Sheena Halili played the perfect Mother for David Remo in "Binoy Henyo"

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Binoy Henyo is a Filipino drama-comedy television series created and developed by Marlon Miguel and produced by GMA Network. The show premiered on July 22, 2013 on the network's pre-primetime slot, replacing Home Sweet Home, and on July 24, 2013 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. It stars David Remo as the titular character, with Sheena Halili, Luis Alandy, Nova Villa and Gwen Zamora. Winnie Hollis-Reyes executive produced the series and Albert Langitan directed the show.

The forty-five minute scripted drama centers on the titular character, Binoy, a six-year-old genius boy and his struggles with poverty and his longing for a father figure in his life. The show garnered both high ratings and positive feedback from viewers and critics, from its premiere telecast.

According to Sheena Halili, playing a Mom is the most challenging role she have ever 
portrayed and she took it as a challenge.  She also shared that she loves working with all the cast and team because it just felt so right and light. Working with "Binoy" David Remo 
is also fun because he is really a talented nice kid. They got the chance to bond together on the set to make the taping more enjoyable for them both as if they were really a 
Mom-kid tandem in real life.

Sheena also shared that every time she will have a taping, she would ask their director or their executive director if she is doing the right thing since this is her first time and 
she felt that it she did something wrong, most of the viewers would react negatively since they are airing a family themed teleserye. 

Sheena described her role as a kind-hearted mother who loves Binoy unconditionally and will do anything to protect him. She has single-handedly raised Binoy to become a respectful, smart, and loving boy. In spite of her personal hardships and her struggles of not being able to read and write, she will strive to learn and get an education as she works hard to make ends meet just to give her son a good life.

David, playing the role of "Binoy" also shared his moments while taping the teleserye saying that Sheena is "mabait". At the age of 6, he has shown great potential in acting. Like a normal kid, when he is not busy with taping, he also goes to school and play games like Temple Run and Candy Crush. He also love Ben 10 and loves to play games with his fellow friends just like Angel Satsumi who is also with him playing the role of Len-Len.

Angel also shared how she loves to play Barbie and other online games as well. When not busy taping, she spends quality time with her family. She wanted to become a famous actress someday, not only here in the Philippines but also in Japan.

Also part of Binoy Henyo is Rich Asuncion who plays the role of Teacher Josie, Binoy's adviser who eventually became an instrumental in discovering Binoy's intelligence. While strict and intimidating on the outside, Teacher Josie is a good person who feels genuine concern for the welfare of her students. As of now, Rich is still busy balancing her time with acting and studying. She is taking up Tourism and will be graduating soon., Someday she wanted to put up her own business.

Lucho Ayala plays the role of Jaime Sandoval who is Francis (Luis Alandy)
younger brother and best friend. Francis would always tell him his problems and would always ask for advice about things that is making his life complicated.  Like Rich, he is also balancing his time with Showbiz and school. He love to act because even before he has been part of plays in the school. 


Binoy Henyo's storyline teaches parents to raise their kids to be the best that they can be while highlighting the importance of maintaining a strong parental involvement in every child's learning and development.
The program believes that an encouraging parent is every child's greatest asset.

Part of the cast is Luis Alandy as Francis, Gwen Zamora as Emily, Frencheska Farr as Sandy
and many more!

Catch Binoy Henyo weekdays before 24 Oras! 

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