Experience a Lavish Whitening Treatment at Asian Secrets Spa

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It was one of those days when you just feel like going to the Spa because you want your 
skin to be rejuvenated and get the best treatment that you want. Who wouldn't want to be pampered like a queen even for a limited time only?:)

The Asian Secrets Whitening Spa, located at The Block—SM City North EDSA, is now introducing a more luxurious way to whitening. The spa just opened last July 11, 2013 and has now made the Lulur Whitening Ritual available to everyone. The Javanese Lulur, a 300-year-old royal purifying ritual, was once exclusively used by brides-to-be from the royalty, 40 days before their wedding day. Javanese princesses were treated with the Lulur ritual everyday to whiten and smoothen their skin so that they will be most attractive especially on their most awaited day. 

This royal Javanese ritual became a tradition passed down through generations, and has now been enjoyed as a purifying indulgence by men and women. This privilege can now be enjoyed at the Asian Secrets Whitening Spa as a whitening and relaxing experience. 

One of the best ways to keep your skin young and attractive is to regularly get a body scrub. Body scrubs improve skin complexion as it polishes the skin and removes dead skin cells. However, you should be careful that the body scrub you use will not be harsh to your skin. Unlike the jagged edges of many body scrubs, the Asian Secrets scrub has spherical beads that gently roll over the skin when applied. This gentle exfoliation leaves your skin smooth and supple without being abrasive to your skin.  

The Asian Secrets Whitening Spa specializes in whitening body scrub services. Our therapists have been professionally trained in the Lulur dry scrubbing method that effectively yet gently exfoliates the skin. Moreover, the spa’s ritual has been developed to target body areas prone to darkening, giving the skin an even-toned and whiter glow. 

A signature massage service is also offered for individuals who want to relax and unwind. Unlike the typical massage, which uses massage oils, the Asian Secrets Whitening Spa uses its signature whitening body lotion to hydrate and whiten the skin. Its signature massage also consists of the spa’s signature body strokes that are targeted to relieve stress and rejuvenate the body. The spa also offers whitening body wrap services for those who want to fully indulge and whiten their skin. 

The spa highly recommends its relaxing and whitening treatment packages where you can enjoy both the whitening body scrub and signature massage. This treatment starts with a total body exfoliation using the Lulur body scrub recipe. Traditional dry scrubbing is done using the spa’s signature sequence specifically made to effectively remove dead skin while also targeting areas prone to darkening. The Lulur scrub is followed by a warm bath while using the Asian Secrets Bengkoang Soap. The ritual is completed by the spa’s signature massage. This luxurious indulgence takes approximately 80 minutes. After the Lulur treatment, the skin immediately becomes soft, smooth and glowing.

So, if you want to experience spa treatment that will exceed your expectations,
visit Asian Secrets Spa now and be treated like a royalty :)

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