Uplift Other People's Lives by Being Part of the Buy and Give Expo of Caritas Manila

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Ever since I was a kid, I've heard a lot about Caritas. Me and my family have been a firm
believers and supporters of their programs. 

Caritas Manila is the leading social arm of the Archdiocese of Manila and the integrator of the Church social services and development in Metro Manila.

Their mission is to empower the poor towards total human development,  build caring and sharing communities among the youth and families and  enable the growth and development of servant leadership.

Caritas Manila has Two Social Entrepreneurship Programs

Caritas Margins are products made by Caritas Manila's urban poor partners, their families and inmates from the New Bilibid Prison and city jails of Metro Manila. Buying Caritas Margins helps Caritas to providemore livelihood trainings and seminars for the unemployed and the marginalized.

These people are all trained by Caritas Manila to produce different products that they can 
sell.  Most of the training they have are offers how to produce home care products and 
different livelihood programs.

 Most of the Caritas Margin's products are perfectly designed bags, home care products like 
hand soap, dish washing liquid and more. They also have stuffed toys, knotted rosaries and best of all, painting and art works made by inmates of New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City.
They use either oil or acrylic when they do their artworks and best of all, these products when they are bought, percentage of it will go to their families and also to Caritas to help other poor families in need.

Through the years, Caritas Margins have 91 urban poor employed and counting, 220 Urban poor entrepreneurial partners, 64 booths, bazaars and stalls and over 5, 739, 984 gross sales.

Segunda Mana is the special donations-in-kind program of Caritas Manila that helps fund and sustain its pro-poor programs. It prmotes the joy of giving by simply donating items one has too much of or no longer need or about to throw away. 

Watch Segunda Mana's TVC featuring Chris Tiu
that explains: "that more it hurts, the more it helps"

Here are some of the segunda Mana items that are donated at Caritas:

All these items will be segregated and arrange by types in their warehouse and 
then afterwards will be distributed to their stores. 

For donations inquiry, you can contact Caritas Segunda Mana via:
segundamana@caritasmanila.org.ph and cm@caritasmanila.org.ph 
Tel No: 564-0205, 562-0020 to 25
Text: 09298343857

Celebrating 60 Years of Living Faith in its Social Mission,
Caritas Manila will have an anniversary expo that will feature and showcase products made by social entrepreneurs via Caritas Manila’s own social enterprise: Caritas Margins and Segunda Mana.

This event aims to raise funds to help sustain the pro-poor programs of Caritas Manila. The products sold in the BUY and GIVE EXPO are made by the poor communities and from the marginalized sector currently being supported by Caritas Manila. Art pieces are made by residents from National Bilibid Prison, gift items, accessories, and personal care products made by urban poor families, pre-loved items and inventories from our benefactors and corporate partners are just some of the products showcased in this Expo.

Dubbed as BUY and GIVE because for every product you BUY, you actually GIVE to someone in need. 

There are 3 ways you can help people in need when you join the 
Buy and Give Expo:

1.) the item one buys gives income to the producer of the product from the poor community/marginalized sector; 

2.)  part of the revenues will be plowed back to help sustain Caritas Manila’s pro-poor programs, specifically on Skills and Livelihood Training and Youth Servant Leadership and Education Programs; and 

3.)  buying the product is giving to oneself or for someone else to appreciate.
Good finds at reasonable prices and helping uplift other peoples’ lives…come to Caritas Manila’s BUY & GIVE EXPO.

Program of Activities for the 3-day 
BUY and GIVE! Expo

Day 1 - Opening – November 29, 2013
Meet & greet with celebrity guests/Press Con
Healing Mass
Showcase of Caritas Margins Products, talents c/o modelling agency

Day 2 - November 30, 2013-09-20
Cooking with Chef Jessie
Variety Show
YSLEP Performers
Healing Mass 

Day 3 - December 1, 2013
YSLEP Performers
Healing Mass 

Chjristmas is fast approaching and I strong recommend that you visit the Buy and Give Expo  of Caritas Manila because you will find super affordable products that are high quality that you can give as a personal gift to your love ones and friends or office mates. 

Mark your calendars!!!

This coming November 29 till December 1, in the activity center of Ayala Trinoma Mall in Quezon City.

Buying is a new way of giving!

For more details, visit Caritas Manila via their Official website:

Like their Facebook page via:

Caritas Manila Inc.
2002 Jesus St., Pandacan, Manila , 1011
Phone (632) 563-9311; 562-0020 to 25
Email: cm@caritasmanila.org.ph

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