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3M Innovation. We live it. We breathe it. It is everywhere around us 3M's culture of innovation is in the very fabric and essence of the company, as well as its history and future. To the outside world, 3M looks too industrial, sometimes too consumer. To others a science, for some like magic. 3M is in the business of innovation simply put. It is a company that never stops inventing driven to make progress possible; its employees technically brilliant and endlessly innovative fueled by curiosity.

To show how 3M has been making everyone's lives easier with innovative products through the years, 3M Philippines opens the door of its Customer Technical Center in Bangkal Makati to experience innovation like you never have before. Open your 3M eyes and see the world differently. The tour features 10 methods rooms that showcase 3M's practical and ingenious solutions - at home, in the office, at the marketplace, on the go, around the world.

Consumer and Office Methods Room
Do you know how 3M makes your home and office life a breeze? Get to see for yourself as this room takes you behind ideas that stick through stationary products like Post-it ® Notes as well as home care products such as Scotch-Brite™ and Command™ as well as a taste of 3M's consumer health offering such as Nexcare.

Dental (3M ESPE) Methods Room
Giving you something to smile about.
An interesting fact about 3M is how it has also revolutionized the dental industry. From precision Lava™ Solution Systems, cements, crowns, light cure on demand, 3M is
changing the scenario with advances in materials science and digital chemistry. In the Dental Training Room, you'll get to see how nanotechnology is used in developing new products for dental composites and adhesives. Be sure to volunteer when asked by our dental professionals you might even get a free fluoride treatment!

Health Care Methods Room
3M at the Heart of Invention...for better patient care and food safety. Get to know the new Electronic Stethoscope that reduces ambient noise as well as the latest skin and wound care products like Tegaderm. Consider yourself a foodie? Do you click (take a photo) before you eat? Be more vigilant in food safety after you experience 3M's Clear Trace technology which guarantees the safety and cleanliness of the food you eat in restaurant and hotels.

Abrasives Systems Methods Room
Do you know who first invented the waterproof sandpaper?
In 1916, the geniuses behind 3M invented the Wet or dry sandpaper that could be used with water or oil to reduce dust and decrease the friction that marred auto finishes. And since then, 3M has introduced other products that have turned them into undisputed leader in innovation.

Automotive & Aftermarket Methods Room
Total Automotive Aftermarket Solutions - 3M cares for your car because you do too. An actual garage capable to house two cars for product testing as well as serve as training room for our partners in the detailing and automotive window tinting business. Discover which parts of your car use 3M. Ask about proper car care tips from the experts!

Industrial Adhesives & Tapes
A tape is just a tape, or is it? Learn about the tapes and adhesives that stand up to the toughest environments that put your world together.

Electrical and Communications Markets Methods Room
Providing the network of networks, keeping you in touch. 3M is continuously coming up with solutions to make everything easier and faster for the telecommunications industry with their core technology to support DSL Expansion through copper and fiber optics solutions. This room also houses the electrical markets division that supports major power producers and distributors; supporting innovative ways to increase transmission capacity across the country.

Electronics Methods Room
How can a mobile device submerged in liquid still work? Or how can fish live inside a tank full of chemicals? Find out in this room as they show you 3M's environmentally safe chemicals as well as the effects of static electricity on small electrical components assembly such as cell phones and laptops.

Building and Commercial Services / Occupational Health & 
Safety Methods Room
First time you step in the room, you will get to smell that familiar clean scent. Maybe you've smelled this before in a hotel lobby or a restaurant? Discover ways to clean various floor surfaces in this room. And discover the power to protect your world through occupational health and safety. Also highlighted in this room is the XT1 Communication Device that most of you may have experienced the last time you went through a fast-food drive-thru.

Display & Graphics / Traffic and Safety Solutions Methods Room
Signs of the times or an innovation in perception?
In this room you'll get to learn about 3M Digital Graphics used on cars and buses as well as most of the outdoor signage you see on the road. Also, get to know the latest architectural trend used in malls, hotels and condominiums.

Renewable Energy - 3M Window Films
3M is leading the way in renewable energy—starting with 3M Window Films used in commercial and residential buildings - and yes your cars! What is the best way to keep the heat out? Living in a high-rise condo? You might also want to find out more about Security Films.

Enjoy the dynamic displays and interactive, hands-on demonstrations you can discover and experience in the 3M Customer Technical Center. From sticky notes to car tints and car mats to dishwashing pads to adhesives in your mobile phones or respirators that keep you safe...these are just some of the 3M products and technologies hard at work in your life.

3M Innovation. We live it. We breathe it. It is everywhere around us Now tell me, what is 3M in your world?

Thank you once again 3M for the wonderful tour you gave us! I really learned a lot!

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