Padre Pio Church in Libis, Quezon City

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I’ve been wanting to see the St. Padre Pio Chapel in Libis, I’ve read, watched and heard a lot about it. I personally don’t know the life of St. Padre Pio so I did some research, then found out that the five wounds of the Lord’s passion appeared in his body, making him the first stigmatized in the history of the Church. As expected, he did a lot of courageous and holy things for the Lord. That’s why he was canonized a Saint by the late Pope John Paul II. To know more about his life, you can visit The Life and Works of St. Pio.

There are two entrance in the chapel, so at first I thought we’re not going on the right place. However, it was an L shape chapel so you can enter either one of the doors. Another thing you will notice is a sign that tells the people of the proper dress code. Unlike other churches I’ve been to that has the same signs didn’t implement it the way St. Pio Chapel does.

It was an intimate chapel but was well ventilated and the structure was quite impressive. I felt I was in a chapel in Rome though except that you’ll see Asians around you.  We explored the place and found a small chapel inside as well, I had goosebumps looking at Padre Pio ‘s life size image.

At the back of that small chapel is a place where you can light candles and pray your intentions. There is also Love Offering boxes on the sides. For the candles, you just have to look for unlit candles and you can light it up as you pray. It was so far for me the best Candle Chapel I saw in the Philippines.

As you exit the chapel, you will also see a Gethsemane Garden where fountain was built and the statues were placed. I think it is best to see the garden in the morning or afternoon because the place don’t have enough lights at night so you won’t appreciate it that much.

Check out some of the pictures at Padre Pio Church :) This is one of the churches here in our country that I feel so at home and I always go to when I feel alone or I need solace.

We had a prayerful time that afternoon and I feel so blessed that I got the opportunity to visit Padre Pio church. I will visit again soon. 

To know more about the Chapel, visit their website: St. Pio Chapel Website

Directions to Saint Padre Pio Chapel

Once you reach C5 toll from SLEX, just go straight (10-15mins) until you pass by a main intersection with an elevated U-turn. Go to the inner lane beside the elevated u-turn and just go straight.

Follow the main road (C5). Take the flyover after SM Hypermarket (on the left side of the street).

Keep straight following the main road until you pass Shopwise. There is a small street on the right (Industria St.) but you will still go straight. Right after Industria St. go immediately to the rightmost lane (Honda). The entrance of the chapel is right after Honda and before Petron.  Turn right and you will see the facade of the chapel.

You shouldn't reach Citibank and Eastwood otherwise you would have to make a u-turn.

Make a u-turn after Jollibee (on the right).

Keep straight following the main road until you pass Shopwise. There is a small street on the right (Industria St.) but you will still go straight. Right after Industria St. go immediately to the rightmost lane (Honda). The entrance of the chapel is right after Honda but before Petron.  Turn right and you will see the facade of the chapel

188 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C-5) Bagumbayan,
Quezon City, Metro Manila
1110 Philippines

Visit the National Shrine of Saint Padre Pio in Sto. Tomas, Batangas

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  1. i wanna go here..

  2. Please do :-) This is one of my favorite places in the country and I always go here :) Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Gracee, you are so gracious! Thank you for sharing these detailed info about Papa Pio. This is very helpful for me to take my family from Cebu on the 12th of May to experience the love and the charisma of Papa Pio. More blessings to you!

  4. Please let me know the exact of address of Blessed Padre Pio's chapel so i could visit. I'll be in manila on june 5 and it's one of my iterinary when i get there. Thanks and God bless us all!

  5. my friends and I, we've been wanting to go there the past 2 months and after so many postponements, we've finally set our feet in the place yesterday. I don't know why but the moment I entered the main chapel, I felt goosebumps all over and was teary-eyed. did Sto. Pio welcomed me? I felt peace... peace in my heart. am so glad that I visited... and I will go back to the place again, I know I will...

