We've seen boy bands come and go and the only way to distinguish them from the rest is by their certain gimiks or their looks and get up. When it comes to the Philippine scene, there have been some successful boy bands and groups who made their own name and history, what makes the latest boy band sensation from GMA  Top One Project different from the rest? They have a combination of PERSEVERANCE, SHEER TALENT & their DREAMS to make it to the TOP.

During their Blogcon for their upcoming concert, Top One Project or TOP gave a sample of their acoustic performance., it was so evident how talented they are and how serious they are when it comes to their craft.

Top One Project or TOP is composed of Louie Pedroso, Joshua Jacobe, Adrian Pascual, Mico Cruz and Miko Manguba. Just recently, the carrier single of their very first album "Paggising" topped the charts of Baranggay LS FM, overtaking Alden Richards who topped the charts for weeks. It's also one of the top selling OPM album so far. 

According to Miko Manguba, one of the member of TOP, the group felt really grateful and blessed because since they won the first ever multi-platform boy band competition of GMA Network, a lot of opportunities have come their way. Louie Pedroso added that their lives totally changed. From a simple guy who is dreaming to be a performer, now, they're not just performing, they're also living the DREAM.  Adrian Pascual shared the struggles opf being a newbie in the industry. They know for a fact that they have a lot of things to prove and they are working hard for it. They continuously have workshops and also do voice coaching plus they want to be updated with the latest trends and songs as well. 

Joshua Jacobe said that even though they're not really a "dance group", they also have some moves that they can share whenever they have shows. They have a choreographer on their upcoming concert wherein the fans should really watch out. Mico Cruz shared that they want to showcase more their talent in singing since this is where they are honed for.

Top were not only nominated at the 2016 PMPC Star Awards for Music and TV but they also won it. They got the Best Duo/Group of the Year Award which is one of the most sought after award. For a newbie group, since it's been only a year when they started, this is a big recognition and a jump start to their budding career. For sure, a long the way they wil hit more awards and score more opportunities.

TOP aims for the correct pitch, hitting the right notes and interacting with the audience, they're not just pretty faces which is an answer to the upcoming competition that they will have since the other network is currently having a boy band competition as well that will surely make the competition rougher. Top members are game and said, "Bring it on!" 
In this way, they said, they can all contribute more to the music industry and at the same time make more people inspired and happy.

They’re committed to their craft the way an artist is committed to his life’s work. No wonder their goal is to leave a song that will leave a mark on the audience, 
and serve as their lasting legacy.

Although each of them have grown fond with each other, building close friendship making them like true brothers in the process, they admitted they've had some conflicts but they don't let it ruin their friendship even their group. 

Watch the Blogcon here:

Their show, T.O.P. in Concert, set at the Music Museum on October 28, will see the group performing modernized OPM and pop tunes as a group, or together with Kapuso artists Kim Domingo and Aicelle Santos. Plus their very own songs too.

Stage Direction by Marvin Caldito 
Music Direction by Marc Lopez

Tickets priced at:
VIP Php 2000 
Lower Box Php 1500 
Orchestra Php 1000 
Balcony Php 500

*As you support this event, you will also be extending your help to the Children’s Charity Ward of the Philippine Orthopedic.

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Instagram & Twitter: @artistcenter
Considered one of the classic movies, Sinungaling Mong Puso is a masterpiece of Maryo J. Delos Reyes starring no less than Star for all Seasons Ms. Vilma Santos. Now, in the modern version, it was evident how Rhian Ramos shined in her role as Clara. It was no denying the the role fits her perfectly and this was all the statement of her co-actors and even the lo9yal viewers of the said teleserye since it aired last July.

Sinungaling mong Puso stars in the film were Gabby Concepcion, Aga Muhlach and Aiko Melendez, the television remake of “Sinungaling Mong Puso” has been given a compelling cast led by Rafael Rosell, Kiko Estrada and Jazz Ocampo.

The story revolves around Clara (Rhian), the abused wife of the womanizer Roman Aguirre (Rafael) who comes from an influential political clan. Instead of giving in to the agony of her plight, she chooses to hope and remain resilient for the sake of her family. Until she accidentally meets Jason (Kiko), a man who will love her for real. However, he is ten years younger than her. He, like Clara, is unhappily married to Hannah (Jazz) who is pregnant with their child.

