Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Movie Review

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So, I've watched the first part and now the second part but mind you I haven't 
read the book, my bad but anyway I enjoyed the movie but not as much as I enjoyed the first one. Maybe because Kronos looks so digital I didn't get to appreciate how powerful he should be.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is the follow-up to 2010′s Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – both big screen adaptations of Rick Riordan’s 5 part Percy Jackson book series. 

Douglas Smith Leven Rambin Brandon T Jackson Logan Lerman Alexandra Daddario Percy Jackson Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Review

After preventing a world-threatening civil war between Zeus and Poseidon, the ever-famous Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) became not so famous anymore. New demigods have been upstaging her famous mark because of the most notably daughter of Ares, Clarisse La Rue (Leven Rambin), causing Percy to question whether his earlier victory was nothing more than a luck.

Logan Lerman Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Review

Percy also met his new found brother, Tyson (Douglas Smith), who is cursed with existence as a Cyclops after Poseidon apparently got freaky with a sea nymph. Percy also learns that he is the likely subject of a prophecy that indicates he is the One who can rescue the fabled Golden Fleece before it gets used for evil … as in the resurrection of Kronos. 

The search for the Golden Fleece takes Percy and friends (also Demi Gods) to the Bermuda Triangle, which is portrayed as the movie’s Sea of Monsters. 

Also after the Fleece are "bad" demigods led by Luke (Jake Abel), the wayward son of Hermes, who want to use it to revive Kronos, the brutal father who was slain by Zeus back in the day and buried inside Mt. Tartarus. 

Interestingly, for all their time spent at Camp Half-Blood, our heroes have apparently learned very little actual mythology, given how basic concepts such as the Golden Fleece have to be explained to them. Moving on :-)

So, there, I'm not going to spoil all the story here. Just watch the movie so that you can follow the adventures of Percy and his friends. I hope the next sequel would be more 
epic than this one since they have another demi god addition to the list.  Or maybe 
someone will finally revived Kronos after all, who knows?:)

Watch the full trailer here:

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