About Time Movie Review

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I don't think anyone would hate a Rachel McAdams movie, I know I'm being bias yes but I just love her.  She portrays her role perfectly, she just mastered this kind of role whole heartedly and I gave her that!

Richard Curtis’ Love Actually is superb, actually, I love Richard Curtis movies (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones’s Diary). He is the only man who really knows the true ins and outs of the romantic-comedy without being too melodramatic and overdoing it. Just the right ingredients for a perfect Rom-Com.

 About Time by Richard Curtis is  well thought out and the cast is just so good! I have seen this movie twice already as it was such a great story. The main focus of the film is about love and family so don't be too worried about the travelling in time, although I really enjoyed those parts when the lead character would travel back and forth in time just to fix things. I then imagined what if we can do that, I always tend to over imagine things.

Their are certain moments that can make you laugh, make you cry and make you fall in love.

The Story

Tim (DOMHNALL GLEESON) is a 21-year-old lawyer who still lives at home with his Dad (BILL NIGHY), Mom (LINDSAY DUNCAN), somewhat eccentric sister, Kit Kat (LYDIA WILSON), and Uncle D (RICHARD CORDERY) who seems to be affected by the early stages of dementia. Following a disastrous New Year's Eve party where Tim failed to kiss a girl when given the chance, his dad informs him that all males in their family are able to travel back in time. Tim doesn't initially believe any of this, but takes advantage of this gift once he does by going back to that party and taking a different course of action.

He tries the same the following summer when his sister's pretty friend, Charlotte (MARGOT ROBBIE), comes to stay with them for a several month visit. Despite the new tool in his romantic arsenal, however, he's unable to get Charlotte to fall for him. After she leaves, Tim moves to London, gets a job working at a law firm with fellow barrister Rory (JOSHUA McGUIRE), and rents a room from caustic playwright Harry (TOM HOLLANDER).

While out for the night with his friend Jay (WILL MERRICK), Tim ends up meeting book publisher reader Mary (RACHEL McADAMS), but inadvertently scuttles their budding romance by going back in time to help fix a disastrous debut for Harry's new play. 

He finally gets her interested in him -- using information he gleans from additional encounters with her before heading back in time -- and they end up married and with a baby.

Over all of that time, Tim continues to use his gift for his advantage in various situations, as well as in hoping to help others. But in doing so, he learns that his travels have repercussions he wasn't expecting, while also learning that he can't or shouldn't fix everything.

Overall, I love this movie. It also made me wish that I was that close with my Dad this time but who knows right? Tim is very close with his Dad and he used the "traveling back in the past" to be with his father for the last time before his father died. If only traveling to the past really existed, I would use this to spend time with my departed love ones as well, just for the last time to say how I love them but of course, things just don't happen that way. Let's always treat everyday as if it were our last day so that we can always bring out the best in us and also in others. I recommend for you to watch this movie! :)

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