In spite their efforts to keep their rapport amicable, friendship draws them closer together resulting into a romance that turns into a passionate love affair. But when their secret is discovered, it becomes the greatest threat to their lives.

Rhian Ramos, who portrayed the challenging role of Clara first played by the Star for All Seasons, said she felt challenged and pressured as well to portray the iconic actress’ former character. She said that when this was offered to her, she felt blessed all at the time since this is yet another wonderful opportunity for her that she doesn't want to miss. After doing the role for months now, Rhian said that she learned so much from her role Clara and that she appreciates the fact that even the Vilmanians appreciated how she did the role. 

On the other hand, Rafael said playing the role of Roman, originally played by Gabby, made him anxious and thrilled at the same time. Rafael who is used to portraying different challenging roles said whenever he accpet roles, he always feels challenged to do it since it also adds excitement. With his role as Roman which is kind of a sociopath, he did some research and a background check on it so that he would approach the role realistically. He is a big fan of Gabby Concepcion and although he haven't met him yet, he heard some good news that Gabby said he is doing a great job with his role.

Portraying his most mature role to date as Jason, Kiko admits feeling the pressure for his latest TV assignment. Kiko said that he is a big fan of Mr. Aga Muhlach and he can very well relate to his role since Jason wants to prove something, Kiko as well, wants to prove that he can do much better in his upcoming projects. 

Also part of the cast were JC Tiuseco as Jolo and Gee Canlas as Jillian. According to them during our mini-blogcon with the cast after their Facebook Live with the fans, they all felt like a big family on the set. They can act freely and at the same time, they've found true friends who they can show who they really are. They're now finish with the whole taping of the finale of Sinungaling mong Puso and somehow, they felt sad that they will no longer work with one another for this project but hopefully they would work again soon.

The cast also talked about how they can relate with their roles. For Rafael as Roman, he said that he didn't have any similarities with Roman because Roman is a type of person who keeps a lot of things to himself like angst and more and for him, whenever he feels angry about something, he just goes to the gym and work out so that he would find time to chill and let it all out then after that, he's okay.

As for Kiko as Jason, he said Jason is someone you'd want to be. He's the perfect person who has everything and would give everything for the person he loves. Although Kiko said he's not like Jason since he is not perfect, he's like to be Jason because of his good qualities.

As for Rhian, she said she can't handle Clara's problem if it were in reality. If it ever happened to her in real life, she would have gone to Maldives and changed her name. Although Rhian said she admired her character on how she pulled through in the end despite all that she's been through.

For Gee as Jillian who is the best friend of Rhian's character Clara, she said she is not as tolerant as her character. She's a good friend but she knows her bounderies and she would tell her friend blatantly if there's something wrong and what she should or should not do.
She will not "baby" her friends to the extent of letting them do things that they want even though it's all wrong.

As for JC, he said his character as Jolo is like an underdog and he's not like that in real life. He wouldn't let anyone use him to solve any problem or otherwise. When things are not going out well, he fix it the right way and sometimes on his own.

According to them, if they can change the ending of the telserye since the ending of the movie is a bit "brutal", Rafael said he would like to change it so that he can somehow showcase why Roman is like that, what made him that way. Rhian said that there's always a back story with each of the character and that no matter what the ending of the story is, for as long people will learn something from it, it's a perfect ending.

Completing the cast of “Sinungaling Mong Puso” are Michael de Mesa as Mayor Moises Aguirre, Roman’s corrupt father who wants him to keep his political power within their family; Glydel Mercado as Raquel, the perfect trophy wife of Mayor Moises; Cheska Diaz as Helen, Jason’s understanding mother; Sherilyn Reyes as Liza, Hannah’s controlling mother; Stephanie Sol as Camilla, Roman’s mistress; and Gab de Leon as Vin, the right 
hand man of Roman.

“Sinungaling Mong Puso,” is under the helm of acclaimed actor-director Ricky Davao, who according to the cast were one of the best cinematic director ever. 

Watch their interview here:
Watch the last few episodes of Sinungaling Mong Puso via GMA Afternoon Prime after 
Oh, My Mama.

