The Lifestyle Guy's Website Launch

1:15:00 AM

The Lifestyle Guy's website was finally lauch at Tempura Grill and I was there to witness the fun event.

Philip Abadicio

Vince Golangco of When In Manila and Philip Abadicio

Grab a Taxi Representative

Say hello to our mouth watering food :) Ramen Burger!

Carlo Ocab is the developer and webmaster of He is known as the kidblogger and rose to prominence in the online world when he grabbed the no. 1 spot of Google's search results for the highly coveted keyword "make money online" at 13 years old.
Carl has conducted seminars on online branding, profitable blogging, SEO and internet marketing. 

Tala is the one who sung the jingle of Philip Lifestyle Guy and 
Paul Skyrojam Manalo wrote the jingle.

It was an event full of good food, raffle and information about the said lifestyle website. 

Philip Abadicio explains, “My website features fashion, food, arts, music, design, gadgets, and the artists, chefs, celebrities, etc. who I work with to put together our show plus all my insights and personal comments on the things we do.” TV5 management and artists have also been very supportive of his endeavors including the Lifestyle Guy’s website for Lifestylers.

Prizes can also be won online similar to how it’s done on the TV show and as our lifestyle guy says it: “We’ll give you the surprises, for you to win the prizes!” The food that we recommend from the restaurants we feature, spa and salon treatments, frocks and froufrou from designers, gift cheques for stays at recommended hotels and resorts, consumer products and services, and a whole lot more, will be given away online." will turn your life and style to slicker speeds than ever before! 

To access everything new, hip and cool, the method is simple, 
simply follow Philip Abadicio on Twitter- @philipabadicio, Instagram- @philipabadicio, and Facebook- Philip K. Abadicio.

Watch Philip Lifestyle Guy every Sunday at 11am to 12 noon :)

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