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The most awaited eating contest is here again as Yoshinoya launches its 4th Gyudon Eating Contest!I love Beef Gyudon, this is one of my ultimate favorite dish at Yoshinoya and I'm sure those who tried their luck in the past years in this Gyudon eating contest are excited to join again, I am also encouraging YOU! yes you my dear reader to join because Yoshinoya is giving amazing prizes!

Yoshinoya, Japan's famous beef bowl has been synonymous with Gyudon, a special dish served in a bowl with rice, beef and onion stirred with mild sweet sauce with fish, seaweed stock and sweet rice wine. Almost everyone who dine in Yoshinoya knows that they offer the best Beef Gyudon in town. Yoshinoya also offers different delectable dishes perfect for everyone. Aside from Beef Bowl, other best selling dishes in Yoshinoya includes Chicken Bowl, Combo Bowl, Tempura, California Maki and their sweet dessert Tiramisu. 

Yoshinoya has more than 1,200 outlets globally particularly in USA, Hong Kong,
China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Philippines. It will soon dominate Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam.

2014 is no exception to Yoshinoya as they continue to make banner for the brand, making Gyudon an accepted part of Filipino daily meals. Now on it's 4th year, Yoshinoya will again mount the 2014 Yoshinoya Gyudon Chllange, an eating competition that will challenge Yoshinoya loyal diners on how much Gyudon then can consume with a 
specific amount of time. 

Sir Timothy James Yang, President of Yoshinoya was present during the Bloggers Edition for the Beef Eating Challenge and we were welcomed with open arms as always!

All of us got really excited with the challenge, at first we thought we will just cover the said event but we got really excited when we were informed that we are also joining the contest! Within 15 minutes, I finished only 2 bowls and the winner for the Bloggers challenge finished 5 bowls! Congrats! He will be competing for the next round as Yoshinoya rounds up contenders for the said eating challenge.

Check out the full mechanics below on how you can be part of the 4th Gyudon Eating Challenge:

1. The Yoshionya Gyudon eating contest, is open to all males and females who are 18 years old and above.
2. Qualifying Rounds will be held in all Yoshinoya stores, daily from Monday thru Friday from April 21 to May 30. Schedule is as follows:
- April 21, 22,23,24, 25 
- April 28,29,30 May 1,2 
- May 5,6,7,8,9 
- May 12,13, 14,15, 16 
- May 19,20, 21,22, 23 
-  May 26, 27, 28,29, 30
3. A purchase of the Yoshinoya Gyudon meal entitles customer to join the contest. Take-out deliveries, bulk orders are not included.
4. Before a customer starts, he/she must fill out Registration Form and sign a Health and Release waiver. For the qualifying round the beef bowls should be consumed in the store. The customer who finishes the most number of bowls in 5 minutes wins the challenge of the day.
5. Customer must show one (1) valid ID to the store manager of Yoshinoya. Only the following types of ID will be accepted: School ID, Company ID. Driver's License, SSS ID, GSIS ID, NBI Clearance, Postal ID, Voters ID, Passport)
6. A customer can join as many times as he or she wants and should and complete all requirements on the application form for every trial.
7. The designated Yoshinoya crew records the number of bowls consumed by the top 1 and 2 contestants who eats the most number of bowls and weighs the amount of leftover food.
The following will be observed:
7.  a. Only the Yoshinoya napkins & standard Yoshinoya condiments (red ginger 8i Kikkomanj will be allowed to be put on the table and used by the customer. No assistance from any person or any mechanical device which will help consume faster will be allowed.
7.  b. Only water provided by Yoshinoya is allowed during the contest proper.
7.  c. Only the prescribed timer in Yoshinoya stores will be used in timing the customer.
7.  d. Customer should not be holding nor touching the spoon, fork or chopsticks before the timer starts.
8. The Yoshinoya store crew shows the timer to the customers before starting the time record and starts the timer right after giving a go-signal. Customers then starts eating the beef bowls.
9. Customer should turn over empty bowl before starting the next bowl. All left over grains in all bowls will be weighed along with the unfinished bowl.
10. The Yoshinoya store crew registers the number of bowls consumed and weighs the leftover food of the top 1 & 2 contest-
ants to validate the entry and verifies count and weight with the contestant.
11. The Yoshinoya store crew writes the number of bowls and weight of leftover on the Registration Form to be signed by the Yoshinoya store crew and the customer/contestant over their printed names. Only Registration Forms bearing the printed names and signatures of the Yoshinoya store crew and the customer/contestant shall be
considered valid.
12. The Yoshinoya store crew writes the Name and number of bowk consumed on the Leader Board. Only the Four (4) weekly fastest Gyudon bowl eaters who qualified in the store will be placed on its Leader Board per store. This will be updated every time a new record is set.
13. After the Weekly Qualifying Rounds in the stores all weekly contestants who qualified per store will be automatically be entered in the grand finals. All qualified contestants will be notified between June 2-6, 2014 through Mobile call and E-Mail.
14. In case of a tie in the stores, the store manager shall call upon the contestants who tied for a re-match contestant with the least number of rice grains left will be selected as winner for the round.
15. In any case of disputes, the decision of the Yoshinoya Store Manager will be considered valid and final.
16. A DTI representative shall be present during eliminations
17. Employees of Yoshinoya Century Pacific, its agencies and participating outlets, including their relatives up to the second degree of affinity or consanguinity, and employees of sponsors, are disqualified from joining the qualifying match.

The Grand Match Mechanics
1. The Final Match will be held on June 14,2014 at 1:00 pm in the Activity Center at the Glorietta, Makati City
2. The Forty (42 ) -Finalists will compete by eating most number of bowls in IS minutes. 2. a. Finalists should sign a Health Release and Liability Waiver prior to the Final Match. 2. b. Each Finalist is given ten (10) regular beef bowls, and is assigned with a marshal.
2. c. Finalists should not be holding nor touching any of the spoon, fork or chopsticks before the timer starts.
2. d. NO VOMITTING is allowed for the duration of the contest and 15 minutes right after the contest proper. In case of vomit¬ing during contest proper or right after the 15 minute timer signal is sounded contestant is automatically disqualified.
3. The timer will start upon the go-signal of the host.
4. After 1S minutes is up, the finalists raises both hands and steps back from the table. Marshals will weigh remaining contents in bowls
5. The Top 3 winning Finalists with the most number of bowls and least weight will win the following prizes: 1 st Place: P 100,000 CASH and 2 Trip to Japan Tickets c/o Cebu Pacific
2nd Place: 50,000 3rd Place: 25.000
6. The non-winning Finalists will be given consolation prizes of P 2,000 worth of Yoshinoya GC each.
7. In case of a tie for the 1 st Place, 2nd Place, or 3rd Place, a 1 bowl overtime match will be done among tied Finalists for their corresponding prizes. The Finalist who finishes beef bowl with the fastest time and little to none grains left will be awarded the higher.
8. The 1 st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced and awarded during the Yoshinoya Gyudon Eating contest Final Match Event and through posters and print ads.
9. In case of Grand winner be denied of Japan Visa, Trip to Japan ticket will be forfeited in favor of Yoshinoya
10. Non-Cash prizes and consolation are not convertible to cash.

For more details, Like the official Facebook page of Yoshinoya:

Branch locations are:
Robinsons Galleria, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa
SM Manila and Glorietta 1
Visit the newly opened Yoshinoya at Ayala Fairview Terraces

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