Maya & Ser Chief's Fairytale Wedding Of The Year All Set On November 15!

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It's the most awaited part of the phenomenal TV hit series "Be Careful with my Heart" as May and Ser Chief cordially invites you to their highly anticipated "Fairytale Wedding of the Year". 

We've watched them from Day 1 on how they're love developed and grew strong as days, weeks and months pass by and now the moment all loyal viewers are waiting for  is set to finally happen this coming November 15! 

"We're excited to know the venue of the wedding, Maya and Ricky's (Richard) chosen godparents, and the special people who'll complete the entourage," said Jodi who captured the audience's heart as Maya, the very optimistic barrio lass who was victimized by an illegal recruiter but later on decided to work as a nanny to Ricky's daughter to fulfill her dream of becoming a flight attendant.

"After the wedding, of course, we'll all look forward to the honeymoon. That one is another exciting moment for Maya and Ricky" added Richard, who is well-known now by worldwide Kapamilya viewers as Ser Chief, a rich widow whose stoic heart fell for the sunny personality of Maya.


The producers of Please be Careful with my Heart also added that like Jodi and Richard, they were also very happy and up until now overwhelmed with the overflowing support
that they got with the show. Because of this, they wanted to give back to their loyal viewers what they have been waiting for, and as promised they want to show the fairy tale wedding of Ser Cief and Maya as realistic as possible, they'll be the ones who will write their own vows, they'll be having the complete entourage and day by day they will be announcing who will be part of the entourage, their color motif will be BLUE,  the flower they will use is SUNFLOWER because Richard said this flower resemble Maya since she brings color to his life, Maya's wedding gown will be designed by no less than Abel Bacudyo, they will have a promising "famous" wedding singer and the venue of the reception will be announced soon.

What's even more exciting is that after the wedding of course, honeymoon follows and where would be the lovebirds  go? A place where there is snow! JAPAN!
Maya told Richard before in the past episode that it's been her dream to go to a place where there is snow and her wish will finally be granted :)

Under the direction of Jeffrey Jeturian and Mervyn Brondial, Maya and Ser Chief began capturing the hearts of daytime TV viewers when "Be Careful With My Heart" premiered on July 9 last year.

What are the special surprises that TV viewers worldwide will witness on Maya and Ser Chief's wedding? Will estranged couple Teresita (Sylvia Sanchez) and Arturo (Lito Pimentel) reconcile and join their daughter Maya walk down the aisle? How will Ricky and his three kids make the wedding more memorable for soon-to-be Mrs. Lim?

Don't miss Maya and Ser Chief's "Fairytale Wedding of the Year" on November 15, 11:45am, on ABS-CBN. Join the trending online discussion on Twitter and share your thoughts and well-wishes as early as now using the official hashtag #BCWMHthefairytaleweddingoftheyear.

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