Super Fun Event at SM Cartoon Fest

9:56:00 PM

After the SM Summer cartoon Fest, we went home with a big smile on our faces especially my inaanak Hazel Kirsten. She totally loves Dora The Explorer and Hello Kitty!

We were all excited when they introduced the famous cartoon characters like Lorax, Justice League, Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty, Robby Rabbit, Angry Birds, Garfield, Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird, SpongeBob, Barbie and Sesame Street characters like Ernie,Bert, Elmo and Cookie Monster!

After the welcoming remarks, we were greeted with super nice confetti that fill the whole SM Fairview's annex Atrium with vibrant colors! Kids love it and it is totally jam packed! even kids at heart wanted to take a photo op with this famous cartoon characters! Like me :-)
Here are some of my pictures during the event:

Hazel Kirsten also enjoyed the face painting!

It was really a fun afternoon for me and Hazel.  We totally enjoyed the meet and greet with the famous cartoon characters. I get to reminisce the days when I was still a kid and I watched Sesame Street all the time which is why I didn't passed the opportunity to have a photo op with Cookie Monster and friends :-)

This is by far, the biggest gathering of all our favorite cartoon characters!
The summer-long festival that ends May 31 will feature a never-seen-before number of activities and cartoon-related toys and interesting finds for the whole family and the cartoon-lover to enjoy.  

 Cartoonfest is supported by Bates/Nickelodeon, Richprime, Pacific Licensing, Honeybarn, Solar Entertainment, FCI, Click Licensing and Astroplus/Magnavision, among others. With all the beloved cartoon characters in the malls this summer, SM can truly say, Everything's Here.

Watch out for more details on SM Cartoonfest events and promos at

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