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Last May 23, one of the hottest actor to date Alden Richards held a BlogCon at Mesa Restaurant in Tomas Morato. This May, the boy next door covers the May issue of Chalk Magazine where he went from Boy Next Door to the other side of Alden, more adventurous, darker and more mature.

With Alden's gorgeous looks, dimples that can melt everyone's hearts and a talent that 
has no boundaries, he will surely go a long way.

Alden talked about how thankful he is for being part of Carmela and for the chance of being paired off with no less than Ms. Marian Rivera. He said he learned a lot from this project, he also got the chance to work with the best veteran actors.  He also mentioned that he will miss
everyone who has been a part of Carmela, from the actors he worked with to the staff,
He is still looking forward to working again with Ms. Marian Rivera someday, whether it may be a teleserye or a movie.

For now, Alden is busy with his upcoming movie with another talented hunk actor Aljur Abrenica. If you will remember, in the 1982 film of the acclaimed director Lino Brocka "Cain at Abel" Award winning actors Christopher De Leon and Phillip Salvador portrayed the respective roles of Cain at Abel. With Alden and Aljur version, they will be playing the role as best friends. According to Alden, "Malayo po ang kuwento doon sa original, kasi hindi po kami magkapatid ni Aljur dito. Magiging mag-best friend, ‘tapos magsisiraan po kaming dalawa.” He has worked before with Aljur Abrenica which is why he feels comfortable working with him. 

This movie is Co-produced by GMA Films, directed by Adolf Alix Jr.

When it comes to lovelife, Alden is very much single right now. He said that love can wait and he is blessed with opportunities right now that he don't want to miss. He added that he has a lot of dreams for himself and his family and step by step he is now finally fulfilling it. 
From what I can tell, from day 1 that I have met Alden Richards in different BlogCon, he is still the same Alden Richards. The down to earth, simple and full of positive vibes Alden Richards. 

He greets everyone with a big smile and answers question with full sincerity.
Alden said that he doesn't want praises to go to his head, the more humble you are, the blessed you will be. 

When asked if he knows that he is attractive and sexy, he just smiled and laughed. 
For him, being "Pogi" is having confidence as well. He knows how to take care of himself but 
being neat and taking care of his hygiene. When he is busy, he still makes up a time to exercise to keep fit. 

Alden said he wants to work with Barbie Forteza someday, I've watched their episode before in Maynila and they look good together. There's a *kilig* factor that people will surely love as well.  He is looking forward to other projects that will come his way, hopefully with Louise Delos Reyes too.  

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