My Brother's Romance hits the P50M mark

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If long lines at movie theaters and rave reviews from critics and fans alike are any indication, Skylight Films couldn't have asked for a better or more successful initial foray into comedy than the Zanjoe Marudo-led Bromance: My Brother's Romance.

Directed by Wenn V, Deramas, the movie zoomed to the top of the box office in its first week and continues to make millions with each passing day. In fact, Bromance: My Brother's Romancehas earned a staggering fifty million pesos to date and counting. This marks the movie as the highest growing film of Skylight Films.

One of the reasons why people continue to flock to movie theaters for Bromance: My Brother's Romance is the stellar performance of its male lead. Moviegoers wanted to see if the early buzz surrounding Zanjoe's portrayal of identical twins Brando and Brandy in this movie was true— and they weren't disappointed at all. Neither was the Cinema Evaluation Board, which showered praise upon the movie and Zanjoe himself in its review.

"The casting is excellent. Zanjoe Marudo is a revelation, as he essayed both his roles with great versatility.Sromance; My Brother's Romance is a good vehicle for him to display his range. This was his best movie—his performance was commendable and effortless—and it's the perfect launching movie for him," writes the CEB.

Zanjoe acknowledges that Direk Wenn's magic touch helped a lot. When they were shooting the movie, Direk Wenn gave Zanjoe very specific advice on how best to bring Brando to life. "Sabi niya wag kong isipin na hading si Brandy, isipin ko daw na si Brandy ay babae, so d'un ko mas nilaro yung utak ko, na babae siya, Kambal nga kami, pero 'babae ako, lalaki ka, kaya lang, ang itsura ko, laiaki, kaya nagmumukhang bading si Brandy, Inimagine ko na pusong babae talaga si Brandy napakalambot at sensitive talaga. Mukhang nakita naman ng mga nanood yung pagkakaiba ng dalawa."

Direk Wenn brought the same flavor to Bromance: My Brother's Romance that he did to the recent movies he directed for Star Cinema—Praybeyt Benjamin, Sisterakas and This Guy's In Love With You, Mare—all of which broke records at the box office too.

On Direk Wenn's skillful handling of the movie, the Cinema Evaluation Board writes, "It is very entertaining and not at all strained in the flow of the comedic materials. This film is a marked improvement compared to Wenn Deramas' past works in this genre. Direk Wenn has scored a comedic masterpiece where his hilarious gags are very effective. He gives the film an engaging treatment where there is hardly a dull moment in it. In short, the direction is very good because Direk Wenn knows his subject matter very well."

The Cinema Evaluation Board also praised the script, which was co-written by Direk Wenn and writers Ayz De Guzman and Danno Kristopher C. Mariquit. In its review, the CEB says of the script, "Although the film is unabashedly done in slapstick fashion, the script is still very amusing and witty. The screenplay is well-written and is complemented by the right comedic timing and enthusiastic portrayals by the main and supporting cast. The script is ridiculously funny yet heartwarming with crisp punchlines delivered at just the right time. There is a method to this madness and this time it works. The story makes no qualms that it is pure slapstick."

Those who attended the special celebrity screening of Bromance: My Brothers Romance seconded the CEB comments. Enchong Dee couldn't get enough of the punchlines. "Ang darning bagong mga jokes," he enthused. "Yung difference pati nina Brando at Brandy, kitang-kita. tapos yung Brando na nagpapaka-Brandy ang gating."

"Sobra po siyang nakakatawa," Andi Eigenmann said. "Talagang relatable siya at ang darning bago at the same time, kaya masarap siyang panoorin."

But don't let those glowing reviews make up your mind for you—Bromance: My Brother's Romance is best experienced in person, so go line up at a cinema near you while it's still in theaters!

Bromance: My Brother's Romance also boasts of a hilarious yet no less stellar supporting cast composed ofCristine Reyes (who plays Zanjoe's love interest Erika) Arlene Muhlach, Joy Viado, Manuel Chua, Boom Labrusca, Joey Paras, Lassy, Nikki Valdez, Maricar De Mesa, Abbie Bautista, Carlo Romero and Jeff Luna.

Zanjoe Marudo thanks everyone for making My Brother's Romance 
a massive hit!
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