Banana Peel: Everyone's Favorite Flip Flops is so Ready for Summer!

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What started off as a simple venture into the realm of flip flops in 2002 suddenly became a benchmark in the industry. The foresight was strong when they realized the need to innovate how flip flops were done. Patterns. Designs. Invention. Variations of these three important factors have always been Banana Peel's driving force to keep on its tippy toes.

Banana Peel is the first flip flop concept store in the Philippines. They believe that slippers are not considered as apparel  but a LIFESTYLE. Banana Peel has taken an oath to provide trendy designs that cater to the ultra chic, the athletic and the classic without sacrificing quality.

Banana Peel envisioned their company to not only be "Everyone's Favorite Flip Flops!" but also, "Everyone's Must Have Flip Flops!"

Banana Peel's products are made from eco-friendly and non-harmful materials from the thong down to the sole. Non-toxic paint is used to produce trendy prints. This is the promise to responsibly  deliver quality slippers that last in rainy days and sunny rays!

Banana Peel thrives where human connection is possible. Banana Peel supoorts non-profit organizations and charitable institutions.  To achieve this goal, Banana Peel is currently working hand in hand with the World Wide Fund for Nature. It is one of the world’s largest and most effective independent organization dedicated to the conservation of nature.  WWF has satellite offices in over 100 countries and is supported by nearly five million people worldwide. Their aim is to build a future where humans and animals live together in harmony. From starting off as purely advocating the protection of animals and plants threatened with extinction, WWF has branched out into tackling issues on the different forms of pollutions that are harming the environment and causing a shift in sustainable living.  

Last December 2013, Banana Peel just released the first collection of flip flops for WWF Philippines. These statement flip flops are designed not just to make people aware of the current environmental situations present but actually enable citizens to participate in WWF’s advocacy. For every pair of flip flops sold from the Men’s and Ladies’ Marine Life collection, part of the proceeds go  into funding marine conservation programs to help save our seas!

Now, more than ever, Banana Peel is so ready for summer! With its latest designs right at your tippy toes, all you would ever really have to say is: BRING IT. The proudly homegrown brand is sure to turn heads as you frolic into the best season ever with your environmentally-friendly flip flops that is being distributed in 9 other countries worldwide. This is all about having the experience of a lifetime! This is all about you.

The brand has expanded its styles to cater to all different tastes and adventures; you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out. Funky, trendy; plains and prints; there is just too many to choose from. And who says one is ever enough for the fashion-forward you? Banana Peel flip flops are specifically tested to last for years, and you can walk on it for hours on end and still be feet-ache free! Plus, you wouldn’t have to pay for too much because the brand believes in creating products worth your every penny. So, pro-Mother-Earth? Check! Stylish and comfortable? Double check! Value for money? Check (and keep that extra)! Indulging in your lifestyle while Banana Peel flip flops take care of your feet will never, ever be a dull experience.

And since it's summer time, most of us are getting ready to go on a roadtrip and explore our beloved country. In line with our country’s current It’s More Fun in the Philippines tourism campaign, Banana Peel has tied up with the Department of Tourism to come up with a line of slippers highlighting the essence of Pinoy fun. Famous tourist destinations like Bohol, Boracay, and Cebu plus daily Filipino activities like commuting and merienda time are all incorporated in these witty slipper collections.

So go ahead and have the time of your life and show everyone that everything is indeed more fun in the Philippines!

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