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I've never tried a Taiwanese food before which made my recent visit at Tien Ma's really exciting. Let's take note that Taiwan is one of the culinary centers of East Asia. These guys know their food which is why I've read a lot of good reviews about Taiwanese Cuisine, but to find that perfect restaurant that caters these best dishes is not that easy. Thankfully, Tien Ma's is here to give us all a classic taste of Taiwanese dishes.

Tien Ma's recently opened another branch at Bocobo Street, Ermita, Manila which is just a few steps away from Robinsons Manila. They currently have three branches. One at C5 Libis and the other at Retiro. According to Mr. Benzon Solmayor, Store Manager of Tien Ma's, the restaurant's name came from the family name of the very first heritage owners. 

Once you enter Tien Ma's, you will be greeted by Class, pattern and color. The interior design is  focused on the modern Asian look, offering an alternative to more traditional Chinese restaurants in the metro since most of these types of restaurant have a typical set up. They offer minimal decor and wider spaces perfect for bigger groups. Chairs are cozy and the arrangement of tables on the side create an essential space since most people will be passing by at the center.

More tables located at the second floor which you can use for functions or private 
luncheons and dinners. They can accommodate up to 70 persons.

The menu was quite extensive but not intimidating. In fact, it's one of the most affordable restaurants I've dine in for quite some time and the food was superb. 

Whenever you drop by at any Taiwanese Restaurants, the must-try will always be their 
Xiao Long Bao. It's always the main star of the Menu. At Tien Ma's, they serve it for 
(Php. 200/9pcs.) It only took me one bite to know how delicious it tasted. 

The challenge was to eat it using the chopstick as a whole, because once you drop it in your mouth, the tasty soup will burst in your mouth together with the flavorful meat. It's quite tasty and I think I ate a number of pieces. The best dip for this is a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce and ginger strips. It was exceptionally tasty.

There are three flavors of Xiao Long Bao:
 Xiao Long Bao 
 Xiao Long Bao Cheese
Black Mushroom with Truffle Oil Xiao Long Bao

Shrimp Fried Rice Php 200.00

Taiwan Style Fried Rice Php 200.00

My visit at Tien Ma's will not be complete without trying out their Shrimp Fried Rice and Taiwan Style Fried Rice. Both tasted really yummy and I can even eat the whole serving of it but this is in fact good for 2-3 persons. My favorite though was the Taiwan Style Fried Rice since the Taiwan sausage have that distinct taste.

Lastly, Tien Ma's Three Cup Chicken is totally a must-try. I love it paired with the Taiwan Style Fried Rice, I think it's the perfect combination or the Shrimp Fried Rice, 
whichever you prefer.  

The 3 cup chicken name was derived from the need to have 3 different cups of sauces to make this dish. In the olden times, they use earthenware pots to cook this. It is then cooked until the sauce is dry and the chicken has absorbed all the sauces.

For drinks, we ordered Watermelon Shake and Melon Shake. Both tasted really refreshing which will remind you of Summer any day or time of the day.

For dessert, we had Cold Taro Pearl. You can have it hot or cold. We preferred it cold 
which is a good decision. Tien Ma's currently has a promo, get a FREE Taro Pearl for every P800 worth of food purchase! Available at all Tien Ma's branches. #Promo Duration: September 23-December 31, 2016!

FREE Main Dish with the choice of: Suahe w/ Sotanghon, Shredded Pork w/ Onions, Stir-Fried Tito w/ Leeks and Deep Fried intestine - with purchase of any (2) two main dishes! Promo available at Tien Ma's Bocobo branch only!
Promotion duration: October 7, 2016 - December 31, 2016

All in all, my food experience at Tien Ma's was really worth it. I will definitely go back with my family or friends and would recommend it to my fellow blog readers as well because you'll definitely get your money's worth here at Tien Ma's. They offer affordable Taiwanese Cuisine without sacrificing the quality of the food. It was indeed a delicious discovery and looks like my family will be frequenting this for days, months and years to come. 

