The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory Opens In Rustan's Marketplace Power Plant Mall

6:22:00 AM

"Drink Happy Thoughts"

Less than two months after the Grand Opening of its Evia branch, The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory opens its second store located at Rustan's Marketplace,Power Plant Mall.

True to its BARN theme, the new store is designed to look as if you were really inside a barn with white-washed wood, milk bottles, wood barrels and crate decors. Guests were delighted to have such a great barn experience while drinking their milkshakes.

The Happy Barn boasts of their specialty shakes like the Poppin' Caramel Surprise (Popcorn flavored shake), Magnificent Macha (Macha Green Tea), Java Lovin' Chips (Coffee and choco chips) and Black Forest Bliss (a cake flavored shake). 

They offer fun and flavorful milkshakes and eggettes with localized ones to cater 
to the Filipino palate. Some of their delicious treats includes:

Cowey's Favorites: Vanilla Thrilla, Tickled Pinkberry and Choco Loco
Cowey's Special: Magnificent Macha, Java Lovin' Chips, Butterfinger Blast
Cowey's Shake and Bake: Black Forest Bliss, Merry Mango Caramelo, Red Velvet Dream

Their price range is very affordable compared to other milkshakes around the metro.
Milkshakes are priced at P85.00-P120.00 while their Eggettes starts at P65.00

They also serve an off the menu item - the Spectacular Cookie Butter Milkshake, which is also a big hit. Aside from being one of the first milk¬shake bars in the country, The Happy Barn is also proud to be the first to offer the Eggettes - a popular snack in San Francisco, Canada, and Hong Kong. It is a ball waffle that is crispy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside.

"We want to give a happy feeling to everyone who visits our stores be it in our shakes, eggettes, barnistas (staff), and store design. We are pleased to announce that we have further improved our ice cream by making it SUGAR FREE, 98% fat free, and with very low lactose content. We are also proud to claim that we are the FIRST and ONLY milkshake bar in the country serving Shakes FORTIFIED with PREBIOTICS. It aids in digestion and calcium absorption. We have partnered with a European company to be able to provide such a healthy benefit to our consumers. We want people to drink not just happy thoughts but healthy thoughts, as well!" said Actress Jodi Sta. Maria, one of the owners of The Happy Barn.

Jodie wanted their customers to have a guilt free experience with their milkshakes while enjoying every bit of it. I really love their slogan which is "Drink happy thoughts". This pinpoints how the owners: Ms. Jodie Sta, Maria, Abigail Del Mundo and Janseen Munoz 
wants their customers to have a gratifying milkshake experience. Jodie is very hands on with their business. Together with her co-owners they were busy taking care of the orders at the soft launch of their second branch in Rockwell. 

It's also so nice to see people admire her stature in showbiz not only as an actress but also as an entrepreneur. Most of the people who went to the soft launch recognize her as "Maya" and they candidly took pictures of Jodie.

Truly, this is only the beginning of The Happy Barn's milestone. For sure more branches will open real soon. I totally love their eggettes and Cookie Butter milkshake, to die for! :-) 
I fully recommend for you all to try it. :-)

And HAPPY THOUGHTS indeed was felt as The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory opened its second store.

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