Celebrate Everyday with Goya!

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Last February 20, I feel so lucky to be invited in one of my most remarkable event ever.
The GOYA Media event. Ever since I was a kid, I've been a big fan of Goya. I remember
asking my mom to buy me Goya chocolates even my Lola always buy me Goya chocolates. I am a certified Goya chocoholic and maybe that's one of the reasons why I enjoyed my childhood. Precious memories indeed!

Goya, the nation’s preferred chocolate brand, shows the way in celebrating life’s simple pleasures and events as it holds “Celebrate Everyday with Goya,” the media event last February 20 that promised uncomplicated yet fun-filled, and where everyone can enjoy their daily accomplishments in the company of friends and colleagues and of course, taste the delicious chocolate-y treats that Goya prepared just for them.

“Every day we work tirelessly for our family and loved ones and whenever we accomplish something, it is but fitting to celebrate it in our own way, whether alone or with friends. Celebrating our life’s events helps make us more positive and therefore allows us to be even more motivated to continue and pursue our objectives and dreams,” explains Goya General Manager Josenilo Chincuanco.

He explained that the road for Goya was not easy and it took a lot of effort from both management and workers to bring Goya back to where it once was, in a level where it can effectively compete with other more established brands already in the market.

Which is why, he said, that the “Celebrate Everyday with Goya” event is the company’s own way of thanking its supporters and the media for continuing to patronize Goya and recognizing the efforts to uplift Goya’s potential to even greater heights and be able to go head-to-head with competitors in terms of taste but at a wallet-friendly price level.

“With Goya, we now make delicious, world-class and premium-quality chocolates that are within their reach. They don’t have to spend more or wait for their relatives’ ‘padala’ or ‘pasalubong’ to enjoy delectable chocolates. It’s now available right here in our country, the finest chocolate at a price they all can afford. That alone is worthy enough to celebrate,” he relates.

The “Celebrate Everyday with Goya” event is a fun-filled one, promises Chincuanco, and features lots of games, fun, prizes and surprises that guests, especially from the media, truly enjoyed after a hard day’s work. There's a cake decorating contest, a 5 minute bonding time with no less than Ms. Kim Chiu and a grand raffle of Ipad mini! 

The event also marks the special appearance of Goya’s celebrity brand ambassador, actress and TV host Kim Chiu, who is going to actively participate in all the games and other activities that are already lined up for this momentous occasion.

Chincuanco also recognizes the fact that Kim Chiu was very much instrumental in elevating the awareness level on Goya, particularly among the younger set who may have not known that there is a fully homegrown chocolate brand that is as tasty as the other imported brands but not as expensive.

“Credit goes also to Kim Chiu for tirelessly helping us in promoting Goya as part of everyone’s lives. Her association with Goya was a big plus factor in increasing awareness about Goya. Our chocolate products, in particular the Goya chocolate bar, is the most preferred chocolate bar in the market. A big thank you to Kim for helping us” Chincuanco relates.

But there is one more thing that Chincuanco dreams of, and it involves hoping that as Filipinos remember to celebrate life in any way they can, in those celebrations, more Pinoys could always make Goya a part of it.

“We strive to become better every day and we hope that in Filipinos’ celebrations, holiday or not, they could make Goya a significant part of their celebration,” he adds.

Goya now offers wide-array of products from chocolates bars, to dragees, chocolate covered-pretzel twists, chocolate wafers and even chocolate spreads.  All manufactured using Swiss chocolate-making technology. 

To Goya, thank you for a heart warming and surprise filled event!
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