna Single Electric Breast Pump (Php 4, 888)

Single pump
9 suction levels
3 frequency or speed levels
2 modes: massage mode and expression mode
LCD display and timer
8-hour battery life
PPSU bottle

The Luna Single Electric Breast Pump is the perfect companion for breastfeeding moms on the go. It is small, light-weight, has a long battery life, and can be charged by using any micro USB charger. The whole pump and the accessories can fit in a small pouch which you can carry inside your bag. Plus, it has an LCD display and timer to make sure that you keep track of how long you are pumping. 
UNNA Stellar Double Electric Breast Pump (Php 7, 488)

Double pump
12 suction levels
3 frequency or speed levels
2 modes: massage mode and expression mode
LCD display and timer
8-hour battery life
PPSU bottle

The Stellar Double Electric Breast Pump has a larger LCD display, and is recommended for busy moms who need to get a lot of things done. The Double Pump feature allows you to pump discreetly hands-free, even while you are at work. Plus, it cuts pumping time in half. It is also small and light-weight, powerful and has a long battery life. It is also USB-chargeable. 

UNNA Cares, Inc. was founded early in 2017, by three married couples who are all new parents – united in our vision to bring intentional parenting accessible to the working middle class. 

“UNNA” in Old Swedish means “to love.” A mother’s love for her child is unconditional and infinite.  And because infinite love deserves infinite care, Unna Cares.

What started out as a casual conversation over dinner became an active endeavor to search for the right product to help new parents like us start raising our children right. And they all agreed that the perfect place to start is breastfeeding – the intimate and loving act where mother gives nourishment to her child. 

They all shared our anecdotes and struggles with breastfeeding, and the common theme is finding the right support, the correct information, and of course the perfect breast pump to help Moms in this journey. 

Meet the UNNA CARES Team

Mark Chang and Apple San Buenaventura-Chang. Mark is an entrepreneur and business professional, and Apple is a seasoned marketing professional. They founded and currently run Woodprints Manila – the pioneer company that specializes in printing and engraving on wood, as well as graphic design. They have a son named Caleb who is now 9 months old.


Kean Cipriano and Chynna Ortaleza-Cipriano. Kean is an actor, director, and the lead vocalist of Filipino rock band Callalily.  Chynna is an award-winning actress, artist, and lead vocalist of the band Lara Serena. Their daughter Stellar is one-and-a-half-year-old. 


Mark Herbert Rosario and Princess Velasco-Rosario. Doc Bistek is a practicing Pediatrician, and Princess is an acoustic singer and owner of two franchises of Nail Files (nail spa). They have a two-year-old toddler named Kobe. 

The advantages of using UNNA Breast Pumps compared to 
other leading brands

 How does the UNNA Breast Pumps work?

Moms nowadays are highly encouraged to breast feed just like the old times

UNNA also supports single moms in the country through the Unna Cares Program that seeks to empower mothers from all backgrounds, lifestyles, and status. Their vision is to bring the joy and benefits of breastfeeding to everyone. They know how hard it is to be a new mom and we recognize that some circumstances can make it even harder.

For single moms, Unna knows how difficult it is to take on both roles of provider and nurturer to your baby. For minimum wage earners, they know how challenging it is to make your budget work. 

Through the Unna Cares Program, they give up to 30% off on all their breast pumps to single mothers, minimum wage earners, and those who gave birth in public hospitals or lying-in clinics. Interested moms may email at, and will need to fill up an application form.

Each application will be evaluated within 3 days. All applications and information submitted will be kept strictly confidential. All qualified moms must buy the UNNA breastpump directly from our website to avail of the discount.

Princess Velasco and Chynna Ortaleza are not only busy balancing time with their work as a celebrity and entrepreneur but also manage to make the most f their times as hands on Moms because according to them, time well spent with their babies is something they will cherish for the rest of their lives. It's not a choice but it's a commitment to their family.

 Happy bloggers with the Unna Cares Team
This is me after winning a Helena Manual Breast Pump! Thank you Unna Cares Team!

Unna would like to thank their sponsors:

For orders and inquiries:
25 Ireland St. Better Living Subdivision, Brgy. Don Bosco, 
ParaƱaque City 1711
Contact Number: (02) 219 4867

For more details about UNNA:
IG: @unnacares
My all time favorite coffee shop has added more reasons for me and everyone to visit them regularly because they've got all new flavorful food choices to partner with your favorite Figaro drinks. 

