Mister Donut Cookie Butter Collection Now Available!

5:00:00 AM

There's something about Mister Donut that makes me crave for it, I am a big fan of their Pon De Ring and ever since it came out, I never get tired of its chewy goodness and even my family and friends love it. 

What can be more irresistible than combining cookie butter and donuts?:) 
isn't it a perfect combination?:) I am a big fan of cookie butter and also donuts which is why I truly believe that Mister Donut made the perfect combination with their Cookie Butter Collection.

Mister Donut's Cookie Butter Collection is available at their Greenhills branch which is also my ultimate favorite branch of all. The ambiance is very homey and I wish I can stay there more often but I just heard a great news that most of their branches will be reconstructed into a cafe too, let's watch out for that!

Check out their Pon De Ring which now has a touch of cookie butter. Savor the chewy goodness of Pon De Ring with Cookie Butter Flavor at a price of P39.00

My favorite in their Cookie Butter Collection is the French Cruller. A yummy delight that has a perfect combination of Cookie Butter and chocolate all rolled into one for only P49.00

Last but definitely not the least is their Do-ssant. I also love it. The tasty creamy topping just melts in your mouth and the crunchiness of the croissant beneath is just as good, I am also
in love with croissants which is why this is a two thumbs up for me.  Grab this one at 
a price of P70.00.

Now for the price of P300.00, all of these tasty cookie butter collection in one box is 
a perfect catch! Indulge your love for Biscoff and much into the goodness of 
the latest offering of Mister Donut!

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