Barbie Hsu Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

9:03:00 AM

Taiwan actress Barbie Hsu, better known as San Cai in Meteor Garden which happens to have a re-run on ABS CBN channel every afternoon gave birth to a baby girl via Caesarean section on Thursday at a hospital in Taipei.

Barbie Hsu had kept it so low-key that the Taiwan media only found out she had given birth when she posted a pair of baby footprints on her micro blog on Thursday, along with a short statement.

"Given little girl is fine, infinitely grateful!" said Hsu in her post.

The 37-year-old actress, who is best known for starring in the hit 2001 Taiwan drama "Meteor Garden", went on to release a heartwarming photo of herself, her baby and her husband, wealthy businessman Wang Xiao Fei, on her micro blog on Friday.
"Sharing a little happiness with everyone," said Hsu in a statement which accompanied the photo.

The as-yet-unnamed child is the couple's first following their marriage in 2011.
Hsu married Chinese entrepreneur Wang in 2011 after a courtship of just 20 days. Wang said on his microblog account that his wife and daughter were healthy, and thanked everyone for their concern.

Meanwhile, Barbie's younger sister TV host Dee Hsu also expressed her happiness on her Weibo page. "I'm really happy for you both, all the hardship was worth it!" she said. 

credits to:
Channel News Asia, News Asia One

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