Juan Stop Inasal: Mapapa-Stop ka sa Sarap!

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There are a lot of Inasal Restaurant nowadays but only a few that will satisfy your taste buds and your pocket. Juan Stop Inasal recently opened their food joint along N. Domingo  Street at Quezon City.  It's also near Balete street and P. Tuazon. According to Stephen Christian Po, owner of the Juan Stop Inasal, Juan Stop Inasal used to be a small place catering for take out of Inasal Chicken only but because of the higher demands and customers asking them for a place where they can also dine in and savor the best of Inasal chicken and their other menu, they opened what used to be a garage into their very first branch. 

Among their specialty dishes that were served to us were their La Paz Batchoy which tasted good for me. You should really savor the soup while it's hot. I also love their Chicken Inasal because they serve it in large portions unlike this famous Inasal food chain that now serves small portions of chicken. We also tried their Barbecue and pork liempo. I like their barbecue because it's tender and they marinated it which is why it doesn't tasted that bland. 

I especially LOVE their PORK SISIG!! A must try! I totally recommend for you to try it. It is juicy, tasty and mouth watering! No "umay factor" here. For only P130.00 this is already good for 2-3 persons. 

Another Ilonggo specialty is the Kadios Baboy Langka or also known as KBL. The main ingredients of KBL include kadios (pigeon pea or red gram), baboy (pork) and langka (jackfruit). Ilonggos normally cooked it with batuan to give a sour note into it.
Juan Stop Inasal preserves its original taste and homey delight. Pairing the appetizing taste of KBL with wild rice would definitely makes you feel at home.

As of the moment, they don't offer desserts yet but come April they will be offering desserts that will finally complete your set of meals. 

They offer a very homey ambiance plus they also have wifi! I do hope their wifi is not that cranky anymore once you drop by but nevertheless you will enjoy their delectable menu. 

Check out what the owners have to say regarding Juan Stop Inasal:

Juan Stop Inasal
#112 N. Domingo St. Quezon City
Tel #: 570-5653
Opens from 11am - 9pm

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