TUHOG: Skylight Films' second movie offering for 2013

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In continuing celebration of ABS-CBN Film Production's 20th anniversary, Skylight Films are set to take moviegoers to a one-of-a-kind 'ride' via its upcoming shockingly beautiful drama titled "Tuhog," which will open in cinemas nationwide on July 17.

It is the second movie presentation of Skylight Films this year, the first one is Bromance starring Zanjoe Marrudo and Cristine Reyes. Tuhog is a dark comedy movie that will make feel that you are one of the cast of the movie because you can definitely relate with each charcater. From problems in the family, peer pressure and more, you can definitely say that this movie will make you appreciate what life has to offer. 

Directed by Cinemalaya award-winning director Veronica Velasco, "Tuhog" features an ensemble of some of the most talented actors on film and television, namely Enchong Dee, Jake Cuenca, Empress, Leo Martinez and Eugene Domingo.

From the title itself, "Tuhog" it may sound erotic or "bastos" to some but definitely not!
The title came from an accident which (spoiler!!!) pierce three of the characters in a single steel bar. That mishap tied the lives of Fiesta (Eugene Domingo), Tonio (Leo Martinez) and Caloy (Enchong Dee) together. 

True to its trademark of giving fresh, unpredictable, and edgier approach to familiar movie themes to the edgier audience, Skylight Films' second movie offering for 2013 is a shockingly beautiful story of love, life, and hope about three uniquely struggling people—the cranky bus barker, Fiesta (Eugene); the confused retired old man, Tonio (Leo); and Caloy (Enchong), the young man who preserves his virginity for his girlfriend—whose screwed lives are further 'screwed' by a bus accident.

According to the main cast especially to Ms. Uge, she didn't have any qualms when she accepted the role, in her entire career she always wanted to try something new so that she will not be stuck in just "slap stick comedy". 

According to Eugene Domingo, Tuhog's script is one of the best she had read for a long time and given a chance to compete in international film festivals, the award-winning actress said that Tuhog's screenplay will have a good chance of winning.

As for Enchong, he really wanted to do this movie even though he really has a hectic schedule, he used the term "tuhog" because of the countless projects he has today and he feels blessed to have this opportunity. 

Jake on the other hand is thankful with all the endorsements and projects coming his way, he also shared some interesting facts about him like how pure Catholic he is. He prays all the time and whenever he passes by any church, he shows respect by doing the sign of the cross. He was the newest and first endorser of My View.

Leo Martinez is one of the best veteran actors we know, not only does he act but he is also known for directing films and tv programs. He said that when he is an actor, he doesn't meddle with the director and just plain act. It's all about ethics and professionalism. 

How will a vehicular accident connect the lives of three people literally and figuratively? How will Fiesta, Tonio, and Caloy 'disconnect' from each other even if this means death for one of them?

Who will be given another chance to live and make things right? And whose life is really bound to end? 

Don't dare miss Skylight Film's one-of-a-kind drama about love, life, and hope, watch "Tuhog" showing on cinemas nationwide on July 17, 2013.

Watch the trailer here:

For more information and latest updates about "Tuhog" simply visit http://starcinema.com.ph

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