Via Dolorosa White Cross in Antipolo Rizal

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Holy Week is here and if you've been wondering where to go this week, why not try going to White Cross Via Dolorosa in Antipolo City. It's just around the metro about an hour or so from the city. I'm proud to say that I live here in Antipolo and we have a lot of beautiful places here to offer. Antipolo is called "City in the sky". 

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While white sand beaches are common in other destinations, this highland city of Antipolo boasts of its breathtaking view of the metropolis and surrounding towns. It flaunts the natural beauty of the Hinulugang Taktak Waterfalls that is recognized to be a national park. Here, you can go on a picnic, take a dip into the water in your swimsuits, or simply enjoy watching the flowing water while on pathways and walks. If you travel in the month of May, you’re treated to a night of live cultural performances and concerts at very affordable fees.

A rare opportunity of visiting the Pilgrimage City awaits any avid traveler. The Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage will be largely flocked every night during Holy Week until dawn when devotees travel on foot—from Quiapo Church Manila all the way up in a walk for a cause called “Alay Lakad”. 

Via Dolorosa is a must see place especially this Holy Week, you can see here the 12 station of the cross with life size monuments and at the top you can actually see the huge white cross. It's really a serene place, a place for prayers, a time for yourself and reflections.

How to go to Via Dolorosa or White Cross: 
From Crossing or Shaw you can ride a jeep to Antipolo Simbahan and from there you can ride a tricycle tell the driver to take you to White Cross and they'll take you there.  From Cubao, you can ride a jeep to Antipolo Simbahan then once you get to Antipolo town proper, you can ride a tricycle as well straight to White Cross. From what I can remember, there's no entrance fee here, all you need is to buy candles in the entrance. 

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  1. Open po ba ang ang Villa Dolorosa even Sundays?

  2. Yes po, open din po sya even on weekends like Sunday :-) Hope you can visit Via Dolorosa soon :)

  3. do you have any idea about the mass schedule there, if they have?

  4. Hi :) wala po silang misa sa Via Dolorosa but you can go straight to Antipolo Cathedral for the mass.Pag Sunday po they have mass every hour starting from 6am onwards :) thanks!

  5. Is the slope going uphill steep? We palan to go there this week, and i will be in the company of some senior citizens. I am afraid we can't manage the climb to the cross.. Tnx

  6. Pano po pumunta dyan from felix avenue. Ano po mga jeep na sasakyan?

  7. Hi :) Sakay po kayo ng jeep pa Antipolo simbahan and from the town proper ng Antipolo, pwede na kayo sumakay ng tricycle papuntang Via Dolorosa :)