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience, I felt the same way too the first time I visited Padre Pio Church and also the same feeling and more when I also visited their church at Sto. Tomas in Batangas! I will write a separate blog about it soon :)

  7. hi.. gustong-gusto namin pumunta sa Padre Pio Church.. pano po ba pumunta doon..? taga Cavite po ako.. tnx..

  8. Hello :) I've searched online on directions, please check this out :) thanks for dropping by!

  9. hello po. pano po ba pumunta ng padre pio church sa pamamagitan ng public transpo (MRT o bus) kung magmumula sa baclaran? salamat po.

  10. Hello Ronnie :) From MRT Taft, baba po kayo ng Cubao station then diretso po kayo ng Ali Mall, pwede kayo dumaan ng Farmers then SM papuntang Ali Mall, dun po may mga sakayan ng jeep pa puntang EVER/Eastwood Citibank, baba po kayo citibank, tatawid kayo sa kabila ng tulay may gasoline station po dun, dun na po yung Padre Pio Church may arrow na po papasok sa loob ng church. Thanks for dropping by in my blog at sana po makapunta kayo sa Pdre Pio Church. :)

  11. maraming salamat po. worth it ang pag-drop by sa inyong blog. :)

  12. You're always welcome :) God bless!

  13. I am havin' nostalgia just seein' your photos. I had wonderful memories there with my ministry mates. Wish to get back again and offer my rosary 'cause Padre Pio have granted most of my petitions. Do ya visit here most of the time?

  14. Hello Lei :) Thank you for dropping by, to answer your question yes, I do visit Padre Pio Church often, it is one of the church here in Manila that I can totally feel serene, the place is very welcoming too, you can truly appreciate the silence that makes you feel at home with God. :) I wish you can get back soon :) God bless!

  15. Hi been there once by accident pa, HS classmate invite me to have lunch inside the restaurant their inside the church I didn't know there is church there, I only notice it after we had lunch and going back to the car, Then I asked my classmate she said that its Padre Pio Church ..then all of a sudden I ask my classmate to accompany me inside.. I really fell goose bump when I get inside.. it is indeed a very memomarble experience. because I am longing to go there.. I guess its Padre Pio who guide me to find him.. I thank him for this miracle.. I will do visit him again tom with another friend who also start to pray on him.

  16. Hello :) It was nice to read your experience at Padre Pio Church :) I feel the same way, I felt the presence of Padre Pio especially our Lord in this place maybe because it is very serene :) Bring your family or friends when you visit :) God bless!

  17. I will visit Pader Pio church and ask for his prayers for my physical and spiritual healing. Through your intercession Padre Pio, i claim healing In Gods healing power! Thank you Padre Pio and thank you Lord God! Amen!

  18. Good Day! May I ask how to reach the place thru public transportation if I'm from Alabang. Thanks.

  19. Hi Shem :) from Alabang, you can take a bus going to Edsa then ask the "kundoktor" to drop you off at Farmers cubao then you can walk to Ali Mall from there. From Ali Mall there are jeepneys that has a signage "Citibank Eastwood-Ever" ride that jeepney and ask the driver to drop you off at Citibank. From there, it's a walking distance to Padre Pio Church :) from Ali Mall to Citibank, it will only cost you P10.00. I'm not sure from Alabang to Cubao though :) Thanks for dropping by!

  20. Hi Ma'am Grace! I'm planning to go to Padre Pio Church po, but I'm not sure what route will I be taking. I'm coming from España, Manila.
    I'm planning to take the LRT-Recto to LRT-Katipunan Station kaso I don't know if there are jeepneys going to Padre Pio Church from there.
    My Plan B is from LRT-Recto to LRT-Cubao Station then I would just follow your tips to Ma'am Shem.
    What do you think po is the best among the two options? thanks!:)

  21. Hi Ms. Gracee! Hope you can visit also to Padre Pio Church located at San Pedro, Sto. Tomas, Batangas.