Star Cinema Brings together Maricel Soriano & Eugene Domingo in the comedy film "Momzillas"

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Just the the trailer of “Momzillas” totally made me laugh and seeing how Ms. Maricel Soriano and Ms Uge clicked in a movie made me really interested to watch this film. 
Both Maricel and Uge’s tandem clicked. They seem to be acting so effortlessly. 

The cast, together with Andi Eigenmann and Billy Crawford will take moviegoers 
in a laugh trip they will never forget with the two comedy and award winning actress:
Diamond star Maricel Soriano and Rough Diamond Eugene Domingo play a 
warring moms in the newest comedy masterpiece of the box office and award winning director Direk Wenn V. Deramas.

When Ms. Eugene was asked how they clicked so instantly, she said "We clicked instantly on and off cam. In “Momzillas,” we became closer as friends, if not like sisters or mare. We call each other “Sismars” in the movie."

Eugene said she immediately accepted the offer when she learned that Maricel agreed to do "Momzillas". It serves as a reunion movie for the two comediennes after doing the 2007 Metro Manila Film Festival movie "Bahay Kubo".

What are some of the things that Ms. Uge learned from the Diamond Star?
"I have learned many things about the craft and as a person from her. She is very honest. She talks to you from the heart. She makes me laugh and cry. She makes me love my craft more."

Ms. Maricel also told us during the BlogCon how she love her craft and that everything she does  whether Drama or comedy, she gives her best. She' have done a lot of roles in the past but she's still craving to experience more and the challenge of being a good actress is being versatile and learning how to be professional.

Maricel said among the new generation of comedians in the entertainment industry, Eugene is one of the most dedicated and passionate she worked with.

Andi Eiganmann on the other hand was very glad and excited when she learned that she was part of the movie. It was her first time to do a comedy film and she was also thrilled to work withthe Diamond Star and Ms. Uge. According to her, this is chance to show everyone especially the moviegoers that she can do both ways whether drama or comedy. It's a bit challenging for her especially because she's working with 2 veterans actress and this is a comedy flick.  She prepared for the role like what she usually does, reading the script carefully and delivering her role properly.  She used the term "magaan" to describe the ambiance in their set. Everyone is professional, they all have good laughs and Direk Wenn always taught her what she needs to know.

Billy on the other hand feels blessed that he got the chance to do a comedy film again 
with Ms. Uge, Maricel and Andi. Just what Andi said, he felt good while taping this mood. This is yet another feel good movie that will make you forget all your problems and just laugh it away. He is also very close with Ms. Uge and Ms. Maricel to the point of him calling Ms. Maricel as "Mama". 

Part of the year-long celebration of Star Cinema's 20th anniversary in the movie industry,"Momzillas" will share with the viewers a funny and witty story about two families and two mothers (Maricel and Eugene) who will do everything just to beat each other.

How will the beautiful love story of their kids (Billy and Andi) be affected with the 
endless quarreling of their Moms who fights like Godzillas?

Part of the cast are Joey Paras, Candy Pangilinan, Atak, Paul Jake Castillo, Mel Martinez, Luz Valdez, Eagle Riggs and Divina Valencia.

Don't miss Star Cinema's newest 20th anniversary offering, "Momzillas" to hit cinemas nationwide on September 18, 2013.

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