Ai Ai Delas Alas and Marian Rivera topbills Comedy Film Kung Fu Divas

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It was a fun Blogger's Conference with Comedy Queen Ms. Ai Ai Delas Alas
and Ms. Marian Rivera and Edward Mendez together with the Director Mr. Onat Diaz and their creative team.

This might surprise everyone but according to Ms. Marian Rivera, this is not her first time to stEP at the ABS CBN grounds because she had her OJT (On the job training) in ABS CBN back when she was in college. She was in all smile  while answering all the questions of the media. Aside from being the lead star of the movie, Marian Rivera also co-produced this movie together with Ms. Ai Ai and Reality Entertainment, The O&Co. Picture Factory Inc,  & Star Cinema. 

Marian's take on producing the movie, “Iba pala kapag ikaw ang nagpo-produce kasi ako, bilang artista, umaarte ako at palagi kong ibinibigay ang one hundred percent ng buhay ko. “Pero dito, iba pala. Parang kahit pala pagod na pagod ka na at hirap na hirap ka na, ‘Direk, ita-try ko pa, isa pa, ha!’

According to Marian, she felt really happy that she did this movie with Ms. Ai Ai, she learned a lot of things from the comedy Queen and they bonded really well while shooting the film. Ms. Ai Ai calls her "Baby Girl". While we think this movie is more on comedy, this is also an action packed with a tinge of fantasy type of movie. Marian said that this is yet one of her most challenging movie simply because their role demands them to wear harness since they have a lot of fight scenes in the movie. She said, “Nagta-tumbling, umiikot, tumatakbo sa pader na hindi ko pa nagagawa. “Alam kong mag-harness, lumipad, pero yung naglalakad sa mga pader, mag-twist, bumagsak, bago yun sa akin.”

The Comedy Queen also enjoyed the movie as much as Marian Rivera, when she was offered to do the movie, she doesn't have second thoughts on accepting it because she wanted to do a movie with Marian too. According to Ai Ai, " First time kong makita sa personal si Marian sabi ko kagandang bata! nakikita ko na siya dati model ni Bambi Fuentes and sa malapitan, gandang ganda talaga ako sa kanya bukod dun masaparap kasama, akala ng tao panget ugali ganun pero hindi, mabait sya, straight forward lang talaga siya."

She also said that this is a complicated movie because they have to do Kung Fu, do some stunts and even have to talk with Chinese stunt men straight from China who doesn't know how to speak English. This is the 3rd time Ai Ai produced a film, The first is Enteng ngIna Mo and Sisterakas.

According to Ai Ai, this is one of the best movies she have done so far. “Script-wise, comedy-wise, cinematography, e, bago siya lahat.“Pang-Hollywood, pang-imported na film.
"Kapag pinanood mo, parang imported na pelikula. Ganoon.”

Ms. Ai Ai plays the role of Charlotte and her Chinese name is Lyna while Marian plays the role of Samantha and her Chinesa name is Mena. Both their roles keep bashing each other and they are very competitive when it comes to pageants, boys and almost everything.

When asked how was the experience of working with Direk Onat and Marian, "Both of them are very nice to work with. Very professional, Kapag kinol-time mo ng seven [a.m.], nandiyan ng seven kahit puyat… Napaka-professional.”

Edward Mendez is also part of the movie, this is alo a reunion movie of Edward and Ai Ai because they've worked before in the movie "Pinay Pie." According to Edward, he has to auditioned for this movie in order to be part of the movie, and when Direk Onat said, "Hubad" just to see his abs, he did it! and the rest is history. 

It was a privileged for him to get to work with the comedy queen and Ms. Marian Rivera which is why he did all his best. They all said that Edward fit the role perfectly and he did justice to his role. His role is not only an eye candy to the movie because he will be showing his abs in the entire movie but his role in important to complete the story of the movie.

This is the first Directorial job in a movie of Onat Diaz. He used to direct TV Commercials and TV Shows. He have worked with Marian Rivera before.  Quality wise of the movie, this is the best. They've worked hard just to master it digitally in terms of chroma technology, the story is full of twists and adventure as well. The cinematography of the movie is also amazing since they've shot scenes at Bolinao, Bataan and some provincial places in the country.

Don't miss Kung Fu Divas, a comedy-adventure movie which will open in theaters on October 2, 2013 as part of Star Cinema's 20th Anniversary presentation.

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