PasaHero: The First Passenger Safety App in the Philippines

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Here in the Philippines, it is very common that most of us, text our love ones when we are about to go home or our whereabouts so that they can track where we are especially is we are riding public transportation or taxis.  We either text them the plate number, description of the vehicle we are riding and so on for safety purposes. 

Whether we are prepared or not, commuters in general face dangers at any time of the day, anywhere like holdups, pick pockets, kidnap, rape and accidents happen and the best way to stop this is to be vigilant and inform our love one before we leave the house our whereabouts during the day, it is a small step to ensuring everyone safety.

Public transport passengers can now protect themselves while commuting with a recently launched app by ABS-CBN News.

PasaHero is a mobile application available for Android and iOS devices that allows users to record and broadcast details of their trip. Through the app’s “Panic” button, family and friends will be notified that the passenger is in danger. The phone will start recording video and audio clips, as well as send the exact location of the user to his or her emergency contacts.

ABS-CBN formally launched its passenger safety mobile application PasaHero last Monday (Feb 3), gaining support from government agencies and other transportation mobile apps to push for passenger safety and security in the country.

The launch also marked the partnership of the app developers, ABS-CBN Digital Media Division and ABS-CBN News, and its cause partners, government agencies Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC), Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB), and Land Transportation Office (LTO), as well as its corporate partners, taxi booking app Grab Taxi and carpooling app Tripid.

Under the partnership, DOTC, LTFRB, and LTO will help in informing the public about the PasaHero app and educate stakeholders such as bus franchise owners and taxi operators about how the app can help in promoting passenger safety and security. It also requires PasaHero to help said government agencies in collecting relevant transport data via an additional feature that will soon be launched on the app.

Corporate partners Grab Taxi and Tripid, meanwhile, will help in PasaHero's information and education campaigns.

The signing of the declaration of commitment for passenger safety and security on Monday (Feb 3) was attended by ABS-CBN Digital Media Division head Donald Lim and ABS-CBN Digital Media head Anna Rodriguez, DOTC secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya, LTFRB chairman Winston Ginez, LTO spokesperson Jason Salvador, LTO executive director Atty Emiliano Bantog Jr., Grab Taxi vice president for marketing Natasha Dawn Bautista, and Tripid president John Michael Ngo Dee.

PasaHero, developed by ABS-CBN's Digital Media Division and powered by, was launched in November 2013 and has since acquired 25,000 downloads on iOs and Android devices.

PasaHero allows its users to record, plot, and broadcast details of their trip via social media and SMS and notify family and friends of any danger encountered on the road.
When users feel threatened, they can press the app's "Panic" button to activate the phone's video camera, record audio and video files on the device, and send details of their exact location to a.customized list of emergency contacts.

A new mobile app for Filipino commuters can map, broadcast, and even record a trip for safety purposes, and if needed, instantly alert family or friends of any danger encountered while on the road.

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