Jed Madela Launches All Original Album

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I've been a big fan of Jed Madela for as long as I can remember. Even my Mom loves her, she watch ASAP religiously so that she can check out what song Jed will sing. When it comes to "birit" songs, Male version, I think his name is the first thing that will pop on your mind and believe me, his voice can really make you shiver and it will give you goosebumps even more so when you hear him sing LIVE.

And because we all love Jed Madela and his fans had been waiting for this, World singing champion Jed Madela is excited to let everyone know about his debut album titled "All Original" released by his new recording label Star Records.

According to Jed, "It's my first full project with Star Records and it is also my first all-original album, We have to put so much work into it that the very moment I heard the final tracks, I am already looking forward to sharing it with everyone who has been supporting my music."

"All Original" features songs, which according to Jed, are new and far from usual. "Everything sounds different and the songs express different feelings. Actually, each one can be a potential single on its own," said Jed, who is set to celebrate later this year his 10th anniversary in the music industry. "Of course, the signature 'high note ballads' will be in the album but there are tracks that will make the listeners wonder if it is really me singing."

The All Original Album is indeed far from the usual because this time, Jed will be showcasing original songs far from his past album with revivals. I also love his song "WISH" which he performed live when we had a BlogCon (video above) and eversince then I'm in an LSS mode. Wish is a very upbeat song which made me ask Jed Madela why only now did he make a song like this, I even said, "pwedeng pwede naman pala" He answered, "I think this is the perfect time that I am more confident that I can sing pop songs. I Hope I can do more of this type of music para edgy naman and I can try different genre of songs not the usual ballad."

Apart from his latest album, the first Filipino champion of the prestigious World Championship of the Performing Arts (WCOPA) shares another milestone to his career as he was recently hailed as the first Filipino to be inducted into the Performing Arts Hall of Fame in Hollywood. Jed is the first Grand Champion Performer of the World to be awarded the treasured Achievement Award and inducted into the elite Performing Arts Hall of Fame that will have a live worldwide webcast on July 19. He also shared with us how he wanted to help and guide upcoming singers on how to have showmanship and be more confident,have an interaction, feeling while seeing on stage. He said that this is what makes Filipino singers apart and world class because we sing with feelings and emotions and we should always focus on that. 

When he is not busy with work he is indeed a family man. Generous and always takes time to share his blessings with his family. He even reminisced those times when he is not yet that famous and he would tell him Mom that their budget for grocery is only 2 thousand pesos but now, he would say, "Mama ikaw na bahala!" :) they usually go on a family vacation yearly and Jed is also investing on properties. He already has a house of his own here in Manila and Iloilo. He will have a major concert this coming July so watch out for it. :)

 Jed's first album under Star Records features 10 original tracks including his carrier single "Ikaw Na," "Wish," "When Love Once Was Beautiful," "Dito Lang, "Ipinapangako Ko," "Sa Habang Buhay," "Dalangin Ko," "Will Forever," "Home To You," and Jed's very own composition titled "Tanging Ikaw." The album also contains bonus mixes of "Wish" and "Dito Lang." His album is now available on all record bars nationwide for only P350.00

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