Brushing Can be Fun Fun Fun Thanks to Pepsodent Brushing Adventure Campaign

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Last November 12, Pepsodent, the leading toothpaste in the country launched its fun
Brushing Adventure with Pepsodent activity at Rafael Palma Elementary School in Manila 
in partnership with FDI World Dental Federation, and the Philippine Dental Association (PDA). 

The event was hosted by no less than Ms. Dimple Romana 

They invited hundreds of students together with their respective teachers, parents with Unilever employees to enjoy an afternoon of fun-filled day learning how to properly brush their teeth and watch a Pepsodent Brushing Adventure Musical play that will teach
the kids how important it is to brush their teeth twice a day. Pepsodent taught the kids that it is important to brush our teeth when we wake up in the morning and before we go to bed, this can surely help prevent cavities and make our smile bright and keep our teeth and gums healthy with fresh breath too.

School children are being taught about the importance of day and night brushing through the Pepsodent Brushing Adventure Campaign. The normal act of brushing is made fun and rewarding with activities like maintaining brushing calendars, singing brushing songs, and playing games.

We all know that kids can be really active, and because of this, there are times they forgot to brush their teeth which is why Pepsodent encouraged parents to join they kids in keeping their teeth healthy and cavity free by joining them to brush their teeth in morning and at night. 

Through Pepsodent, Unilever strengthens its commitment to improve the brushing habits of Filipino children with its Brushing Adventure advocacy.  As part of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan to build a billion better lives, the campaign empowers moms to teach the healthy habit of twice daily brushing to their kids.  Pepsodent encourages parents not to use the fear of cavities to get kids to brush but to make brushing a fun and creative moment of family bonding.  

Stressing the need for kids to learn about dental health at an early age, PDA President Dr. Fernando Fernandez said that 8 out 10 5-year old Filipino kids have cavities, one of the highest cavity incidence levels in the world. “Brushing with fluoride toothpastes twice a day can cut cavities by up to 50% in children, compared with just brushing once,” says Dr. Fernandez.

Gem Laforteza, Pepsodent Brand Manager said that the campaign was inspired by parents who often struggle to get their kids to brush. Moms play an important role. Their involvement in the development of a healthy brushing habit is essential to ensuring the dental and overall health of their kids. “Through Unilever’s Pepsodent Brushing Adventure Campaign, we want to turn brushing, a potentially boring activity, into a moment of fun, adventure and learning. This will help moms nurture the habit of day and night brushing, which is crucial to overall health.”

To ensure the sustainability of the program and maximize the positive impact on the lives of millions of children, Unilever has committed to continuously lead intensive brushing behavior change programs complete with school tours. The program has gained full support from the Philippine Pediatric Dental Society, Inc., Knowledge Channel, and several local government units.

In these programs, kids and their moms are taught a simple message - brush day and night with fluoride toothpaste. Kids are encouraged to brush twice daily through fun and rewarding activities like maintaining brushing calendars, singing brushing songs, and playing games. The active involvement of parents, teachers and dental professionals are also important to ensure that behavior change happens both in school and at home.

Get the whole family to love brushing by making it a fun adventure! Visit the Pepsodent Philippines Facebook page at and receive downloadable activities only from Pepsodent. 

Watch the Musical Adventure and join the Fun Fun theme song :)

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