Kathryn Bernardo is the New Brand Ambassador of Juicy Cologne

7:49:00 AM

This fast rising star is popularly known for her role as "Mara" in the Primetime 
drama "Mara Clara". This was quickly followed by another huge success in her role as "Mikay" in the television series "Princess and I". 
And now, with her latest drama, "Got to Believe" she is definitely our
country's primetime darling princess!

A fun-loving gal, a hip trendsetter and a promising young actress at the age of 17,
There's no doubt that Kathryn is the perfect brand ambassador for Juicy Cologne.

Kathryn Bernardo signed her contract today marking the official endorsement 
for Juicy Cologne. When I had the chance to ask why they chose Kathryn as their newest brand ambassador, they simply said that Kathryn embodies Juicy Cologne as a whole, 
she has that youthful glow, bubbly personality, outgoing and has bright aura that every people seems to love.

Kathryn said that she didn't hesitate to accept the offer of being the brand ambassador 
of Juicy Cologne because ever since she knows the brand by heart and she even uses their product, her favorite among the scents is Icylicious because it's not that strong, just mild and sweet and lasts throughout the day.

Kathryn also said that she is protecting her image very well since she wanted
to maintain a wholesome image not only for her endorsements, but also for her teen fans that are watching closely over her actions, she wants to be a role model for them especially now that she's part of Yes Magazine's 100 most beautiful stars :)

Truly, Kathryn Bernardo has come a long way even though she's only 17. Paired with the most popular young star today Daniel Padilla, she is one of the most sought after teen stars nowadays and Juicy Colognes is the perfect scent for her and also for teen and young at heart.

Juicy Cologne is  dermatologist tested and hypo-allergenic with these fabulous scents:
Icylicious, Dreamsicle, Orange Twist, Sprightly Sprinkle, Angel's Bliss and the newly launched fragrances Sugar Frosting and Up, up and Away! 


Know your personality and find your scent for that fresh, fun sweet feeling,
let's get JUICY-FIED!

For more details about Juicy Cologne,
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Watch out for Kathryn Bernardo's TV Commercial soon! :)

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  1. I LOVE it!, thank you for choosing Kathryn and you'll never regret for choosing her because she is indeed a very good actress and so deserving of being your new brand ambassador for juicy cologne:)

  2. She is indeed truly deserving! a fun and beautiful lady :) More power to Juicy Cologne and Kathryn Bernardo!

  3. Congrats Kath! U deserve it..hoping and praying for more projects to come and looking forward for tvc tog.with daniel padilla.God bless and we love u both.

  4. thank you so much for choosing kath ..i will also love juicy