Manila is getting to be a foodie’s delight what with popular restaurants and coffee shops popping up left & right, honestly speaking, I'm always loyal to where I always eat simply because I value my money and I always dig places that serves flavorful dishes and also gives me the perfect ambiance to appreciate what I'm eating, every thing's definitely here at FIGARO.

Check out some of the delectable NEW dishes that I tried at FIGARO while some our home grown favorites:
Magandang Umaga Platter Php 275
Start your day right with Figaro's Magandang Umaga Platter, an all star breakfast combo with creamy scrambled egg, smoked ham, bacon, longganisa, potato wedges, sliced batard baguette, tomatoes and cucumber

Pasta Ala Carlo Php 235
Figaro's signature pasta that is sweet and spicy, a medley of flavors with light tomato basil sauce, capers, tuna chunks, black olives and olive oil.

Figaro Club Croissant Php 225
A classic favorite with grilled chicken breast, smoked farmer's ham, fresh greens and cheddar cheese on freshly baked butter croissant.

BBQ Pulled Pork Php 280
Sweet and savory pulled pork, special barbecue sauce, fresh greens and coleslaw on batard bread.

Mexicali Pizza Php 225
Grilled chicken breast with fresh tomato sauce, bell peppers, onions, black olives and special spices

Executive Lunch Sets
Served with 12oz. lemonade and dessert

BBQ Pork Belly Php 249
Marinated pork belly grilled to perfection, smothered with our special BBQ sauce served with coleslaw and java rice.

Adobo Flakes Kare Kare Php 269
Classic pork adobo flakes, served with java rice and Kare Kare cooked in perfection

Hot Chocolate Php 160 (Large)
Dalandan Shake Php 140

All of the new dishes that I've tried at Figaro were literally award winning. It's budget friendly without sacrificing the taste, I'll definitely order these dishes again in a heartbeat when I visit Figaro again soon! I also love the idea that Figaro always reinvents itself when it comes to their menu, they don't just offer coffee and different drink concoctions but they also offer you more choices of value-for-money and complete meals just like the Executive meals that already has a drink and dessert. 

Figaro also added breakfast selections like:
Pork Longganisa
Pinoy Bangus
French Mushroom Omelette
Gourmet Spanish Chorizo Cubana

Fresh Salad that will surely make you go vegetarian with a twist in no time!
Greek Roka Salad
Chicken Caesar Salad
Asian Chicken Salad
Mexican Taco Salad

Check out my VLOG at Figaro Tomas Morato:

Thank you Figaro! Till my next visit!

For more details, visit and like their official Facebook Page Follow (@figarocoffeehq on Twitter and @figarocoffee on Instagram)
This September 18, GMA Network proudly unveils its newest and most awaited comeback of the Primetime Queen in Super Ma’am, top billed by no other than Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes.

Invited press and selected bloggers got the chance to meet the whole cast of Super Ma'am during its Grand Presscon at Le Reve, Timog, Quezon City. It was indeed another star-studded event led by no less than Ms. Marian Rivera-Dantes.

Ms. Helen Gamboa shares how excited she is for Super Ma'am and she also feels honored that GMA Network gave her a one of a kind teleserye with Marian Rivera, the Primetime Queen also expressed that coincidentally, Super Ma'am is really perfect for her since she is already a Mom and in her role, she portrays someone that will be a hero to many people, someone that kids and everyone can look up to because even ordinary people can be a hero in their own way.

The Primetime Queen is back in doing in the teleserye scene, her last teleserye where she played mainstay was in Carmela, the latter teleseryes were guest and cameo roles like in Pari Ko'y, Encantadia and Mulawin VS Ravena. There's also Tadhana and Sunday PinaSaya but Super Ma'am is indeed her big comeback in the primetime.

Super Ma'am is indeed perfect for Marian Rivera since she also did most of the stunts and insisted that she did it. There will also be a fight scene with Ms. Ai Ai Delas Alas on top of the train that everyone should watch out for. “Ito talaga ang pinaka-napusuan ko. Especially wholesome kasi siya, tapos teacher pa. Pangarap kong maging teacher and at the same time, nandun yung fight scene na hinahanap ko.” Marian said.

Additionally, Marian feels that Super Ma’am can also make way for more moral values ​​of young people because the culture now is really different.

