What You Need to Know About Hair Rebond

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How does your hair rebonding product compare with every other product in the market? Is it in the way it makes your hair straight or is it in the way it make your hair smooth? Most products cannot give both effects. At one time or another, a veteran hair stylist has experienced burnt hair or even unevenly straightened hair.

You know what we’re talking about. The result could be hair that’s so hard to touch that you can literally compare it to barbed wire, walis tambo, or the straightening could be so uneven that it shows demarcation line that the hairstylist left off without ironing in the hopes that the rebonded part can blend in with the natural hair. It doesn’t and it doesn’t look good. 
Not all products are the same. When chosen with great care, a good rebond can go from just straight rebonded hair to extremely beautifully rebonded hair. Now, what sensible girl doesn’t want that from a rebonding session?

Rebond requires great amount of heat and powerful chemicals. It basically breaks down hair to rebond it again only straighter and more manageable. This is why a high-quality rebonding product plays a big role in perfecting beautifully straight rebonded hair, which is what Ahglow offers its customers.

Ahglow is a revolutionary rebonding brand in the country as it is the first to offer the innovation of rebonds.

Here are nine facts you need to know about hair rebonding products and how the Ahglow offers more than that.

1. A good hair rebond results in ‘permanently’ straight, smooth, and shiny hair since it is a method that recreates wavy, curly, or frizzy hair.
2. Rebond originated from Japan 15 years ago and spread to the US and the rest of the world as ”Japanese Straightening System.” In Asia, it is simply called Hair Rebonding.
3. Good rebond in the Philippine was first introduced by Ahglow Corporation ten years ago. Ahglow patterned it after the “Japanese Straightening System,” giving their rebond the internationally accepted quality. It was then called the Ahglow Hair Rebonding System. It was made popular by Ahglow when they conducted rebonding seminars for hairdressers in major cities nationwide.
4. A rebonding product should have the best ingredients. The Ahglow Rebonding System is made with the best quality ingredients needed for perfect rebonds. Ahglow even went out of its way to ensure that they only use the best ingredients by using a special ingredient from Germany.
5. A rebond goes through two phase: chemical and thermal or heat application. While regular rebonding products use only two steps, Ahglow tops this with is effective five-step system that begins with Straightening Cream, followed by Keratin Hair Protek, Neutralizer Cream, Keratin Conditioner, and HairKote.
6. A good rebond takes good care of your hair’s health. Ahglow does this by infusing Keratin in its products. Keratin is the first layer of hair strands that is most exposed to damage especially from poorly conducted rebonding sessions.
Meanwhile, Ahglow also offers keratin-based conditioners, hair repair, and cuticle treatment products, specifically formulate for rebonded, relaxed, and even color-treated hair like the original Keratin Reconstructor Conditioner, Avocado Treatment Wax, and Henna Treatment Wax.
7. A good rebond should be convenient and affordable. Customers should not have to pay a king’s ransom just to be beautiful by getting beautifully straight hair. Ahglow steps this up by releasing the Stand-Up-Pouch (SUP) versions of their straightening cream (No. 1) and neutralizer cream (No. 2) in 165g. pouches good for single use or one application.
8. A good rebond offers long-term care. Ahglow also offers its customers the Ahglow Gold Titanium Straightening Iron that does not pull or snag. It also carries a warranty to ensure that Ahglow customers are really cared for in the long run.
Meanwhile, the other products that Ahglow offers for rebonds that are not superficial as they also offer long-term treatment for your hair using Kerafix. 
Kerafix includes Deep Moisturizing Treatment Shampoo, Deep Moisturizing Treatment Conditioner, Leave-On Conditioning HairShine, and Heat Protection Treatment, which is recommended for those who frequently use a straightening iron or hair blower at home.
9. A good rebonding should not come from a painful process. Other rebond takes three to six hours to finish. An Ahglow rebond takes less than that to finish. And unlike other rebonds that smells overwhelming, the Ahglow rebond gives a pleasant smell.

Now that you know what a good rebond is, are you still willing to take the risk of getting a rebond that cannot even promise quality? How does your rebond compare to an Ahglow rebond now? Choose the Ahglow Rebonding System and watch your hair turn from ‘meh’ to beautifully straight and healthy rebonded hair. You know better.

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