The Wolverine Movie Review

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Finally watched Wolverine today! I enjoyed the movie, it was, as expected action packed 
although I find the dream sequences of Jean Gray a bit tad boring, I guess
Logan just need a little shaking. After Jean Gray's death, 
Logan has been a cave Man ever since not until hunters injured a Grizzly bear with 
a poison arrow, Logan, who has been living in an icy mountain cave, sees it all, 
puts the bear out of its misery and tracks the last hunter to a local bar where he knock 
down the hunter. 

All of a sudden, a fellow mutant (who sees future deaths) Yukio (Rila Fukushima) is at his side fighting with him. She tells him that an old “friend” of his is dying and wishes to see him in Japan. (We see, in a flashback to WW2, that Logan was a prisoner of war when America dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Logan helped this guy, then a young Japanese soldier, survive).

Mariko and Wolverine on the run

The elderly Yashida

Ninja archer Harada

Logan now is taken to the home of the once young soldier, now mega-rich industrialist Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi) who tells him he has invented a way to transfer Logan’s healing power to himself, leaving Logan to live the rest of a “normal” life as a mortal.  The Yakuza (Japanese crime lords) want to kill his granddaughter Mariko (Tao Okamoto). Logan refuses but rescues Mariko from a Yakuza attack. When Yashida dies, Logan attends the funeral where all the actiona packed scenes started. I just love the samurai style fights and the scene atop a bullet train, makes you really breathless, good job Logan!

Wolerine fights Ninjas

Viper (one of the mutant in the movie) admits that she suppressed Wolverine’s healing ability while he was at Yashida’s mansion. At the safe house, Mariko reveals that she and Harada were childhood sweethearts but her dad broke them up (Harada appears to be working with Viper side by side). She tells Logan that she has inherited all of her grandfather’s wealth! This has really pissed off her dad who expected to inherit. So who are the bad guys? Dad’s men, the Yakuza, Viper’s minions. 

Viper challenges Wolverine

At the Yashida mansion, Wolverine uses medical equipment to extract a horrible “bug” placed inside him by Viper and his healing powers return. He makes his way to the mountain fortress after fighting arrow-shooting Ninjas in the streets. Inside the fortress Wolverine faces a giant metal Samurai made entirely of adamantine. The monster cuts off Wolverine's claws and starts sucking his power while Viper fights Yukio and Mariko’s old boyfriend Harada proves himself a good guy. 

All in all, this movie goes personal with Wolverine's life. It tackles his ordeals with his past and how to overcome it and face life ahead as a human and mutant. In all X-Men character, I love Wolverine the most because he has all the skills perfect for a mutant. His abilities are amazing plus he can heal on his own and he is without a doubt immortal! :)

I say good job to Hugh Jackman for being so versatile and hot at the same time :)
I will be your forever fan and hopefully I can meet you up close someday :)

Watch the full trailer here:

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