Bangs Garcia gave her best for the movie "Lauriana"

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BANGS GARCIA became famous for "bangs" that covers her face. This was what made her name a byword for the public. She first gained notice when she became the leading lady of Jake Cuence in the action-teleserye "Palos."The people talked about her sexy poses for FHM and Maxim magazine. She played a villain's role in A,Kanbal sa Uma" before she got a break as a lead actress in "Magkano Ang Iyong Dangal" directed by the multi-awarded filmmaker Chito S. Rono. The last soap opera that Bangs did was "Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo" where she shared stellar billiing with Shaina Magdayao and Rayver Cruz.

She also did a number of indie films namely "Migrante"and "Burgos" directed by Joel Lamangan, and "Posas" directed by Law Fajardo. She was named Best Supporting Actress by the Pasado Awards in 2011 for the movie "Segunda Mano." She just finished the movie "El Brujo" directed by Tikoy Aguiluz where she co-stars with Gerard Anderson and Jake Cuenca.

But it's the movie "LAURIANA"where Bangs faces her biggest challenge as an actress. She gave her all in this Mel Chionglo film which also happens to be her first title role. In the movie, she plays a dancer from Bicol who falls in love, blindly in love, with a PC (Philippine Constabulary) who made him his mistress. "My role in 'Lauriana' is very difficult both physically, emotionally and psychologically. I play the battered mistress of Allen Dizon but I fight him as well. My character is not a martyr who just suffers in silence but because of my being the weaker one and because of my fear of him, I was afraid to get out of our miserable state of relationship," Bangs explains her role in the film.

"Of course, I love him and he loves me as well but it is the wrong kind of love. I am always being beaten black and blue. That's why the bruises that you see in the movie are true. Alien is a big man and he hits hard. I have many scenes where I have to be emotional. I cry because of the pain but Direk Mel Chionglo wanted a different attack. He didn't want me to just cry or scream. Psychologically, you'd feel for the hardships suffered by the character of Lauriana because she was tortured. And I was violated as a woman. After that scene was taken, I felt as if I wanted to collapse because the scene was physically-draining. But it was a very good moment for me when I saw the shots on the monitor. The scene came out very well," the Kapamilya actress related.

There are talks that Bangs was very daring in the movie ansd for sure, the male audience will have a festive time talking about her sexy scene. How daring was she in the movie?

"Whatever it was that Direk Mel asked me to do, for the sake of making 'Lauriana' more beautiful and interesting for the audience, I did it. You should watch out for my love scene with Allen. It was something different. I didn't know I was able to do it. For almost 15 minutes, Direk Mel was not cutting the shoot. It felt as if Allen and I were really making love. We had to improvised our position on bed, including our movements. When I saw the scene, I was very satisfied with it. Even if Allen and I were naked, the scene looked like a painting and it came out very artistically although it was hot when we shot it. We have love scenes in every corner of the house. There is a scene where he gives me a bath after her raped me and did me harm physically. .There is also a scene where I was dancing sensually with three different men. Do I have a frontal nudity? I won't tell you because I want you to get shocked," said Bangs with a laugh.

According to the comments of those who've seen the final cut of "Lauriana," Lauriana shone in her scenes. The production team did the right thing I choosing her to play the part. Even veteran director Mel Chionglo had nothing but praise for the sexy actress.

"I am very, very happy and pleased with Bangs' performance in "Lauriana.' She's not only beautiful and sexy but also acts very well. She nailed the character - she was very sensual. She was madly in love and paid dearly for it. She got the feel of innocent love yet she Fights back when she gets abused. Bangs is an intelligent and sensitive actress. She gets my instructions clearly. She and Allen got perfect chemistry onscreen because both of them are good looking and they have such terrific screen color. With her daring and acting talent, I can say that Bangs can achieve the stature of Lorna Tolentino, Elizabeth Oropesa and Jaclyn Jose who people remember for their acting talent and not just for their sexy scenes. 

"Lauriana" is an entry at Sineng Pambansa All Master Series Film Festival and is produced by FDCP and BG Productions International. Aside from Allen and Bangs, the movie also stars Victor Basa,Jaycee Parker,Angeli Bayani,Rich Asuncion,Chanel Latorre, Anna Luna and child actor Adrian Cabido. The script is written by Ricky Lee. The premiere night is on September 05 Sm Block North Edsa Cinema 2. Regular showing on September 11-17 exclusively in all SM Cinemas nationwide.

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