Sa Ngalan ng Ama Ina at mga Anak Showing in Cinemas January 29

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The most famous clan, Padilla family, is coming up with the most explosive, action-packed family drama of the New Year. Together with Star Cinema Productions and RGP Productions, Sa Ngalan ng Ama Ina at mga Anak will makes way to the big screen this coming January 29.

It was truly an honor to finally meet in person Ms. Robin Padilla and  Mariel Rodriguez
during the BlogCon of their movie. Both of them answered all our queries to their movie.

Robin Padilla brings to life the story of Ozamiz City’s Ongkoy from the famous Kuratong Baleleng group.

The story unfolds in the ’70s, According to Robin, this is not the same Kuratong Baleleng gang now notorious for hold-up incidents in the city. During that time, Ongkoy fought for the masses and fought for their rights. His crusade mounted with his own armed group which became a legend. Ongkoy eventually became famous as the Robinhood of Mindanao.

Robin narrated how he came across upon the story of Ongkoy when he went to Ozamiz to scout for locations for his tikbalang horror film. In the house where he stayed, he met his friend who is a general in the special action force. "sabi nya, ‘Why are you preoccupied with stories of the supernatural when there are true-to-life figures here you can make into an interesting film project?’ And so he told me about the story of Ongkoy who fought for his people. Some 20 years after he died, his cadaver remained intact and a tree has grown from his coffin. I told myself this is really a miracle. I sent direk Villarin to check the story and indeed the story of Ongkoy was true. Two decades after he died, ‘hindi pa naagnas ang bangkay niya.’ When he was still alive, it was told he had a talisman which diverted bullets from his enemies. I like films on countryside folklore and so I decided to do this film with the entire Padilla showbiz clan.”

Direk Villarin was very dedicated to this movie, added Robin. He goes back and forth to Ozamiz just to do some research about the said movie and location. Even when times are getting rough, when they get to the point that they are all stressed, Mariel would find time to mellow down their moods.

When asked about BB Gandanghari, since there was a talk regarding the part 2 of the movie and if there will a chance that BB will join the movie, "Dapat talaga kasama na sya dito pa lang sa movie na ito, may role na sya, nahulma na namin yung role na akma para sa kanya and siya pa mismo nagsabi na ready sya gumanap ng pang lalaki na role kaso nung mag shooting na, nag back sya last minute sabi di pa daw pala sya ready so ayun. Baka hindi talaga ito ang movie for para sa kanya.."

When asked if he is pressured about the movie which will be shown soon nationwide, since he just won a Best Actor award for 10,000 Hours and it also won a Best Picture award, Robin said, "May pressure oo, pero ngayon may kaba din at excitement. Iba na ang pakiramdam kasi may ginhawa na din dahil mapapanuod na ng mga tao ang pelikula na pinaghirapan namin.."

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla said that this is the first time she will portray a Mother role who has 9 children. It's also her first time to do an action film.  She undergo some workshops
so that she will perfectly fit the role.  She said, the role was handed over to him by Robin,
"Madaling araw nun, mga 4am siguro tapos ginising nya ako sabi nya tara mag shooting tayo, now na." She was surprised and at the same time excited for the movie.

This socio-historic action drama offers insightful themes that will surely touch the hearts of every Filipino from the ideology that each person can be a hero not only to the country but also to friends and family as well; to the universal law that no bad deed shall go unpunished. At the very core of the movie are the undying spirits of both truth and justice that celebrate the transformative power of good deeds done with great passion and good faith.

Sa Ngalan NgAma, Ina, At Mga Anak also stars Christopher De Leon, Dina Bonnevie, Rommel Padilla, Karla Estrada, Pen Medina, Lito Pimentel, Dennis Padilla, Aljur Abrenica, and Bugoy Carino among many others. 

Sa Ngalan NgAma, Ina, At Mga Anak is showing in cinemas nationwide starting January 29. 
The film is part of Star Cinema's on-going 20th anniversary celebration.

Watch the full trailer here:

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