Food Trip at Katsu Cafe Banawe Quezon City

7:11:00 AM

I'm a big fan of Katsu dishes, and finally I get the chance to try out Katsu Cafe because
I've been reading alot of good reviews about it and I really want to try it out for myself.

I fyou work or live near Banawe Quezon City area, then you might be familiar with the chain of restaurants  at the said area. But if you love Japanese food, then you might as well drop by at Katsu Cafe.

The first thing that I noticed when we dine at Katsu Cafe was the relaxing ambiance. It makes you feel at home. It is very spacious and I love the vibe of the music, soul, makes me feel relaxed.

Aside from the cozy ambiance that Katsu offers, they have a very friendly staff. 
All smiles and ready to serve you with your needs, they're very alert as well.

It was really hard for me to choose which dish I will order because all of them seemed to be really delicious but I played safe and ordered my favorite which is Katsu Café Katsuretsu set which is priced at P195.00


The condiments

Since this was my first time to eat at a Japanese Restaurant that is serving 
this kind of  condiments, I asked the waiter how to do it step by step and what it was. He told me that this is sesame seeds which will be used together with the katsu sauce. You need to grind the sesame seeds while waiting for your Tonkatsu to be served. This will definitely add more flavor to the meat once you eat it, just perfect and I'm glad I tried it.

Say hello to my yummy TONKATSU SET (P195.00) Honestly speaking, compared to 
the Tonkatsu that I have tried with other Japanese resto, this one is the best. Meatier and cheaper! :-) 

I love the crunchiness of the meat plus it is really perfect with their katsu sauce plus it's not that oily which is why I appreciated it even more. I also love their Japanese rice,  not too sticky, just cooked well. This set comes with unlimited rice so hello carbo for you :-)
This also comes with my favorite miso soup!

Their Miso soup alone will satisfy you hunger and cravings. :-)

I also get to try their good ol' Beef Gyudon Meal priced at (P215.00) It was quite good, the beef is tender and the sauce is quite sweet though, thanks to my Miso soup is blended well but just the same it's quite delicious. 

We were served with glasses of water and tea but we also ordered 
drinks to satisfy our hunger more :-)

All in all I would give Katsu Cafe a TWO THUMBS UP. 
I was totally full when we leave the resto and just the same I can say the all the dishes that we tried were flavorful and highly recommendable to all of you.

I you happen to be around the area, Banawe Quezon City and looking for Japanese food then best for you to try what they have to offer.

Check out their Menu below:


Like the Official Facebook page of Katsu Cafe:


Katipunan: 329-I Katipunan Ave. Cor. B Gonzales, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Banawe: 86-C Maria Clara, Bgy. Sto. Domingo, Quezon City

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