Philippine adaptation of hit Mexican telenovela “Maria Mercedes” to premiere on TFC

6:47:00 AM

The highly-anticipated local adaptation of the worldwide hit Mexican telenovela that captivated the hearts of many viewers in the Philippines is set to conquer global Filipino television this time, beginning Monday, October 7 (October 8 in Australia, Guam, Japan and New Zealand) when ABS-CBN premieres “Maria Mercedes” on The Filipino Channel (TFC).

Filling in the shoes of Mexican Superstar Thalia, who first played the role of Maria Mercedes, is one of the Filipino entertainment industry’s prettiest faces today and Philippine television’s newest Primetime Princess, Jessy Mendiola. She will portray the iconic role of “Maria Mercedes” opposite leading men Jake Cuenca as Luis and Jason Abalos as Clavio.

The Pinay “Maria Mercedes” will surely make Filipinos laugh, cry, and fall in love all over again with her colorful story,” said Mendiola. “Viewers will get to relate to the story even more as we highlight true Filipino values especially our unconditional love for our family.”

Follow the bittersweet story of “Maria Mercedes” as she faces life’s struggles and experiences falling in love for the first time.

From a simple life in the province, “Maria Mercedes,” together with her father and siblings, will move to Manila from the province to move on from the pain caused by her mother. But things will not go as planned when her father suddenly dies and “Maria Mercedes” is left with no choice but to take on the responsibility of raising her younger brother and sister at her very young age.

As time passes, “Maria Mercedes” works her way to survive in the metro and is able to provide for siblings Rosario (Devon Seron) and Andres (Yogo Singh) by juggling different but decent jobs alongside her childhood friend Clavio (Jason Abalos).

But her world will take a different turn once her heart starts to beat for the handsome and rich businessman Luis Sancuevas (Jake Cuenca). How will “Maria Mercedes” deal with her feelings for Luis? Who will go against their budding love? How will fate turn things around as Santiago (Ariel Rivera) enters “Maria Mercedes’” life?

Also included in the cast of “Maria Mercedes” are Vina Morales, Dominic Ochoa, Nikki Gil, Vivian Velez, Nadia Montenegro, Atoy Co, Erika Padilla, Marx Topacio, Alex Castro, and Isabelle De Leon.

“Maria Mercedes,” directed by Chito Rono, is one of ABS-CBN’s offerings in celebration of the 60th year of Philippine television. The original “Maria Mercedes” aired on ABS-CBN in 1996 and it is considered to be one of the most successful telenovelas in Phillipine TV history. The soon-to-air remake is the only Filipino version endorsed by Thalia herself among other Thalia-serye adaptations previously aired on Philippine television.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Maria Mercedes” beginning Monday, October 7 (October 8 in Australia, Guam, Japan and New Zealand) on TFC worldwide.  See the story of “Maria Mercedes” unfold online, anytime on TFC’s official service - starting October 7, Monday (October 8 in Australia, Guam, Japan and New Zealand).  Connect with fellow Kapamilyas worldwide on

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