Modess and Julia Barretto Encourages YOU to Make your Move with their Style with a Soul Event

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In the Skye Lounge atop the W Building in BGC, it is common for girls to sashay their pretty dresses and flaunt their latest fashion finds. Today is no different, except that today, fashion has found a purpose. MODESS, the #1 feminine pad in the Philippines, launched Julia Barretto as its newest endorser through a fashion souk called Style with a Soul. As the name suggests, this was not your average press launch, as invitees were treated to a mini-bazaar featuring fashion brands that have a social purpose. Through this event, MODESS® and Julia Barretto asserted that young girls can make a meaningful difference in their worlds through the things they love most – in this case, fashion!

During that time of the month, MODESS® is the brand that millions of Filipinas depend on to allow them to keep on moving. “We believe that whether or not it is your red day, you can and should keep moving, especially if it is to help the people around you,” says Tina Sabarre, Marketing Director of Johnson & Johnson, “MODESS® is a strong proponent of the difference that young Filipinas can make. We want to encourage teens to continue making meaningful differences in the lives of the people around them because we know that there is so much more to teens than what most people initially see. That’s why we encourage her to #MakeYourMove.”

There is no other girl who best embodies this empowered teen than Julia Barretto. A Barretto brand of her own, Julia certainly fits the bill as the beautiful and fun-loving teenager, but she has also proven that there is more to teens than just a pretty face: When Typhoon Yolanda struck, Julia quickly organized a successful garage sale, where she donated and sold her own clothes. With the help of her friends and family, she managed to raise a whopping P135,000. Not bad for a 16 year-old. Beyond her quick response to Yolanda, Julia holds another advocacy close to her heart – anti-bullying. “Bullying can really ruin your self-esteem, and I don’t like it when I see girls who lack self-confidence and don’t love themselves,” Julia says. “My personal dream,” she continues, “is to encourage every Filipina to be confident and proud of who she is so that no amount of bullying can bring her down.”

MODESS® acknowledges that there just as many advocacies as there are Filipinas, and the brand is fully supportive of each girl acting on what she believes in. This is why MODESS® also invited three young and accomplished women to Style with a Soul: Arriane Serafico, the founder of popular blog, spoke about her personal advocacy of using creativity and design to spark social change. Noreen Bautista, the founder of social enterprise Jacinto & Lirio and one of the youngest representatives at the World Economic Forum, spoke about her belief that social enterprises can uplift the impoverished. Also gracing the event was Ateneo varsity football player turned coach, Tata Garcia, who spoke passionately about sports as a means to improve lives.

Modess also partnered with fashion brands with a heart, they were as follows:
Brown Belly
Gifts and Graces 
ILI by Bonsai Cielo
Jacinto and Lirio
Neon Island
Olivia and Diego 
Risque Designs 
Twinkle Ferraren 
Ylla shoes

Certainly, girl power echoed strongly throughout the event, and this was further heightened with the various fashion brands selling clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes that carried moving stories of how fashion can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

While Style with a Soul lasted only for one day, this gathering of cause-related fashion and empowered women will hopefully inspire other Filipinas to make a difference through their own passion areas.

Watch Julia Barretto's TVC for Modess

To learn more about MODESS® and Julia’s movement to encourage teens to act, visit #MakeYourMove.

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