OWL Coffee Now Available in the Philippines

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Coffee. just the word makes me feel excited and happy. I don't know about you but 
I have this special bond with coffee and I've been a coffee lover for many years now. Maybe because both my parents are coffee lovers as well but as for me, when I began working, coffee has been my constant stress buster making it more easier for me to start my day right and enjoy the rest of my day.

For me, coffee is not just a drink. It is essential for all of us because there are certain things about it that makes you love it even more. Coffee brings people together. Coffee is relaxing. 
Coffee has a lot of good benefits for our health. Coffee will always taste good and lastly,  coffee tells a lot about our history.

While we all share a different story of how we love coffee, I am sharing my latest discovery 
of my new found coffee that you will surely LOVE.
This year, OWL COFFEE is official launched here in the Philippines. 
Owl Coffee originated in Singapore and has been brewing since 1956. Based in Singapore, OWL preserves the distinctive taste of coffee and tea from the culturally rich Straits Asian region that weaves from Penang through the Straits of Malacca and down to Java.

Grateful and thankful because I was part of the media launch of Owl Coffee, we had the privilege to taste different flavors of Owl Coffee, they also offer tea. DJ Tony Toni of Magic 89.9's Boys Night Out hosted the said event, a perfect combination with Owl Coffee to 
make us more wide awake that morning. 

Sir Robert Francisco, a renowned coffee expert shared a brief history of coffee and what process does the coffee goes through before it goes straight to our beloved cup. He even prepared ice blended Owl coffee combined with chocnut flavor and cookie and cream for
 all of us. It tasted really good!

They also informed us that Owl Coffee is different from our usual coffee here in the Philippines. Sir Kerwin Wong, Chief Executive Officer of TransaXion Unlimited Corp. who handles Owl Coffee told us how Owl Coffee is being processed. Every perfect cup of OWL coffee is created from a thorough process that begins right from the moment we select the coffee beans that will go into your brew of choice. It is a process that is taken seriously every step of the way – so that every OWL sachet is filled with incomparable flavor, 
body and taste.

I personally love the Nanyang White Coffee. It is rich in flavor and very creamy and I like it like that. No need to add more cream of sugar.

Check out the different variants of OWL COFFEE that will suit your taste buds and complete your day:
For more information about OWL Coffee, visit their official website via:
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OWL Coffee is now available on all leading supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores nationwide. You can buy it in big packs or small sachets.

Check out OWL Coffee's TVC here:

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