A Delectable Experience at Movie Stars Cafe

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Last April, we went to the most famous movie themed restaurant at Pasay just a walk away from SM Mall of Asia. It's my third time to visit Movie Stars Cafe. We were invited before at the Launch of the restaurant together with media friends. Luckily, I got invited again this year to feature this amazing restaurant. 

Movie Stars Cafe offers a spacious area showcasing different famous movie of all time in Hollywood.Every time I dine at Movie Stars, I feel like I am really in other dimension, being part of that exact movie.Even my friends and family who went with me can't help but feel so amazed and delighted.

Showcasing life-sized figures and props from different movies and hundreds of framed
autographs that surround every corner of the restaurant, we serve dining not only through exceptional dishes but with an entertaining flavor of a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. With
our 300-seater capacity, Movie Stars Café is like a big studio that comes with a multi-dimensional variety of sensory delights. 

Aside from the amazing ambiance that Movie Stars Cafe offer, they also have grand Hollywood scale production numbers that you will remember for the rest of your life. 
When we went there, Movie Stars Cafe is set to perform The Amazing Spiderman, Michael Jackson and the finale is Beauty and the Beast. We all loved it especially the kids!
They were so eager to take a photo op with the lead stars who in my personal opinion did a magnificent job with their acting and their singing. 

Another feature of Movie Stars Cafe that customers can surely enjoy is the photo op with their cos-players that roam around the area which includes Spiderman, Dart Vader, Ironman and more plus the most funny and hilarious mime ever! You will totally lose your breath just laughing at his antics. It was indeed fun to have him around at Movie Stars Cafe. 

The Food
Movie Stars Cafe is also famous with their delectable dishes! Check out what we ordered below :-)
The Red Carpet - Pasta carbonara served with smoked bacon mixed with asparagus topped with chicken fillet. This is one of my favorite! I love the creaminess of the sauce plus the pasta is just perfect for the palette.

Supremo Pizza - 18 inch pizza oozing with mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese with chicken barbecue, vegetable and mix of meat. This is perfect for the whole family or your barkada since this is really huge!

Yakisoba - Beef and chicken combined noddles mix with vegetables and quail eggs. This is very tasty, I love the crunchiness of the vegetables.

They offer a wide range of scrumptious array of international dishes, cooked in excellency by  hand-picked master chefs using only selected ingredients that has been shown in
or inspired by their favorite top notch movies of all time, each visit will surely give you a feel of traveling the world without having to leave your seat. 

Movie Stars Cafe also offer dinner buffet that will surely make you BURP in no time. The delectable dishes is really worth is and I suggest you try it. They offer different dishes and desserts for the buffet. DINNER BUFFET starts at 6pm- 9pm. Add P100 Friday, Saturday, Sunday, The day before holidays and holidays.  Add P100 for all you can drink (soda, juice, Iced tea, Coffee or tea, draft beer.)

P699 for adults
P499 for 6-12 years old
P299 for 3-5 years old
FREE for 0-2 years old

I totally recommend this place,  after watching their show and trying our their 
famous dishes, you'll definitely want to go back to experience more of Movie Stars Cafe. 
I suggest you bring all your friends or family and take pictures. It's perfect for your
Instagram as well. 

And because I love Movie Stars Cafe so much and YOU my dear readers, I am offering a delectable and fantastic treat for you guys! Use this COUPON CODE:
when you dine at Movie Stars Cafe with your family, friends or your date and get a 10% discount on your overall bill! Isn't that amazing?:)

Drop by at Movie Stars Cafe now and have a dining experience like no other!

Movie Stars Cafe
By The Bay, Seaside Blvd, SM Mall of Asia
1308 Pasay City, Philippines
Phone Hotline: (02) 550-1234 Smart: 0908-200-9999 Globe: 0905-277-9999
Email reservation@moviestarscafe.com

Monday-Friday: 4:00 pm-2:00 am
Saturday: 12:00 pm-2:00 am
Sunday: 12:00 pm- 12:00 am

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