Check out Tien Ma's Menu:

Tien Ma's Virtual Tour:

With Blogger friend Jing Javier

Tien Ma's Taiwanese Cuisine
1253 J. Bocobo Street. Ermita. Manila
Opening Hours: 11AM-12AM (Sun - Thur), 11AM-2AM (Fri- Sat)

For more details:
Twitter: @tienmas
Instagram: @tienmaph
The 2016 PMPC Star Awards for Music & TV happened last night October 23 at Novotel Manila, Araneta Center, Quezon City. Hosted by Robi Domingo,  Alex Gonzaga, Jodi Sta.Maria, Luis Manzano, Kim Chiu, and XianLim. The theme this year was The Fusion of Philippine Entertainment’s Best) was organized by Philippine Movie Press Club headed by current president Fernan de Guzman and produced by Airtime Marketing Philippines, Inc. headed by Tessie Celestino-Howard.

Here is the full list of winners:
Pop Album of the Year - Alden Richards
Best Group Artist of the Year: TOP (Top One Project)
Best Album Cover - Darren Espanto
Rock Album of the Year - Avalon Beyond
Acoustic Album of the Year - Aiza Seguerra
Dance Album of the Year - Hashtags
Best Male Recodring Artist of the Year: Jed Madela
Best Female Recording Artist of the Year: Jolina Magdangal
New Male Recording Artist: Derrick Monasterio
New Female Recording Artist: Janella Salvador
Acoustic Artist of the Year: Aiza Seguerra
Rock Artist of the Year Award: Bamboo
Best Male Pop Artist: Alden Richards and Darren Espanto
Best Female Pop Artist: Marion Aunor
Best Male Concert Performer: Martin Nievera
Best Female Concert Performer: Sarah Geronimo
Music Video of the Year: Vice Ganda and Edward Benossa

Best Celebrity Talk Show: Tonight with Boy Abunda (ABS-CBN)
Best Magazine Show: Rated K (ABS-CBN)
Best Travel Show: Biyahe ni Drew (GMA)
Best Game Show: Wowowin (GMA)
Best Public Affairs Program: Bottomline (ABS-CBN)
Best Documentary Special: Politika at Pamilya, Sila Noon, Sila Pa Rin Ngayon (ABS-CBN)
Best Documentary Program: Reel Time
Best Morning Show: Unang Hirit (GMA)
Best Educational TV Program: Matanglawin (ABS-CBN)
Best Lifestyle Show: RX Plus (ABS-CBN Sports + Action)
Best Talent Search Program: StarStruck Season 6
Best Lifestyle Show Host: Ricky Reyes, Gandang Ricky Reyes (GMA News TV)

Best New Male TV Personality: Simon "Onyok" Pineda and Jake Ejercito
Best New Female TV Personality: Ria Atayde
Best Child Performer: McNeal Briguela
Best Educational Program Host: Kim Atienza
Best Travel Show Host: Drew Arellano
Best Morning Show Host: Anthony Taberna, Jorge CariƱo, Atom Araullo, Amy Perez, Ariel Ureta, Winnie Cordero, and Gretchen Ho ( Umagang Kay Ganda )
Best Documentary Program Host: Malou Mangahas (Investigative Documentaries)
Best Public Affairs Program Host: Boy Abunda (The Bottomline)
Best Public Service Program Host: Julius Babao (Mission Possible)
Best News Program: 24 Oras and TV Patrol
Best Male Newscaster: Erwin Tulfo (Aksyon Prime TV5)
Best Female Newscaster: Vicky Morales (24 Oras)
Female Star of the Night for Music: Ria Atayde
Male Star of the Night for Music: Arjo Atayde
Female Star of the Night for TV: Yassi Pressman
Male Star of the Night for TV: Luis Manzano
Best Game Show Host: Luis Manzano (Kapamilya Deal or No Deal)
Best Talent Search Host: Luis Manzano, Robi Domingo and Kim Chiu (The Voice Kids 3)
Best Magazine Show Host: Korina Sanchez
Best Celebrity Talk Show Host: Boy Abunda
Best Drama Anthology: Ipaglaban Mo
Best Drama Supporting Actor: Arjo Atayde and Arron Villaflor
Best Supporting Actress: Sunshine Dizon (Little Nanay)
Best Single Performance by an Actor: Kristoffer Martin
Best Single Performance by an Actress: Claudine Barretto
Best Noontime Show: Sunday PinaSaya
Best Musical Variety Show: ASAP
Best Male TV Host: Luis Manzano
Best Female TV Host: Anne Curtis
Best Gag Show: Goin' Bulilit
Best Comedy Sitcom: Pepito Manaloto
Best Actor in Comedy: Jose Manalo
Best Comedy Actress: Manilyn Reynes
Best Daytime Drama Series: Doble Kara

