Italianni's Opens its 18th Branch at Shangri-La Plaza

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I am so thrilled that I was invited to the Bloggers event for Italiannis' new branch which is at Shangri La Plaza East Wing.  There's no denying that when one craves for pasta, pizza and wine on the side, the top choice will always be Italianni's.  They always promise good food, amazing ambiance (makes you feel like you are really in Italy), superb customer service plus with great company, what could go wrong right?

Where food is concerned, Italian cuisine has always been deemed the most charming. Not only does it date back to the most open and passionate people but also to a beautiful mesh of history and culture. It has charmed foodies with its taste and beauty and now, it is making its way to magnetize Filipinos with Italianni's 18th branch at the 6th Level of the East Wing of Shangri-La Plaza.

With a more modern architecture and decor and the same warm American-Italian food, you will always have a reason to celebrate in Italianni's. Its shared-style dining concept is perfect for families, friends, and even couples. 

The Food
Every meal starts with a complimentary freshly-baked Tuscan and Foccacia bread served with olive oil and aged vinegar. 

We also got the chance to savor their new dishes but of course, we also tasted the old time favorites at Italiannis. These are the dishes that never fail to make their customers coming back for more.

Proscuitto. Prime Italian air-dried ham served with a medley of cherry tomatoes, black olives and grapes.

The Four Season Salad. Crispy romaine lettuce,tomato, green apple, grapes, caramelized walnuts, parmesan. Topped with crispy honey shrimp served with four seasons dressing. This is really good! What I love about their salad is that it is really fresh and crispy! 
You'll taste how fresh the lettuce and other ingredients. This is perfect, I recommend you try it if you haven't.

We also had the Seafood Cioppino. Mussels, shrimps, clams, calamari and spaghetti in cioppino, enhanced with chili flakes. This, compared to other pasta resto that I have tried is the best. They have a bigger serving plus, the pasta is firm not soggy, al dente! the sauce is just perfect, not to Italian but with a twist of Filipino style on it. Plus, it has a lot of shrimp and clams! :)

Crispy Pork Ribs. For a pork lovers out there like me, this is surely a hit!
It is a deep fried pork which is very tender when you take a bite on it with garlic rice and vegetables on the side. 

Pizza Enorme. Perfect for 4-6 persons. 16-inch family pizza with four quarters. Each quarter carries their own distinct flavors: pepperoni, ham and pineapple, shrimps & mushrooms and four cheeses. I love pizza and this one is a must try! I super love the crust and the savory cheese!

Prosciutto e Formaggio. Salami, ham and cheese! :)

New York Cheesecake. OMG! Once you tried this, you'll definitely agree with me that this is amazingly delicious. It is served with strawberry syrup and I think it's a perfect combination. They have an enormous serving size, (good for me!) and it is really creamy, the one that I am always looking for when I try Cheesecakes.

Panna Cotta. Italian vanilla custard served with your choice of sauce: from mango, blueberry or honey with walnuts. This is also good, not too sweet, just right after eating different kinds of dishes. 

Grape fruit shake! Oozing with taste. It doesn't taste like it is a powdered drink, it really tasted like the real fresh fruit. This one I also recommend.

Italianni's 18th branch aims nothing less than to impress.  Since they offered a new branch, they are also offering new dishes that we also tried out, most of this new dishes are now being served at your favorite Italiannis branch.

Spinach and Artichoke Formaggio. Spinach, artichoke, mushrooms in a creamy blend of cheese served with garlic bread. For me, anything served with cheese and garlic bread is 
mouthwatering, but this one, I love!

Truffle Chicken Alba. Grilled chicken breast with truffle balsamic, lettuce and onions
and mayo dressing. Another salad that is two thumbs up!

Truffle Mushroom. Applewood bacon, prosciutto, mushroom and mozzarella
in Alfredo sauce topped with black truffle cream. 

Fettuccine Beef Ragu. Fettuccine pasta with Italian beef ragu. This one is really taste
especially with beef on it.

A mix of the old and the new, Italianni's will surely bring the satisfaction it always ensures in your every visit. So bring your family, your friends, or your special someone to Italianni's Shangri-La Plaza to celebrate nothing but the amazing taste of American-Italian cuisine infused with the Filipino warmth. 

Italiannis Restaurant
Level 6, Shangri-la Plaza East Wing
Edsa, Mandaluyong

Taste the love only with Italianni's and The Bistro Group.

For more details, visit their Facebook page and their official website:

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