Intelligence: A Drama-Thriller Series will Premiere on February 11 on CBS RTL Channel

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RTL CBS Entertainment Channel held a press screening of the Intelligence pilot episode yesterday at Luxent Hotel , and thankfully I was able to attend. I don't want to miss this chance to watch the pilot episode of this new dramatic thriller series. I am very fond of watching this type of series because it keeps me alert, it makes me think :)

Josh Holloway, best known as Sawyer from Lost, stars as Agent Gabriel Vaughn, an operative of Cyber Command. He has been implanted with a supercomputer and is able to draw on satellites, the internet, security cameras and recording devices, making a wealth of knowledge instantly accessible. He is the first human ever to be connected directly into the worldwide information grid.

Marg Helgenberger

Meghan Ory

 Leading the elite government cyber-security agency created to support Gabriel, His boss, Cyber Command director Lillian Strand (Marg Helgenberger) a straightforward and efficient boss who oversees the unit's missions, hires ex-Secret Service agent Riley Neal (Meghan Ory) to protect Vaughn, something neither are initially keen on. 

Other skilled members of the Cybercom team include Chris Jameson (Michael Rady) and Gonzalo "Gonzo" Rodriguez (James Martinez), two resourceful federal investigators. The brains behind the design of the chip is Dr. Shenendoah Cassidy (John Billingsley), whose son, Nelson (PJ Byrne), is jealous of Gabriel's prominent place in his father's life. As the first supercomputer with a beating heart, Gabriel is the most valuable piece of technology the country has ever created and is a U.S. secret weapon.

Rogue Chinese agents, led by Jin Cong (Will Yun Lee) plan to implant a similar chip into an operative of their own, kidnapping scientist  Shenendoah Cassidy (John Billingsley) and forcing him to do their bidding. Meanwhile, Vaughn is intent on getting to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance of his wife Amelia (Zuleikha Robinson), a CIA agent who was apparently turned and was complicit in the Mumbai bombings. 

In the shadow of NSA scandals and the fear of the absolute transparent citizen, this series tries to numb your concerns by showing you how well meant and helpful the absolute access to every information in the world, to one guy can be even. This is definitely the series you should watch out for. After watching the pilot episode, I am HOOKED! 

"Intelligence" stars Josh Holloway ("Lost") as Gabriel, Marg Helgenberger ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation") as Lillian Strand, Meghan Ory ("Once Upon a Time") as Riley Neal, Michael Rady ("The Mentalist") as Chris Jameson, James Martinez ("Gravity") as Gonzalo Rodriguez, John Billingsley ("True Blood") as Dr. Cassidy and P.J. Byrne ("Wolf of Wall Street") as Nelson Cassidy.

Michael Seitzman, Rene Echevarria, Tripp Vinson and David Semel (for pilot) are executive producers for ABC Television Studios in association with CBS Television Studios.

Watch the pilot episode on February 11, at 9:55 pm. It will air every Tuesday 
via CBS RTL channel (Channel 56 on Sky Cable, 19 on HD) . CBS RTL will be aired on Cable Link and Destiny Cable this coming March. 

Intelligence premiered in the U.S. last January 7, the CBS television show's first episode was watched by 16.49 million viewers on its first airing in the U.S. and is the highest-rated debut of the 2013-2014 television season.

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