Neurogen-E Launches Life in Your Hands Campaign

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STRENGTHENING its resolve to curb the discomfort of nerve-aging among Filipinos, Neurogen-E has recently launched “Life In Your Hands,” an advocacy program that seeks to touch the lives of mature Filipino women through initiatives that enable them to do more and be more.

In the Philippines, 40.5% of the elderly population is suffering from nerve damage attributed to a deficiency in Vitamin B12, the vitamin responsible for nerve regeneration and growth. Nerve-aging is commonly detected through symptoms like numbness, tingling sensations and burning pain in the hands and feet that may progress to total loss of sensation. Among Filipinos, this condition translates to profound effects on their physical faculties that may hamper them from living a full and active life.

“Aging should not compromise productivity nor hinder anybody from doing the things that they are passionate about. This is the core message of Neurogen-E’s Life in Your Hands program. Through this campaign, we endeavor to touch the lives of elderly Filipino women by enabling them to embrace their passions and create milestones regardless of their age or status in life. With the help of Neurogen-E, countless women can be liberated from the discomforts of nerve aging, and be given a chance to perform the activities that they once enjoyed. They can start living an active and full life once again,” 
shared Missy Cheah, Assistant Product Manager for Neurogen-E. 

From October to November, Neurogen-E will be hosting a series of lifestyle activities dedicated to enabling women to pursue their passions. Enrichment workshops will be conducted in venues like the Alabang Country Club and Zonta Alabang, highlighting topics like the Art of Ikebana with Japanese Floral Art Master Professor Searpion Metilla, and featuring demonstrations on gift-wrapping and food-styling for the holidays with domestic arts expert   Ms. Frieda Colet-Lim. 

Changing the Lives of Women

Photo of Ms. Diaz: Beauty icon and 1969 Ms. Universe winner Ms. Gloria Diaz is a staunch advocate of Neurogen-E's "Life In Your Hands" campaign to empower Filipino women who are suffering from nerve-aging.

Neurogen-E's brand ambassador Ms. Gloria Diaz is flanked by representatives from Unilab Missy Cheah (far right), Raine Calma (second from left) and emcee Lea Doria (far left) during the launch of "Life In Your Hands" advocacy campaign.

Stepping up its initiatives to create positive change in society, Neurogen-E is also rolling out a livelihood program that seeks to provide opportunities for women living under difficult circumstances. In partnership with Haven for Women, a non-government organization that supports battered Filipino women, Neurogen-E will be helping the victims reclaim their lives through workshops featuring income-generating activities like soap-making and dish gardening. Neurogen-E’s partnership with communities like Zonta Alabang and Haven seeks to provide a sustainable livelihood program and open doors of opportunities for underprivileged Filipino women. 

Engaging the public to participate in the advocacy to uplift the community of Haven for Women, products from Neurogen-E’s Life In Your Hands workshops created by the participants themselves will be sold in holiday bazaars all over Metro Manila. Christmas gift items like stylish and functional tarpaulin bags, dish gardens, and food products like fish paste, chili sauce, and peanut butter will be made available at the Filinvest Tent in Muntinlupa from November 23 to 24, 2013 and December 7 and 8, at the Ayala Alabang Cuenca Covered Court.

“Neurogen-E deeply understands the challenges that Filipino women face because of aging. Through its Life in Your Hands campaign, we want to re-ignite their passions by enabling them to embrace a lifestyle that is positive, active and free from nerve aging,” Cheah concluded.  

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