Why Travel

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Traveling is essential for everyone and that is my answer with that important question. Traveling is one of the best ways to learn different cultures in different places. So, why not start on our native land? We have so much to learn from different cultures around us, It is definitely worth it and in that way we are also promoting our tourism in the Philippines.

I used to dream of going to Boracay and experience the world class beach that our country is boasting of, I am such a fan of wonderful beaches and from time to time I never waste an opportunity to know something from my favorite island which is Boracay. When I got the chance to really go there, I was overwhelmed with utter satisfaction and glee. This is something worth remembering for the rest of my life. Watching the sunrise and lying on a pure fine white sand beach is just priceless and I am in my native land, what more can I ask for? My point is one can only learn so much from books, televisions and more but to be there and experience it for yourself is just a momentum that you can really treasure.

So, once you dream of going to this special place in our country, there’s plenty of them to be conquered for you, you just have to go for it. Visit Letsgosago website and check out the amazing places that you can experience for yourself together with your loveones. This website promotes and encourages us to travel across our homeland and discover what Philippines has to offer. You can also check out their facebook page Lets Go Sago! for more exciting details about Philippine travel. Like my experience, once I got the opportunity, I had to throw myself out there and just experience it and you should do the same.

Oh and by the way, this is my entry to the “Why Travel?” Letsgosago.net Anniversary contest part 2 special.

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