Mona Louise Rey Celebrated her 9th Birthday at the Center for Diabetes Care

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Mona al-Alawi better known by her stage name Mona Louise Rey celebrated her 9th birthday last August 17 at the Center for Diabetes Care together with kids 
who have diabetes just like her. It was her first time to celebrate her birthday with them and she enjoyed it as much as the kids who joined the party.

Her birthday is on August 19 and she plans on celebrating it with her family. 
According to Mona, she wanted to go to Star City and enjoy the rides at the famous theme park. She doesn't have fear of heights though and she always wanted to try different rides,
not only once but twice but of course her mother is very protective of her which is why there are timesshe would only be allowed to try these rides once with her siblings.

The party will not be complete without fun games and of course, all kids are waiting for Jollibee! Kids together with Mona enjoyed the food as well and Mona even joined the party games and she even did a song number for all of us. Plus, she even gave the kids gifts 
as a token from her birthday.

Mona said that her most favorite gift that she received on her birthday is her very own 
iPad. She loves to play games and mind you, she just finished all the levels of the famous game Candy Crush! She also loves to use the social media site, she has twitter,
Facebook and Instagram and fans will not be upset of following her because she updates this all the time when she is not busy. She is also studying while doing projects as 
part of being a talent of GMA Artist Center.

Mona started her career in showbiz playing the title role of Jennifer Montereal in the hit GMA Network family drama Munting Heredera. She then portrayed the role of Fatima Salvador, a blind girl with a golden heart who is the offspring of a mortal and a manananggal, in the same network's fantaserye Aso ni San Roque.

Mona is the youngest of four siblings her Mom is Fatima Marbella, and his Dad, a Bahraini  Samier al-Alawi. Mona suffers from Type 1 diabetes, a disease she was diagnosed in 2011, the year she started her career in showbiz. She is the only one in her family who suffers from the illness. As a result, she has to maintain a strict daily regimen of insulin self-injections and avoiding foods and drinks rich in sugar and carbohydrates. According to Mona, she learned how to discipline herself at a young age, she used the term "control" so that she can manage what she eats. 

Among other things, she loves the color Pink, she also love to wear heels and doll shoes plus she also love to put on some make up. Her sister taught her how to put on some make up and since then she knows how to manage taking care of how she looks from make up to her hairstyle at a very young age,she even has her own make up tutorial through youtube!

Her wish on her birthday is simple, that she'll be healthy and free from any sickness and she also wished the kids who were present at her birthday the same thing. She even advised them to be strong and pray all the time that Jesus will heal all their sickness. 

From all of us...

Happy Birthday Mona Louise Rey! :-)
God Bless!

Watch Mona and Jollibee's Gentleman dance Showdown! :)

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