Banana Peel Presents John Lloyd Cruz Collection and a Burst of New Creations for 2014

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Last January 21 Tuesday at Cerchio Tomas Morato Quezon City, I feel so lucky to be invited at Banana Peel's Burst Press Launch.

The event was entitled BURST simply because Banana Peel wanted to burst out of the norms. Banana Peel wanted to show the world that we can be extra ordinary, bursting with vibrant colors and bursting with personality.

Banana Peel has been in the industry for 12 years and they have learned that fashion is a dynamic force. This is what continues to feed Banana Peel with motivation and creativity. In 2002, Banana Peel came upon the idea that flip flops should not be confined in tight, four-cornered spaces, rather, it should be a part of the fashion savvy’s outdoor lifestyle; and that was how flip flop adventures began.

Banana Peel has been immensely blessed, now being available in 28 branches and major department stores nationwide. For about 4 years now, 9 distributing countries have also welcomed our Filipino-designed, staple flip flops. The international shores of the Maldives, Taiwan, Saipan, the US and Australia are only some of the places where the Banana Peel crave is being satiated.

This is why this 2014, to officially concertize these ideas, Banana Peel have taken foreign models to artistically associate the foreign patronizing of our products, the product itself, and even the expansion of our product lines; shot in a Philippine setting. All these ingredients combined are the perfect embodiment of what Banana Peel is about in being ‘Everybody’s Favorite Flip Flops!’

In addition to this, Banana Peel also launched this year's brand ambassador. One of the most sought after actor of this generation, no less than John Lloyd Cruz

John Lloyd presented the latest collection of Banana Peel and he said, he made 
few contributions with the latest designs. 

According to John Lloyd, he endorses the flip-flop brand because of its durability. "Na-meet yung standards ko bilang consumer." He is also a very laid back type of guy, when he is not at work, he usually wears Banana Peel and he also wears it during his taping in his new show Home Sweetie Home with Toni Gonzaga. 

So, why did Banana Peel chose John Lloyd as their brand ambassador? you might remember that he has been their ambassador before but this time, his contract has been renewed because Banana Peel believes that he totally resembles the brand. John Lloyd is 
very "reachable" almost every Filipino can reach out to him because of his amazing portrayal of every role he does, he is the ultimate boy-next-door. Plus, John Lloyd is the epitome of 
the guy we always longed for, the hunk and always good looking, which is why, he is indeed the perfect brand ambassador of BANANA PEEL.

Banana Peel's tag line is "Everybody's favorite Flip Flops" which is very applicable as well to 
John Llod Cruz because he is, without a doubt everybody's favorite actor.

Banana Peel Flip Flops provides different styles for their customers to have the perfect pair for every outfit, and for every personality. 

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