Sunday, September 18, 2011

Padre Pio Church in Libis, Quezon City

I’ve been wanting to see the St. Padre Pio Chapel in Libis, I’ve read, watched and heard a lot about it. I personally don’t know the life of St. Padre Pio so I did some research, then found out that the five wounds of the Lord’s passion appeared in his body, making him the first stigmatized in the history of the Church. As expected, he did a lot of courageous and holy things for the Lord. That’s why he was canonized a Saint by the late Pope John Paul II. To know more about his life, you can visit The Life and Works of St. Pio.

There are two entrance in the chapel, so at first I thought we’re not going on the right place. However, it was an L shape chapel so you can enter either one of the doors. Another thing you will notice is a sign that tells the people of the proper dress code. Unlike other churches I’ve been to that has the same signs didn’t implement it the way St. Pio Chapel does.

It was an intimate chapel but was well ventilated and the structure was quite impressive. I felt I was in a chapel in Rome though except that you’ll see Asians around you.  We explored the place and found a small chapel inside as well, I had goosebumps looking at Padre Pio ‘s life size image.

At the back of that small chapel is a place where you can light candlesand pray your intentions. There is also Love Offering boxes on the sides. For the candles, you just have to look for unlit candles and you can light it up as you pray. It was so far for me the best Candle Chapel I saw in the Philippines.

As you exit the chapel, you will also see a Gethsemane Garden where fountain was built and the statues were placed. I think it is best to see the garden in the morning or afternoon because the place don’t have enough lights at night so you won’t appreciate it that much.

Check out some of the pictures at Padre Pio Church :) This is one of the churches here in our country that I feel so at home and I always go to when I feel alone or I need solace.

We had a prayerful time that afternoon and I feel so blessed that I got the opportunity to visit Padre Pio church. I will visit again soon. 

To know more about the Chapel, visit their website: St. Pio Chapel Website


Anonymous said...

i wanna go here..

Graceelicious said...

Please do :-) This is one of my favorite places in the country and I always go here :) Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Gracee, you are so gracious! Thank you for sharing these detailed info about Papa Pio. This is very helpful for me to take my family from Cebu on the 12th of May to experience the love and the charisma of Papa Pio. More blessings to you!

Debie Lopez said...

Please let me know the exact of address of Blessed Padre Pio's chapel so i could visit. I'll be in manila on june 5 and it's one of my iterinary when i get there. Thanks and God bless us all!

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