Chef's Noodle: Affordable and Authentic Korean Dining Experience

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This is my first time at Chef's Noodle for a food tasting event and thankfully I was invited because it's been ages since I did a food review! Now let's check out what Chef's Noodles has in store for us, shall we?:)

Chef's Noodle is a Master Franchise of the Chef's Noodle brand from South Korea with dishes formulated by Award-Winning Korean Chef, Choi In Sun. It has branches in Atlanta Centre, Robinson's Magnolia, SM City North Edsa, and University Mall Taft.

Chef's Noodle promises quality and affordability, this restaurant aims to create a brand famous for giving customers an appealing set of food choices, while providing them value for their money since it is a fast food restaurant.

Considering that it is a fast food restaurant, I was quite surprised with its nice interior.
It has a very homey feel and ambiance. The place is very well lighted and I'm a bit amused and delighted with how they decorated the place with different types of bulbs and lamps. Cool!

Another cool experience with this buzz thingy. This is actually nice since you don't have to wave anytime in the air when you have to call the attention of the waiters. 


Let's first start with the signature dish, Chef's Noodles priced at P150 is a Korean 
 noodle dish in beef and anchovy broth, topped with bulgogi, fried tofu, beansprouts, leeks, spring onions, chili pepper and egg roll. This is definitely a huge bowl good for 2 persons!
When I did my research about Korean food, most of what I read says that they have a thing with spicy food so when I tried the Chef's Noodle, it tasted a bit on the garlic side. a bit spicy at first but it was tolerable and delicious for me. Very flavorful and I love it because there's a lot of toppings.

The Haemul Seafood Pajun which is priced at P99 is a Korean pancake 
with shrimp and squid pieces, spring onions and bell pepper, and served in a bamboo steamer. It's like an omelette for me and I suggest you try this with sauce, any sauce so that it won't taste that bland for you.

Next is the Starking fire sushi and they also have it in shrimp which is priced at P160 is five pieces of raw tuna sushi which the waiter will blowtorch in front of you, I find it quite amusing though but it's worth watching how they do it in front of you. 

Chicken Kas is a breaded chicken fillet with white creamy sauce on top. This one I like and I will definitely order it next time I drop by at Chef's noodle. Priced at P130.

This is Bibimbap in Beef. One of the most famous dishes from Chefs Noodle and in Korea too. This only costs P99 with a glass of Iced Tea. This I fully recommend because for a price of P99, this is suprisingly delicious and very affordable. Just mix it properly with the bibimbap sauce and not eat it as it is or eat it taste really bland.

Japchae is another signature dish in any Korean restaurant, Pancit counterpart here in the Philippines. Sweet potato noodles (dangmyeon) stir fried in sesame oil with vegetables and cooked bulgogi. 

Leek Shrimp Twigim is a Deep fried kutchai battered in our special blend of 
buthai shrimp mix.

Now, this is Spicy DDukboki, A very popular Korean comfort food made of rice and fish cakes cooked in sweet and spicy chili sauce. This is really spicy though, so have a glass of water beside you when you try this.

They also have really good desserts! this is one of the reasons why I'll definitely come back!

This is their ice ream in flavors of Mango, strawberry and vanilla.

This is their Pistachio gelato, just perfect! :)

Strawberry shake is also mouthwatering!

All in all I would rate Chef's noodle two thumbs up! :) in terms of affordability, taste, ambiance and location, it's a staggering 5/5. I can fully recommend it with my friends 
and to you!

It is indeed a Korean delight which is healthy and good to share!

Visit their Official Facebook page at:

and their website at:

Chef's Noodle
G/F SM City North EDSA, Hypermarket, North Ave cor EDSA
Sto. Cristo, Quezon City

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  1. It is yummy! :) I recommend the Chef's noodle of course :) kain tayo dito pag uwi mo hihi :)