Innamorata: A GMA Afternoon Prime Offering about Love, Hope & Acceptance

6:10:00 AM

Innamorata is the dramatic and mystifying story of Esperanza (played by Max Collins) and her quest to find love, hope, and acceptance despite her uncommon physical appearance. 

The man who will capture the heart of our heroine and give her renewed hope is 
Edwin (Luis Alandy). 

Also with riveting performances by Dion Ignacio as Dencio, Jackie Rice as Gina, and Gwen Zamora as Alejandra, the woman in the painting who will offer Esperanza the chance to become beautiful. 

I got the chance to sit down and talk with the stars of Innamorata, special thanks 
to GMA Artist Center for inviting us over to an intimate BlogCon with the stars.

Kapuso actress Max Collins is set to play her first lead role ever and airs on Afternoon 
Prime. She is paired with Kapuso actor Luis Alandy who she will be working for the first time. According to Max, "The whole role is a challenge for me, may pressure and kabado ako for the role but at the same time I feel really blessed because GMA trusted me enough to play a lead role which is why I'll do my best to exceed their expectations."

Upon interviewing Max, I learned so many things about her. With her beauty and sheer talent, she talks humbly with an air of friendliness on her tone and she never fails to brighten up the room with her smile. 

When I searched about porphyria (pronounced: poor-FEAR-ee-uh) because Max will portray the role of Esperanza who has Porphyria, which refers to a group of disorders that result in a buildup of chemicals called porphyrins in your body. Although porphyrins are normal body chemicals, it's not normal for them to build up. The cause is usually an inherited mutation.

Porphyria typically affects your nervous system or skin or both. The specific signs and symptoms of porphyria depend on which of your genes is abnormal. Porphyria is usually inherited, but environmental factors may trigger the development of symptoms in some types of porphyria. Treatment depends on the type of porphyria you have. Although porphyria usually can't be cured, certain lifestyle changes may help you manage porphyria.

Max added that it is also sometimes called "Vampire disease". “Kapag naarawan siya, lumalabas lalo. Meron talagang ganung sakit pero, mas madalas siya or mas common back in 1800, it’s a rare disease na parang leprosy. Yung sa porphyria, tuwing maarawan, nasusunog, nangangati." This made her role challenging because she will be wearing prosthetic all the time.

Capturing Esperanza's heart is Edwin (Luis),  a former TV commercial director who had gone blind. He is tasked by his father Lloyd (Michael) to help in the family’s shoe factory. He will meet Esperanza (Max ) and they will become good friends, sharing a liking for the poem “Innamorata.” Edwin will then gave Esperanza a music box, which she will consider a gesture of love. But Lloyd will end their friendship, eager as he is to pair his son with aspiring actress, Gina played by Jackie Rice.

This will be the first time he will work with Max Collins but not the first time with Gwen Zamora because they've worked together in Binoy Henyo. When asked how he prepared for his role he answered,“Meron akong exercise na parang bulag ako, ‘yong nandiyan ka pero hindi ako nakatingin sa ‘yo. Mahirap mag-pretend na wala kang nakikita. Challenging talaga. ‘Pag bulag kailangan ‘yong steps nila counted. Pwedeng mabangga tapos ‘yong galaw nila counted. Sensitive sila with their surroundings.” 

For Luis, “Innamorata” is a good learning experience as it teaches him about the pain brought about by discrimination. He also finds Esperanza’s “good disposition” quite inspiring and contagious. He also loves working with his co-stars because according to him, "light lang ang ambiance". 

Luis has been consistently getting good roles, it is because of his solid work ethics, and his apparent consistency in putting premium in his performance whether as lead or support. 
I really he should be given more lead roles because he is by far a really good actor and he has proven a lot when it comes to acting and versatility.

Gwen Zamora described her role as, “I play the mysterious evil great grandmother of Max Collins, Esperanza. Si Alejandra ‘yong character ko she’s from the ‘20s, the hair, the outfit. She was trapped in a picture frame for how many years. She’s hungry for love. Basically, I am trapped in a painting from the 1920’s and I am trying to get back out. So through Max, my character is very revengeful, vain, and classy,”

This program touches on drama and light fantasy. This experience isn’t new to Gwen since she’s been working in soaps for 4 years now. If you can recall, her first soap was in fact a fantaserye also which was Grazilda. Gwen added that she really want to portray her role well which is why she studied how women back in those times acted and speak, She said, “Because when I talk, my arms are everywhere. I have to tame down movements. It’s really just all about my eyes to get the message across,” 

There will also be portrayals by seasoned actors Michael de Mesa, Rita Avila, Pinky Amador, and Leandro Baldemor with a special appearance of Juan Rodrigo. 

"Innamorata” is directed by Don Michael Perez, written by RJ Nuevas. The series is under the supervision of SVP for Entertainment, Lilybeth G. Rasonable; VP for Drama, Redgie Acuña Magno; AVP for Drama, Cheryl Ching-Sy; Program Manager, Camille D. Hermoso with Executive Producer, Arlene Pilapil.

Watch Innamorata every afternoon after Villa Quintana on your one and only Kapuso Network GMA 7.

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