Pinoy Soap Opera Queen Judy Ann Santos: I'm Fulfilled with Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala

8:13:00 PM

Pinoy Soap Opera Queen Judy Ann Santos feels accomplished that her consistent top-rating primetime drama series on ABS-CBN "Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala" has not just entertained TV viewers but also empowered women who are physically and emotionally battered by their husbands.

"I am so happy that through our show I was able to touch the lives of many people, especially wives who feel helpless over abusive partners," said Judy Ann. "'Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala' has served as an eye-opener on the real issues that women deal with."
Judy Ann also shared that it is fulfilling to know that her show, which also stars award-winning actress KC Concepcion and well-acclaimed actor Sam Milby, will end with its fast-paced story sustained and national TV ratings soaring high.
"I'm really thankful to all our viewers, here and abroad, who have devotedly followed the journey of Anessa (Judy Ann) from the beginning. You all really made my teleserye comeback so memorable," she said.

Judy Ann's reaction on the show's finale today,
“Happy-sad… happy kasi makaka-move on ka sa ibang proyekto, magiging mature ka sa mga iba pang darating na projects, di ba?Sad kasi family yun, e. Family yung maghihiwa-hiwalay, family yung magtatapos, at saka kahit saang anggulo mo namang tingnan, highs and lows, magkakasama kayo, di ba?Kahit hindi artista, kahit kayo bilang entertainment press, you have your own family professionally. So, mag-end man ang kahit na anong programa, masakit, pero lahat naman ito may rason."

According to Judy Ann, her relation with ABS-CBN is what we can call a
"Love and Hate" relationship whjich is pretty normal since she's been a Kapamilya
for as long as we can all remember. It is only normal for the mother network to 
make decisions that will benefit the station and all the actors. As for her transferring
to another network, who knows. That will will answered in a couple of weeks while Juday is making up her mind. She was offered by Kapamilya network another TV Show
"Bet My Baby" and a Teleserye as well. TV 5, Kapatid Network is also offering her a lot of projects.

"But I will always be thankful to ABS-CBN for everything… for understanding me, for everything… for the pain, I guess, because it made me a better person. 

Continue to witness the fast-paced story of "Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala" and don't miss its grand finale episode on August 23 (Friday) after "Muling Buksan Ang Puso" on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. For more updates about the show, log on to and follow @HKLM_TV on Twitter.

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