Ms. Marian Rivera will also have two leading men in Super Ma'am:
 Jerald Napoles with Marian Rivera
Matthias Rhoads with Marian Rivera

As she makes her comeback, Marian breathes life to Minerva Henerala, the odd but soft-hearted and dedicated high school teacher who loves her students despite their naughtiness inside the classroom. Years ago she lost her mother and sister to a tragic archaeological accident. At the same site, she had a close encounter with mythical glowing winged-creatures and shape shifters called Tamawo, and she grew up believing that they exist among humans.

As the years go by, the Tamawo have made their way into the city and abducts children to feed on their youthful energy. Now it is up to Minerva’s alter-ego—Super Ma’am—to become a Tamawo slayer and save the human world.  Best teacher na, fantastic pa!

The Cast of SUPER MA'AM
This series features the return of seasoned actress Ms. Helen Gamboa to GMA. She breathes life to the character of Lolita Honorio, Minerva’s grandmother who also encountered and believes in the Tamawo. She will also be Super Ma’am’s guide in her journey.

Playing opposite Marian is the newest Kapuso heartthrob Matthias Rhoads as Trevor Jones, an American archaeologist and writer who will fall in love with Super Ma’am.

#KrisJoy is with via Super Ma'am

Making Super Ma’am’s life a little more challenging and interesting are Joyce Ching as Dalikmata, a powerful elemental being who transforms into a human and will eventually fall for Ace; Kristoffer Martin as Ace, a Tamawo employed by Greta to do personal security work for her and Avenir; Kevin Santos as Casper, a quirky media personality who reports weird happenings in the metro; Isabelle de Leon as Rafa, the sexy and beautiful Tamawo who accompanies Avenir in her trainings;  Andrew Gan as Keno, Greta’s henchman; and Jackie Lou Blanco as Greta Segovia, the main villainess and the radical and powerful Tamawo disguised as the rich benefactor of the school.

Adding colour to Teacher Minerva’s life are  her students and co-teachers: Jillian Ward as Michelle, a genius 13-year old student of Minerva; Enrico Cuenca as Jake, the geeky Math teacher; Ash Ortega as Kristy, the kikay student of Minerva; Marika Sasaki as Dina, the best friend of Kristy; Vincent Magbanua as Eric, one of Minerva’s mischievous students; Ralph Noriega as Onin, also one of Minerva’s unruly students;  Meg Imperial as Jessica, the assistant principal at the school Minerva teaches at and is immensely jealous of her; Ashley Rivera as Teacher Rose, one of Minerva’s co-teachers who is the secret ally of Jessica; Jerald Napoles as Esteban, the talkative janitor at Minerva’s school that secretly loves Minerva; Shyr Valdez as Lailani, the strict principal at Minerva and Jessica’s school.

Completing the cast are Minerva’s family:  Al Tantay as Chaplin Henerala, Minerva’s loving and caring father; Julius Miguel as Bixby Henerala, Minerva’s younger brother and who lacks the willingness to study.

Kim Domingo as Mabelle Henerala/Avenir Segovia, Minerva’s lost sister raised by Greta to be a beauty queen and will be interested in Trevor.

Kim Domingo shared that she is really excited to finally shoot her scene with Ms. Marian Rivera, it was a dream come true for her to work with the Primetime Queen and when they first met, Kim narrated during the photoshoot, she said that she is really nice and always wears a big smile on her face. Aside from that Kim added that she is indeed very pretty and sexy as well, it's as if she's not a mom in real life. 

Joining them to play an equally important role is Ms. Carmina Villarroel as Ceres, the great Tagachu who is heir to the powerful buntot pagi which gives her power to transform into a young Tamawo slayer. This buntot pagi will be passed on to her mentee and the chosen one Minerva to help her transform to become Super Ma’am the Tamawo Slayer.

Along with the special participation of Ms. Dina Bonnevie as Raquel Henerala, a well-known archaeologist and Minerva’s mother.

More details about Matthias Rhoads, the new leading man of Ms. Marian Rivera-Dantes and Enrico Cuenca, the guy who trended with Ash Ortega in the famous Jollibee commercial "Crush" soon on the blog!

Apart from the extraordinary mythical creatures, Super Ma’am is a series that heralds the invaluable role of teachers as second parents of children in our society. Minerva is a role model not only in nurturing every child’s potential, but also in showcasing and proving that there is a good teacher in all of us.

Under the helm of esteemed director LA Madridejos, catch Super Ma’am beginning September 18 on GMA’s flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV.

It looks like it's going to be an exciting Monday come September 18 as Super Ma'am
 debuts its pilot episode via GMA Telebabad. 

For more details: