The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie Review

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As I was typing this movie review after watching Catching Fire at Shangri la Cineplex, special thanks to Nuffnang Philippines and PLDT FIBR, I can still feel my heart pounding fast because of the superb fighting and breath taking scenes.

Can I just say that I super love Jennifer Lawrence?Jennifer Lawrence is perfectly cast as Katniss Everdeen. She is one awesome actress, burning the big screen with her emotion, making it impossible to resist empathizing with her.Even in that simple scene during the Victors Tour in District 11, home of the fallen Rue, her short heartfelt speech can make you teary-eyed and yes, I can help but cry in that scene. I also love her wedding dress! Lenny Kravitz has done a good job playing the role of Katniss's designer. And yes, he is also one of my favorite 90's singer.

Catching Fire came up with a film that excellently captured the escalating political turmoil among the Districts in Panem and how Katniss becomes its fiery symbol. 

The story picks up from the first film, where Katniss and Peeta return to their homes in decrepit District 12. Katniss's unprecedented act of near-suicide during the last Hunger Games had been seen by several citizens as an act of defiance against the government. Alarmed by this development, the threatened President Snow hatches a plan to kill Katniss before she causes more unrest all over his domain.

In celebration of the 75th year of the Hunger Games, previous Victors (one male and one female) from each District to fight in another games to the death called the Quarter Quell. 
The games are still about life and death, but this time it’s the heart of the rebellion that the pair are hoping to keep thumping in addition to their own.Being the only female Victor of District 12, Katniss was an automatic contestant, and the odds were stacked against her favor. 

Katniss and Peeta are forced to continue the charade that is their love affair as they reunite with their Capitol entourage and attempt to make allies amid the roster of past champions and imminent threats. To her surprise, she has new allies and they seem to be supporting her.  Jena Malone is perfect for her role as District 7 victor Johanna Mason. Rebellious!

All in all the movie is a two thumbs up for me. The special effects of this film were amazingly conceived and executed. The Victors Chariot Parade was amazing and I was imagining myself riding the same chariot with Chris Hemsworth (Huh?). The arena itself and its various booby traps was so harsh with the poison fog, the vicious baboons, the hot bloody rain, the nerve wracking pound of drums every time a tribute dies among others.

The costumes of Katniss  and everyone really made a statement. I was really looking forward to how these special gowns were to be shown on screen, and I must say, they were worth the expectations. The other technical aspects such as cinematography, editing, production design and sound were superb!

This film tackles a serious political topics very well, simplified for its young target audience, but not in a way that insults more mature viewers. It is perfect for countries that has a lot of problems about corruptions, power tripping, and more. 

I rate this movie a 10/10! :)

Go watch it now!

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