Foot Massage Lounge: A Place to Treat Your Mind, Body, and Sole

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They carry your weight from one place to another. Whether you walk or run to your destination, and as you climb the ladder of success, they take you to where you want to go. They are often overlooked though, as they are not usually visible and encased in designer shoes or athletic footwear. The end of a hard day of work and play equals sore soles that definitely need quality pampering. 

The new concept Foot Massage Lounge, which is located in the Bonifacio Global City offer services that give your feet their much needed treat. 

The experience starts with the relaxing modern ambience that offers a quiet escape from the city stress, with plush customized massage couches in rooms that are quiet, private, and comfortable. The black-and-white décor is a conscious effort to steer away from the usual look and feel of Zen massage lounges. Hardworking entrepreneur Cat Ilacad, herself a fan of foot massage benefits, explains she is offering a different experience for clients looking for quality me-time. “The usual set-up in other massage lounges are crowded chairs in common rooms where one has to contend with noise and chatter. My concept is that of a boutique hotel lounge, where one can relax and luxuriate in a quiet setting.” 

Cat, who is also the lady behind the hugely successful mani-pedi concept Posh Nails with its pretty pink-and-purple interiors, opted for a black-and-gold palette for Foot Massage Lounge. This is to give the feel of elegance and opulence in preparation for the luxurious pampering from their highly-trained massage therapists. The temperature-controlled dim-lighted massage rooms that have their own TV sets can accommodate couples or even a sparty of up to 14 guests.   
More than just treating your footsies with the Deluxe Foot Massage (P600) which focuses on foot reflexology, the therapists also work their magic on back and neck pains with the FML Signature Massage, 75-minutes of a blissful shiatsu and reflexology treatment that works out the knots and aches brought about by overwork and stress. Cat describes it as “the best 75 minutes of dry massage in a very unique and relaxing ambiance. 

Here, everything is personalized. Before your session, the receptionist asks what kind of pressure you prefer for your dry massage, and if you would like a male or female therapist for the service.” 

She talks about the benefits of their massage services: “From traditional medicine practices, Foot Reflexology is believed to not only soothe sore feet, it can alleviate most other body aches and pains. We also combine foot reflexology with a soothing massage for the head, neck, shoulders and back, that will help reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and relieve acute and chronic pain. Our massage is also recommended to induce better lymph movement, Improve and increase the mobility and range of motions of joints.” Other wholistic health benefits of the massage, according to research, are stimulating or soothing the nervous system, enhancing skin condition, aiding in digestion and intestinal functions, and boosting the immune system.

As she was conceptualizing FML, she decided to focus on dry massage instead of the customary spa treatments. “Some people just want to relax, and have the feeling of being within the comfort of their second home without getting greasy with oil all over the body. With Foot Massage Lounge, you can wear our disposable shorts and have your massage, then still go out after for a date or a meeting. There is no greasy or sticky feeling in your skin that forces you to go home and shower.” 

Your feet work hard to take you to the top. It is about time to treat them to a relaxing journey that is designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and sole. 

Foot Massage Lounge is located at 2/F Forum South Global Bldg. Bonifacio Global City, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 

For more information, visit or call 0926-7334929/02-2186744.

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