Best Primetime Drama Series: Ang Probinsyano
Best TV Station: ABS-CBN
Best Drama Actress: Jennylyn Mercado
Best Drama Actor: Coco Martin
German Moreno Power Tandem Award: Kim Chiu and Xian Lim
Ading Fernando Lifetime Achievement Award: Maricel Soriano
Excellence in Broadcasting Achievement Award: Luchi Cruz Valdez
We all know how Filipinos love watching teen-oriented shows. I for one can vouch that I watched a lot of teen-oriented Filipino TV Shows back then and one of my ultimate favorite is T.G.I.S. Saturdays will never be complete without watching it. Now, we can look forward to another inspiring and kilig-filled show via GMA Network.

The latest and hottest all-male group BAES are set to invade local television screens with newest female teen sensation Taki in the all-new and fresh morning series for millennials, "TROPS." 

During the Grand Presscon of "Trops", the cast were all present to answer the questions regarding the show which includes the Baes, Taki, the daughter of Ruby Rodriguez Toni Aquino, and Kate Lapuz. Also present were Irma Adlawan, Benjie Paras, and Ina Raymundo.

A product of the longest-running noontime show, "Eat Bulaga," BAES is composed of Kenneth Medrano, Kim Last, Jon Timmons, Tommy Penafior, Miggy Tolentino and Joel Palencia. 

Taki, meanwhile, is a French-Japanese-Pinay talent regularly seen in the said noontime 

Kenneth is the grand winner in the "That's My Bae" segment. A native of Cebu City, he can act, sing and dance. Kenneth has appeared in one of "Eat Bulaga's" Lenten Specials and was part of the morning series "Calle Siete." 

20-year-old Miggy's talent in dancing has become his passport a career in show business. 
"TROPS" serves as his biggest acting break as he portrays the role of Kenneth's rival over Taki's heart. 

Kenneth and Taki's Learn-up first gained huge following in "Calle Siete." The tandem's fan base grew even bigger when the teen sensation became a regular in "Eat Bulaga." 

In "TROPS," Miggy's character will complete the love triangle in Kenneth and Taki's love 

Miggy and Kenneth will compete against each other to win the affection of the millennial girl. 
Who will land a spot in Taki's heart, Kenneth or Miggy? 

Kim, on the other hand, is a Filipino-British mixed martial arts expert. Aside from being a terrific dancer, he is also a comedian and is currently a mainstay of "Sunday Pinasaya." 

Tommy is the tallest of the BAES at six feet. He is a BS Radiologic Technology graduate who opted to sing and act his way to a career in show business. 

Like teen sensation Taki, Jon and Joel are themselves masters of the dance floor. 
Aside from hosting and dancing in "Eat Bulaga," Taki is also in the cast of "Calle Siete." 
In preparation for "TROPS," Taki and the BAES underwent acting workshops to better help them tackle their respective roles. 

"TROPS" will delve into various issues concerning today's generation -- peer pressure, friendship rivalry, generation gap and more. 

Parents of millennial babies will be able to relate with each episode. Along with the pressing issues, "TROPS" also aims to acquaint viewers with the dynamics of today's millennials -- from their fashion sense, attitude, hair style, relationships, etc. 

It shall bridge the gap between today's generation and generations of years gone by. 
Done with a fresh, "very now twist as director Linnet Zurbano herself belongs to the millennial set, "TROPS" will instill the basic values of love and respect for elders, siblings and fellowmen as a whole. 

Direk Linnet used to work as former assistant director to Direk Mike Tuviera. 
Stay tuned as these fresh young talents take on the timely tale of love and life of the millennials in "TROPS," airing 11:30 a.m, before "Eat Bulaga," starting October 24. Produced by TAPE, Inc.