Starting Over Again in Theaters on February 12!

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Starting Over Again is a Valentine Day offering of Star Cinema. 
Created by the Blockbuster and award-winning director Olivia M. Lamasan and critically-acclaimed writer Carmi Raymundo. It also stars award winning stars Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga and Iza Calzado.

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Ten years ago, Ginny (Toni Gonzaga), an Architecture student, and Marco (Piolo Pascual), a History professor, began a one-of-a-kind and unpredictable love story. In the five years that they were together, they brought out the best in each other, which included Marco’s unrealized dream of becoming a chef. Together, they worked towards their dream of opening up a restaurant, but when Ginny realized her own pursuits were different from his, she rejected his wedding proposal and left the country for a Masters degree in Architecture. At present, Ginny co-owns a one-stop Architecture and Interior Design firm specializing in Restoration. 

She receives an email from Marco, which was written and sent after their break-up, meant to be read four years later. It makes her feel even more regretful of leaving the love of her life. When their firm receives an offer to restore an old house into a restaurant, she is ecstatic to learn that Marco will be co-owning the restaurant. She takes this as a sign that this will be their second chance they need, but finds out that Marco wants the restaurant ready for his wedding proposal to his US-based girlfriend, Patty De Guia (Iza Calzado). This doesn’t stop Ginny from accepting the project in the hopes of winning back Marco, now very different from the man he used to be. 

When he learns her motives, he plays along to push her regrets and show that he is much better now. But their actions take a toll on them when they talk about the past, feelings start to get involved, and Patty begins to get suspicions about the two. Can mistakes and wrong decisions be undone to give way to a second chance? Will Ginny get her happy ending with Marco, or is she four years too later?

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Direk Olive and Ms. Carmi narrated their journey on how they came up with the perfect story for Piolo & Toni. Direk Olivia M. Lamasan admits that during that time, she wanted do a romantic comedy film like “Got to Believe.”

“Nag-brainstorm kami,” Carmi recalls. “Tapos doon binato ni Anj Pessumal, creative supervisor, yung website Nung narinig ni Inang, ‘yun ‘yung nakakuha ng interest ni Inang. Ang interesting ng element na pwede ka mag-send ng e-mail sa kahit kailan mo gustong matanggap ng taong yun. The exes, the e-mail, the story. Doon nabuo yung kwento ng 'Starting over Again.'" "Gusto din namin, since nagkasama si Toni and Piolo 13 years ago sa isang commercial, na masundon o ma-connect yung part na yun which is why sa teaser you'll see Toni still shouting "I love you Marco then sa commercial before I love you Piolo".

Nevertheless, she also admits that she has been looking for the longest time for a film that will suit Ultimate Heartthrob Piolo Pascual.

Piolo Pascual added that the new film is "a roller coaster ride" and "something real for the audience to experience."

"When you go to a movie you want to be able to identify what's happening, relate to the character who goes through certain situations with a loved one, partner or whoever they're with," he said. 

When asked if there was ever a time in his life when he felt like he is "starting over again," or how important it is for a relationship to have a closure, He replied, "There comes a point where we we regret letting go of a person... how do you get back with that person, how you start again a relationship that you once had.Yes, it is important to have a closure, but it's a case to case basis. It depends on the situation."

"There are things that you have to learn along the way, and these are the things that make you a better person, that make you want to move on and accept whatever fate gives you," he said.

Piolo first worked with direk Olive in the TV series Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako in 1998 and last worked with her a decade ago in the movie Milan. 

Direk Olive said that when she first handled Piolo, he had just returned from the States and decided to give showbiz another try. She has since seen him grow in maturity as a person, but she said that Piolo has always been very serious as an actor, who asks a lot of questions.

The lady director, who’s also behind such successful romantic movies Sana Maulit Muli, In My Life, In The Name of Love and The Mistress, rarely does films these days because of her responsibilities as the head of creatives for Star Cinema.

Toni Gonzaga on the other said to an interview that it was a dream come true working with Direk Olive Lamasan and Piolo Pascual. When asked about how she was able to do intimate scene and a kissing scene with Piolo she answered that it was needed in the story, in was part of the journey of the couple that will complete thier love story. And she added, it still has a touch of comedy. 

Iza Calzado was also present during the BlogCon and she admits that this movie is
something you really don't want to miss. Just by watching the trailer, you'll get hooked. 
She also shared how honored she is to work with Direk Olive, "Kasi she really brings out the best reactions from me, in whatever manner she can think of, at a certain point in time, she will think of it pagkatapos ilalabas niya,” Iza adds. 

“And I am also very happy to work with my original crush, Mr. Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga (whom she considers as her idol) - she's so funny, hindi ko kasi kayang gawin yun e. Kaya tuwang-tuwa po ako sa kanya lalo na pag napapanood ko siya kasi ang gaan-gaan."

This movie is about second chances, about how to make things right, on crossing the bridge, on finding happiness and love.

Starting Over Again will hit the cinemas on February 12 nationwide.

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