Quick Stomach by Chado the Tea Room: Budget Friendly Meals for Everyone

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What's the best way to make your stomach happy? by going on a delectable food trip that will make not only your stomach happy but also your pocket.

Thankfully, we got invited at the newest food joint at Blue Bay Walk along Macapagal Avenue which is I believe a Federal Land property. The whole area looks like The Fort in the making but everything is still being developed. There are already opened diners there where employees who work around the area can feast during their break time or after working hours but just the same, most of us wanted something different that will make us enjoy the meal with the perfect ambiance, quick and efficient service and of course, affordability.

Quick Stomach offers just that! I am very grateful that I am one of the lucky ones who 
tried their special meals. Quick Stomach offers a wide array of Filipino dishes and even breakfast meals and more that will definitely satisfy your pallet. 

Quick Stomach has a very nice ambiance. This is perfect for barkada who wants to eat out before going on their next gimik or for employees who just want to eat lunch or dinner after a long day at work. 

The idea of establishing Quick Stomach according to Mr. Ronato Tan and Mr. Lorenzo Miranda is to provide quick meals to everyone and they cater different kinds of food for you to choose from. I personally love the idea of Quick Stomach because we seldom see food joints offering Filipino dishes in a budget friendly price located in malls. They also offers refreshments like milk shakes and tea where they first everything started, "Chado The Tea 
Room" and since then, they have offering most of what their customers needed - Good Food and refreshing drinks.

I am really satisfied and delighted with all the meals we tried. All rice meals were served in a big plate with vegetables. You will really get your money's worth with any of your choice of their rice meals.  My ultimate favorite among all the rice meals I have tried is the Bicol Express! Really delicious, I have tasted different styles of Bicol Express and I thought maybe only Bicolanos are the one who can perfect its taste but when I tried Quick Stomach's, it is indeed just perfect. Check out the rice meals that we tried below:

Beef Tapa P75.00
Pork Adobo  Php100 
Creamy Pork Php100 
Porkchop Php100 
Bicol Express Php100 
Pork Binagoongan Php100 
Lechon Paksiw Php120 
Beef Steak Tagalog Php120
Russian Beef Stew Php120 
Beef Lengua Php150 
 Chicken and Rice Php120 
Chicken Curry Php100
Longganisa P65.00

We also tried their dimsum and frankly even though I am not a big fan of dimsum food, I enjoyed eating it. Theirs is flavorful and really budget friendly. It is also my first time to try out Raddish cake and frankly it's not that bad either. My favorite among the rest is their Shark's fin, super yummy! I recommend for you to try it and for the price of P70! that's really affordable. Check out the list of the dimsum we tried below:

Quail Egg Siomai Php70 
Beancurd Roll Php70
Seafood Roll Php98 
Pork Ribs Tausi Php70
Wanton steamed or fried Php70
Siopao Asado Php45 
Raddish Cake Php70 
Siomai Php70 
Shark's Fin Php70 
Hakaw Php95 
Japanese Siomai Php70 
Siao Long Pao Php70 
Chicken Feet Php70
Beef Siomai Php70
Kuchay Dumpling Php70 

For refreshments we tried their signature milk teas from Chado the Tea Room and I love their Wintermelon Milk Tea! :) Aside from that I also tried their Blueberry Milk Tea and I fell in love with it! I will definitely order it again and again once I drop by the area. We also tried their Mango shake, Red Apple Tea and Green Apple Tea. 

If you're a pasta lover then you'll be happy to know that they also serve just that. They have Pasta Linguini with Tomato Sauce for only P85 and Pasta Carbonara P85 with toasted bread on the side.

This is definitely a food joint you surely don't want to miss trying out. I had a superb food adventure with all the food they serve and I totally recommend all the food they have on their menu. Budget friendly, taste is two thumbs up, I guarantee you'll come back for more.
I would like to thank Sir Ronato Tan, Mr. Lorenzo Miranda and Mr. Denny Munoz for inviting us at Quick Stomach. It was definitely our pleasure.

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